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During a speech this week, Donald Trumps acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted that the United States is desperate for more immigrants to enter this country, though he admits that they only want the legal kind of immigrants. The problem is that the U.S. has become so angry towards immigrants that they simply dont want to come here, and it is going to be devastating for our economy. Ring of Fires Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Earlier this week at a private meeting in England, MickMulvaney, Donald Trumps acting chief of staff, told the people there at thatmeeting that the United States is actually desperate for more immigrants. MickMulvaney coming from one of the most anti-immigrant administrations in recenthistory telling a crowd in private, obviously, yeah, we actually need moreimmigrants coming into the United States. Now, he did preface it by saying,obviously Im talking about the legal kind of immigrants, you know, not theillegal immigrants, but either way, we really need these people coming intothis country. And the reason Mick Mulvaney said is because, we are running outof people to fuel the economic growth that weve had in our nation over thelast four years. We need more immigrants. Those are his exact words, accordingto the people in attendance. And that just kind of hits on what we have beensaying since the start of the Trump administration.

And that is you cannot have sustainable economic growth ifwe do not have these immigrants coming into our country. Believe it or not,folks, there actually are jobs that American citizens do not want to do andthose are the jobs that typically get filled by these immigrants. Great case inpoint, many years ago, about seven or eight years ago, state of Georgia enacteda tough immigration policy that actually limited and in many instances outrightrestricted the use of temporary guest workers coming into the state of Georgia.What happened that year was that farmers didnt have anyone to go out there andharvest their crops. You had fruit rotting in trees, vegetables rotting in thefields, farmers losing tons of money because they couldnt find anybody elsewilling to do it. So when I say that, yeah, sorry, there are jobs someAmericans just simply refuse to do or theyre physically not able to do.

I know what Im talking about because weve seen it happenwithin the past decade. We have seen reports over the last three years of smallbusinesses across this country, typically in the landscaping industry, losingmoney, some of them having to shut down because Donald Trump has actuallyclamped down on legal immigration. Limited the number of those temporary guestworker visas that were distributing every single year. And because of that,our economy is suffering and at least Mick Mulvaney understands that, which isactually a more classical Republican approach to immigration. They understandthat, yeah, we have to have these people coming over. They do jobs, theycontribute to the economy, but if were ever pressed on the issue, of coursewere going to say that these people are evil, that we need to keep them out,that theyre taking your jobs, even though we know thats a lie. And thatsessentially what Mick Mulvaney was admitting in that private room in England.

Thats what happened. The truth is that the United Stateseconomy is dependent upon immigrants, and as long as Donald Trump is serving aspresident of the United States, and hes got Stephen Miller whispering in hisear, were going to continue to suffer because this man knows that he cantgive an inch on the issue of immigration. He has backed himself into a cornerbecause of Stephen Miller. If he were to allow more guest workers to come overhere to the United States, Miller would erupt. Ann Coulter would erupt as wehave seen her do in the past. His base would go into a frenzy, claim that heconned them on the issue of being tough on immigration, and he simply wontrisk that. So he would rather see the economy suffer because were not bringingin enough immigrants, as Mick Mulvaney says, than half to anger his base byletting a few more people come in.

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Mick Mulvaney Says America Is Desperate For More Immigrants - The Ring of Fire Network - The Ring of Fire Network

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