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Tomi Lahren joined the Fox News twofer propaganda of using the coronavirus pandemic to hate monger against favorite Fox targets - in this case, California, immigrants and the homeless - and validating Trump's then-claim that concern is way overblown. Two days later, this hasn't aged well.

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity exploited the COVID-19 public health emergency to smear Chicago, suggesting that it and other Democratic-run cities are more dangerous than the coronavirus. Hannity claimed he was putting the now-pandemic in "perspective" - that just happened to align with Donald Trump's "hunch" that the disease is far less dangerous than health officials are saying.

Earlier in the day, Lahren wrung even more hate mongering out of other peoples suffering.She exploited the COVID-19 public health crisis to ratchet up animosity against a Fox enemies list of California, immigrants and the homeless. Oh and the Chinese and the uber-villainous Trump critics too.

Media Matters caught her rant on her Fox Nation show (my emphases added):

LAHREN: Look, I don't want to get coronavirus any more than the next guy, but where is the hysteria over the California business-as-usual homeless epidemic, complete with your standard trash, rats, needles and feces on our streets and beaches?

China is ground zero for the coronavirus epidemic, but with the way Californians are acting, you'd think Armageddon was coming. For starters, we've got 21 confirmed coronavirus cases on a cruise ship docked in Oakland Harbor, on which quarantined passengers are reportedly fighting over rotten food.

Now, I'm not saying that doesn't sound absolutely miserable, and I'm definitely not saying those passengers should be allowed to mingle with the general public, but goodness gracious, when did Californians suddenly become concerned with vetting anyone for any reason?

I mean, last spring we averaged 100,000 apprehensions a month at our southern border, people from God knows where here for God knows what reason, but I believe our illustrious Governor Greasy called that a "manufactured crisis," am I right?


But now, the sky is falling because we have a few dozen cases of coronavirus on a cruise ship?

We haven't always had a toilet paper shortage in the Golden State, but you'd think so, given the fact we do have a rather serious issue with public defecation.

And call me crazy, but I am far more concerned with stepping on a used heroin needle than I am getting the coronavirus, but maybe that's just me.

Yeah, I do think we have far bigger problems in this state than a docked cruise ship and some coronavirus.

Predictably, she went on to praise Trump's "decisive action" and called criticisms of him "the same tired song and dance." As if she had put forth a single original thought. But tired or not, Lahren now used the opportunity to rehash a litany of grudges and grievances against anyone who doesn't worship at the Altar of Trump the way she and her colleagues do.

She concluded this screed by saying, "God bless."

I have previously described Lahren as a millennial version of Ann Coulter but with less wit and charm. She proved me right again here.

You can see why I say so below, from Fox Nations March 10, 2020 Final Thoughts with Tomi Lahren, via Media Matters.

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Tomi Lahren 'Far More Concerned With Stepping On A Used Heroin Needle' In CA Than Getting Coronavirus - NewsHounds

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