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Remote learning

How can kids really get school from being on a computer for hours upon hours five days a week? I realize social distancing is necessary, but in the meantime, what is this doing to families with school-age kids?

I watch my daughter struggle with performing her remote-work obligations shes currently the only full-time breadwinner in her home, with a 2-, 6- and 12-year-old in her charge. And she is expecting a baby in November.

It was bad enough last spring when the kids went to remote learning. Things were kind of lax last year, but now kids are expected to be on point. How can they be? And how does a working parent suddenly become equipped with teacher skills during working hours? I will tell you how: They do not. The amount of stress remote learning is placing on my daughter and her family is shameful. Is anyone else experiencing this reality?

This is not to say teachers are exempt from the burden and reinvention of our educational system. Teachers, you have my deepest sympathies as well. And those parents who can afford to home-school their children, more power to you. But I imagine parents who can quit their job to stay home to educate their kids are the exception.

I do not have the answers, but I hope families can withstand this enormous pressure. The only way I see remote education working is that it will only be remotely effective.

Voting twice

Our president has instructed his supporters to vote twice ("Election officials cry foul," Sept. 4), once by mail-in ballet and once by voting in person on Election Day at their precinct. This is illegal. We need to know that police will be stationed at all voting precincts so as to arrest all people who try to vote twice.

'Democrat cities'

President Trump complains a lot about Democrat cities that are mismanaged, but thats just his opinion. A city can be managed very well and still have problems. If theres anything we should know about Trump by now, its that he doesnt have the best judgment.

Large cities are complicated. They bring in people from all over the country and often from all over the world. These people bring aspects of their own cultures with them, which makes for a rich and vibrant social environment. Thats why so many of them are Democratic, too, because they understand that people are different, but they can still get along with each other.

Thats not exactly a Republican characteristic. Republicans tend to be uncomfortable with people who are different from them.

Unfortunately, when you put a lot of people in one place, there are also negative aspects. There may be friction. There are likely to be drugs, poverty and crime.

Republic cities have problems, too. They're just not very good at confronting them.

It should be noted, though, that not all crime associated with city living is alike. Destruction associated with protest is different from gang violence. Republicans would like to say theyre the same, but theyre not.

Its complicated. Books have been written about crime in cities. Its not all going to be told in a letter to the editor. Or on a Fox network TV show. Or by a presidential tweet.


Jacob Blake didnt kill anyone.

Tamir Rice didnt kill anyone.

George Floyd didnt either, nor did Breonna Taylor.

But police officers killed them and conservatives rush to the police's defense.

That 17-year-old kid with the AR-15 killed two protesters in Kenosha and tried to kill more. And commentators on Fox News praised him. Ann Coulter tweeted, I want him as my president. President Trump stood before the nation and made excuses for him.

Why is killing people the conservative solution? Is property truly more valuable than human life?

Every single day, pro-life is reaffirmed to be another conservative lie.

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