‘Iranians are no threat to Americans’: Ann Coulter blasts Trump focus on Iran instead of ‘this hemisphere’ – Washington Examiner

Ann Coulter attacked President Trump's foreign policy, saying the Iranian regime posed no threat to Americans and that the administration's focus should be on "this hemisphere" instead of participating in wars with "hell hole" countries.

Im not the only person who figured out we fight them there, so we dont have to fight them here," the conservative media pundit said on Breitbart News Tonight Wednesday. "It was a great theory; it didnt work. Done now. Dont need your oil. Can we get back to this hemisphere? Which has really always been the Republican position."

Coulter, once a top Trump supporter, has slammed the president recently, saying he "deserves to lose" reelection because of his failure to fulfill a campaign promise to build a wall along the Mexican border. Coulter, 59, chastised the administration's focus on fighting wars "halfway on the other side of the globe" during the interview.

"Iranians are no threat to Americans in this country. Neither are Iraqis. Mexicans are. 30,000 Americans, conservative estimate, killed every year by Mexicans from the drug cartels, drunk driving, the illegal allies. That's not even counting all the social services, it's not counting the child rapes, the lost wages," she stated.

Coulter, who praised the Democratic presidential candidates for "attacking billionaires" last month because they have "wrecked our country," still says she will vote for Trump and believes Democrats support illegal immigration just so they can win elections.

"The Left in this country just wants to wreck America, and they really don't care what happens to other countries. That is a price they are willing to pay. Don't care what happens to these third world countries if we just take more of your best and brightest because we are still counting on you to vote Democrat."

Tensions with Iran have escalated in recent weeks, culminating in the country launching over a dozen ballistic missiles at military bases housing American troops in Iraq this week. On Wednesday, Trump pushed for peace and said Iran "appears to be standing down."

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'Iranians are no threat to Americans': Ann Coulter blasts Trump focus on Iran instead of 'this hemisphere' - Washington Examiner

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