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ANN COULTER: The bill for globalism has arrived –

When the after-action report on the current pandemic is being prepared, Im going to ask the guy with the notepad to write down: China and globalists.

Those words wont be on Trumps list. He cant stop gushing about how much he respects China and the American companies that have outsourced jobs there. Even as China withholds vital medical supplies, he refuses to end our suicidal dependence on them.

His one slight annoyance with China is that it lied about the Wuhan virus, allowing the disease to explode across the globe.

I have a longer list of complaints, beginning with the fact that they eat bats. The resulting pandemic now raging through our country would be bad enough, but our new crisis is a shortage of medical equipment.

Too bad we shipped all our manufacturing to China! Not to worry, surely China wouldnt disrupt the sacred global supply chain.

Oops. China is stockpiling masks and ventilators.

And theres more good news! China makes more than 90% of our antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, 70% of acetaminophen, and 40% to 45% of heparin, according to The New York Times. The last American penicillin plant closed more than 15 years ago.

In early March, the Chinese government ominously warned that if China stopped exporting drugs, the United States would sink into the hell of a novel coronavirus epidemic.

For decades, people like Trumps trade director Peter Navarro have warned us that something like this would happen someday. But we were condescendingly told, This is capital seeking the most efficient market! And, anyway, if China screws with us, well just make it ourselves.

Really? With broken-down buildings, a dispossessed workforce and no machinery? Unfashionable working-class people in the industrial Midwest were discarded long ago. They may as well have had obsolete stamped on their foreheads.

But I notice that you, Wall Street, made a lot of money off of globalization.

Oh, did I? I didnt notice!

What happened to your vaunted concern for Chinas human rights violations the Uyghurs, the Falun Gong, Tibet, child labor?

You should see my place in the Hamptons!

Even before China gave us this latest viral disease not to be confused with H1N1, Asian flu, SARS and bird flu, also from China one of the most frequent questions about Amazon products was: Is this made in China?

Obviously, a lot of consumers would happily pay more to know that something is made in the USA or at least not in China. Wed like to support our fellow Americans. We also prefer products that dont kill the family pet, instantly fall apart or risk being embargoed during a viral pandemic.

How about that search refinement, Amazon? Made in USA including constituent parts or 0% Chinese. Id wager these would be more popular than the hundreds of other search parameters, such as star ratings, price, manufacturer, prime, calories, gluten-free and so on.

Not a chance. The globalists are making a lot of money selling us crappy products, manufactured in a culturally backward, totalitarian regime with zero quality control and absolutely no interest in the well-being of our country.

Why hasnt Trump seized on this nightmare of the New World Order to fulfill a campaign promise and bring manufacturing home?

Where are the massive tariffs on Chinese goods and the Buy American programs?

How about telling Ivanka, No, you are not going to make it even more expensive for companies to hire Americans with this ridiculous Paid Family Medical Leave Act! In fact, were going to seek the repeal of all laws that create jobs only for trial lawyers.

Even a lot of the American companies were so proud of for stepping up to make masks in this crisis ... are making them in China. (New York Times, March 13, 2020: A General Motors joint venture in southwestern China built 20 of its own mask-making machines and began bulk production.)

Trumps reaction? Flatter China so theyll keep buying our soybeans. Maybe theyll throw Jared some business!

Nearly a month ago, The New York Times reported that Trump was preparing an executive order, which could be released in the coming days, requiring the federal government to buy American-made pharmaceuticals.

It apparently went into the same file as that executive order on anchor babies. Were still waiting.

Navarro had the executive order ready to go, but then dozens of pharmaceutical companies lobbied against it, arguing that a diverse pharmaceutical supply chain is precisely what enables the industry to respond quickly and make adjustments in its supply chain sourcing during natural emergencies and global public health crises.

China: If we cut you off, America, youll be in hell.

The Big Pharma lobbyists also noted that Trumps (idle) threat for America to make its own drugs could run afoul of commitments it made under the WTOs Government Procurement Agreement.


Trump is the president of the United States. Either he is responsible for a monstrous virus arriving on our shores and destroying our economy or China is. I expected the media to say, Trump! I didnt expect Trump to agree.

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ANN COULTER: The bill for globalism has arrived -

Ann Coulter: How do we flatten the curve on panic? – Today’s News-Herald

If, as the evidence suggests, the Chinese virus is enormously dangerous to people with certain medical conditions and those over 70 years old, but a much smaller danger to those under 70, then shutting down the entire country indefinitely is probably a bad idea.

But even when the time is right -- by Easter, June or the fall -- there will be no one to stop the quarantine because the media will continue to hype every coronavirus death, as if these are the only deaths that count and the only deaths that were preventable.

What mayor, governor or president will be willing to take the blame for causing a coronavirus death?

Well get no BREAKING NEWS alerts for the regular flu deaths (so far this season, more than 23,000, compared to 533 from the coronavirus).

Nor for the more than 3,000 people who die every day of heart disease or cancer. No alerts for the hundreds who die each day from car accidents, illegal aliens and suicide.

Only coronavirus deaths are considered newsworthy.

Were told by the Quarantine Everybody crowd: Listen to the scientists! Unfortunately, most of the scientists they present to us are lawyers. (How did Robert Reich, Donna Shalala and Ron Klain become medical professionals?)

Also, the scientists disagree.

Just as, I assume, they did in 1976, when epidemiologists warned of another 1918 Spanish flu pandemic after a few young Army recruits died of swine flu at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Eight months later, the federal government launched a mandatory swine flu vaccination program.

About a quarter of the country was vaccinated before the program was abruptly shut down. No pandemic had materialized. The virus infected a few people, then vanished. But directly as a result of receiving the vaccine, dozens of Americans died and several hundred acquired Guillain-Barre syndrome.

The scientists also disagreed in the 1980s, when the media and government went into overdrive to scare us all about AIDS. (1985 Life magazine cover: NOW, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM AIDS.)

Surgeon General C. Everett Koop -- as revered by the media then as Anthony Fauci is today -- lied about the disease, insisting that [h]eterosexual persons are increasingly at risk.

Speaking of which, heres liberal sex symbol Fauci on AIDS back in 1983, when he was with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, but not yet its director: As the months go by, we see more and more groups. AIDS is creeping out of well-defined epidemiological confines. (It didnt.)

In 1987, Fauci warned that French kissing might transmit the AIDS virus, saying, Health officials have to presume that it is possible to transmit the virus by exchange of saliva in deep kissing. That presumption is made to be extra safe.

By 1992, after a decade-long epidemic with more than a million infections, the Centers for Disease Control could find only 2,391 cases of AIDS transmission by white heterosexuals -- and that included hemophiliacs and blood transfusion patients. (White because AIDS cases among Haitian and African immigrants had a variety of causes.)

But teenagers and sorority girls had to spend years being frightened of kissing lest they catch the AIDS virus, just as today theyre afraid of leaving their homes to avoid a virus that, in Italy, has killed no one under 30 years old and precious few under 50.

We have to be extra safe.

Both the No French Kissing rule and Quarantine Everybody rule are perfectly rational positions for an epidemiologist to take. Thats why we need to listen to people other than epidemiologists.

How about the doctors who keep pointing out that the coronavirus is mainly a problem for people over 70 and those with specific health problems?

See here:

Here: v=CDBFACA5662E8174BA824BAD929EA12B

And here:

The president should listen to experts in other fields, too. A country is more than an economy, but its also more than a virus.

If we listened only to emergency room doctors, we might come away convinced that we have to completely ban cars, alcohol and gummy bears. (Dont ask.) While taking a torts class in law school, I was afraid to sit under a chandelier, order a flaming dessert or stand at a train stop.

Playwright Arthur Miller once told a story about a geologist who remarked that life was possible even in the vast American desert. All you needed was water, he said, and the largest reservoir on the globe was located right under the Rockies.

But how would he get it?

Simple -- drop a couple of atomic bombs.

But what about the fallout?

Oh, said the geologist, thats not my field.

Today, the epidemiologists are prepared to nuke the entire American economy to kill a virus. What about the jobs, the suicides, the heart attacks, the lost careers, the destruction of Americas wealth?

Oh, thats not my field.

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Ann Coulter: How do we flatten the curve on panic? - Today's News-Herald

The Quarantinis Are Flowing and the Store Is Out of Milk Bones – The New York Times

On Tuesday, the 24th, I find the world changed by an overnight snowfall. Theres a good six inches surrounding us, and the world is mysterious and still. Later, I take a walk alone through my neighborhood. I hear the sound of water rushing over rocks beneath the snow. It is a clear, hopeful sound.

That day, there are 42,164 confirmed cases in the United States; 471 Americans have died.

The president says its almost time to phase out the period of isolation. I give it two weeks, he says. By Easter, he says, we will be just raring to go.

If we do this, one scientist says, Covid would spread widely, rapidly, terribly, and could kill potentially millions in the year ahead. So theres that.

That evening, my daughter shaves the sides of her head. An undercut, she calls it. She doesnt ask me what I think about this, which is just as well. I remember how much my own mother hated my hair, which is fairly long. It makes you look like Ann Coulter, she told me, knowing how this would get under my skin. Are you happy with it? I ask my daughter. She says she is.

Several days later, she dyes the rest of it pink. She does not look like Ann Coulter.

I wake in the middle of the night, worried and neurotic. I have asthma, which gets triggered by stress. Now, lying there in the dark, I convince myself I am symptomatic and reach for my inhaler, gasping for breath. The puffer makes a soft hiss in the black room.

I do not have the coronavirus. But worrying about it is making me crazy.

In Little Dorrit, Mr. Meagles laments: I am like a sane man shut up in a mad house. I cant stand the suspicion of the thing. I came here as well as ever I was in my life; but to suspect me of the plague is to give me the plague. And I have had itand I have got it.

With a smile, his friend replies, You bear it very well, Mr. Meagles.

At weeks end, the Trump campaign is reported to be trying to stop airing of a video of the president calling the virus a hoax, saying its misleading.

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The Quarantinis Are Flowing and the Store Is Out of Milk Bones - The New York Times

Trump Is Willing to Risk Hundreds of Thousands of Lives – Washington Monthly

The news coming out of the presidents Monday press conference on the coronavirus is truly alarming.

President Trump, under growing pressure to rescue an economy in free fall, said Monday that he may soon loosen federal guidelines for social distancing and encourage shuttered businesses to reopendefying public health experts, who have warned that doing so risks accelerating the spread of the novel coronavirus or even allowing it to rebound.

America will again and soon be open for businessvery soon, Trump said at the daily White House news conference. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.

The consensus among expertsincluding infectious disease expert Anthony S. Fauci and other senior officials on Trumps coronavirus task forceis that restaurants, bars, schools, offices and other gathering places should remain closed for many more weeks to mitigate the outbreak, the worst effects of which are yet to be felt in the United States.

But Trump has been chafing against that notion and impatient to get American life back to normal.

If it were up to the doctors, theyd say lets keep it shut down, lets shut down the entire world ... and lets keep it shut for a couple of years, Trump said Monday. We cant do that.

Of course, Trump is incapable of telling the truth. No one is suggesting that we need to shut down for a couple of years. But he has to exaggerate to make a point.

During the press conference, John Karl asked the president whether he was worried that if he lifted restrictions too soon, the virus would start spreading. The correct response would be to remind Karl that the virus hasnt been contained. It is still spreading. Instead, Trump suggested that he would lift restrictions based on what he is hearing about the mortality rate.

At the beginning, nobody knew anything about this particular virus, and Trump said he heard numbers that the mortality rate for the virus might be as high as 5%, compared with .001 or 2 or 3 percent for the normal flu.

The mortality rate, to me that is a very big factor, Trump said.

Were under 1% now, Trump said. Its still terrible. The whole concept of death is terrible, but theres a tremendous difference between something under 1% and 4 or 5 or even 3%.

Once again, the president isnt telling the truth. Here is what the World Health Organization said about the coronavirus mortality rate earlier this month.

Mortality for COVID-19 appears higher than for influenza, especially seasonal influenza. While the true mortality of COVID-19 will take some time to fully understand, the data we have so far indicate that the crude mortality ratio (the number of reported deaths divided by the reported cases) is between 3-4%, the infection mortality rate (the number of reported deaths divided by the number of infections) will be lower. For seasonal influenza, mortality is usually well below 0.1%.

While it is difficult to discuss these issues when we are referring to peoples lives, the estimates from WHO of 3-4 percent were based on the number of reported cases rather than the number of infections. Experts have calculated an infection mortality rate of 1.4 percent in the city of Wuhan, China, where the virus is believed to have originated. But given that mortality rates vary, here is a summary of what we currently know.

The chance of someone with symptomatic Covid-19 dying varied by age, confirming other studies. For those aged 15 to 44, the fatality rate was 0.5%, though it might have been as low as 0.1% or as high as 1.3%. For people 45 to 64, the fatality rate was also 0.5%, with a possible low of 0.2% and a possible high of 1.1%. For those over 64, it was 2.7%, with a low and high estimate of 1.5% and 4.7%.

Nevertheless, on Monday night, Trump tweeted this from Ann Coulter.

It is probably safe to say that Trump loved that number, but didnt bother reading the linked article. If he had, he would have learned that the author, while having worked on pandemics, is an engineer, not a health professional.

But, for the sake of argument, lets go with his figures. The population of the United States is currently about 327 million. Estimates are that somewhere between 20-60 percent of the population will be infected with the coronavirus. If the mortality rate was 0.45 percent, that would mean the death of between 294,000 and 883,000 Americans. We are currently at about 600. Those are the lives this president is willing to sacrifice on the altar of the economy.

Here is how Governor Cuomo reacted to the presidents plan.

Those joining the president in choosing the economy over life include Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

Of course, Trumps economic advisors and some business leaders are joining that chorus. But what about those who, on religious grounds, claim to be pro-life? The publication First Things, which touts itself as Americas most influential journal of religion and public life, published an article about this by R.R. Reno.

Undoubtedly shelter in place will slow the spread of disease, but at what cost to the body politic? Beware public health officials who advise burning the village in order to get rid of the pestilence.

And beware those who pronounce that we should save lives at any cost. Thats a dangerous falsehood, one that leads to barbarism and slavery. There are many things more important than physical survivallove, honor, beauty, and faith. Anyone who believes that our earthly existence is worth preserving at any cost will accept slavery. As St. Paul teaches, he is already a slave, spiritually speaking.

All of a sudden, when we are talking about the economy instead of womens bodies, asking people to shelter in place is the road to slavery. Risking a minimum of 300,000 lives is small potatoes to Reno.

I am reminded of something David Simon said about the message he was sending with his series The Wire.

I didnt start out as a cynic, but at every given moment where this country has had a choice its governments, institutions, corporations, its social framework to exalt the value of individuals over the value of the shared price, we have chosen raw unencumbered capitalism. Capitalism has become our god. You are not looking at a marxist up here, but you are looking at somebody who doesnt believe that capitalism can work absent a social framework that accepts that it is relatively easy to marginalize more and more people in this economy. Capitalism has to be attended to. And that has to be a conscious calculation on the part of society, if that is going to succeedA t some point, either more of us are going to find our conscience or were not.

It is clear that Donald Trump and his enablers are devoid of a conscience. In the coming weeks, as hundreds of thousands of lives are on the line, well find out about the rest of us.

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Yes, Ill make a donation

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Trump Is Willing to Risk Hundreds of Thousands of Lives - Washington Monthly

Bill Gates on CNN: returning to normal life in April is not realistic – Boing Boing

Bill Gates on CNN: returning to normal life in April is not realistic / Boing Boing

Maybe it's just me, but when Bill Gates talks about how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, I trust him more than Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, or Ann Coulter.

On Friday, Disney announced that Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will remain closed until further notice.

[Trump is] so attentive to the scientific literature & the details & the data. I think his ability to analyze & integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit.

This right here is some seriously weird data from Nielsen today, about the sorts of things Americans have been purchasing as the coronavirus outbreak, and corresponding fear, spread.

Many Americans are facing unexpected changes in their professional lives that have left them with quite a bit of downtime. Its stressful and frustrating, but the best thing to do is focus on controlling what you can control. If you have extra hours on your hands, you can be productive with them. Use them to []

Odds are, you picked your home as the best location to hang up your business outfits so you could relax and enjoy your off-hours in peace and comfort. Unfortunately, worlds are now colliding. In many cases, your home is now also your place of business. And trying to finish reports or make calls doesnt always []

You probably have a lot of items in your home that youd hate to lose to theft or damage. While certainly no one ever hopes to fall victim to a natural disaster or home invasion, you need to be prepared just in case it does happen. When it comes to choosing a reliable renters insurance, []

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Bill Gates on CNN: returning to normal life in April is not realistic - Boing Boing

Ann Coulter: What globalism got us: Cheap TVs, expensive flu – Today’s News-Herald

Heres a thought: While self-quarantining with their families in multimillion-dollar Manhattan co-ops, Wall Street wives ought to have a chat with their Master of the Universe husbands about China, globalism and political correctness. Those are the vectors of their robber-baron wealth.

Thanks to globalism -- i.e., cheap goods from China -- weve gotten many wondrous things, for example:

Toothpaste on American shelves made with a poison found in antifreeze.

Toxic Chinese drywall installed in about 100,000 U.S. homes, emitting noxious fumes that destroyed electrical wiring and metal fixtures and sickened homeowners. Replacement of the drywall, pipes and wiring cost Americans billions of dollars.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of American dogs killed by melamine-laced Chinese dog food in 2007.

The loss of about 200,000 beautiful maple trees lining the streets of small New England towns, eaten by Asian long-horned beetles that arrived on Chinese cargo ships in 1996. The U.S. taxpayer spends hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate the repeated outbreaks that continue to this day, despite promises from the Chinese to do better.

Viral pandemics -- H1N1 (from China), bird flu (from China), SARS (from China) and now the Wuhan virus (from China).

Is it really worth paying $3 for a T-shirt at Walmart, rather than $9? The precise reason Chinese goods are so cheap is that they skip the crucial quality-control step.

The medias reaction to this latest pandemic out of China is to say ...


Well, like most animal-to-human viruses, this one did originate in China and then spread across the globe when Chinese tourists infected people in other countries.

As described by Melinda Liu in Smithsonian Magazine, the Chinese wet markets, often poorly ventilated, with multiple species jammed together -- create ideal conditions for spreading disease through shared water utensils or airborne droplets of blood and other secretions.

This 2017 article was titled: Is China Ground Zero for a Future Pandemic?

When the pandemic arrived, at least the World Health Organization leapt to action. First step: Find a cure? Develop a vaccine? Demand protections for the elderly?


WHO officials got together and worked on coming up with a new name for the Wuhan virus that sounded less Asian.

Next, the WHO put out a Fact Sheet to ensure that those with Kung Flu would not be stigmatized. It instructed:

DO -- talk about people acquiring or contracting #COVID-19.

DONT -- talk about people transmitting COVID-19, infecting others or spreading the virus as it implies intentional transmission & assigns blame.

As fear of the Chinese virus spread, Gloria Allred brought a lawsuit against a Los Angeles school for sending an Asian student to the school nurse after he coughed in class.

Americans are cowering in their homes. Airlines, restaurants, beaches, ski resorts, professional sports, colleges and stores have been shut down. But we must never violate the fundamental civil right of an Asian to cough in class and refuse to see the nurse!

The New York Times has also been on the racism beat, with these pressing stories:

As Chinese Grapple With a New Illness, an Old Stigma Is Revived

An Outbreak of Racist Sentiment as Coronavirus Reaches Australia

As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Anti-Chinese Sentiment

And theres more!

Virus Fuels Anti-Chinese Sentiment Overseas

Coronavirus Outbreak Risks Reviving Stigma for China

Wait, heres another:

For a Chinese Traveler, Even Paradise Comes With Prejudice

A few weeks ago -- before a trillion dollars in wealth was destroyed by the coronavirus panic and we learned the real disease was racism -- everyone, including the Times, admitted that the virus was brought to Italy by two Chinese tourists.

[T]here had not yet been any confirmed cases in Italy, the Times reported, until Jan. 30, when the government announced the first two cases. The scientific director of an infectious diseases hospital in Rome identified them: two Chinese tourists visiting Rome.

The Times buried this fact in an article perversely titled: Cruise Passengers Are Held at Italian Port in False Alarm Over Coronavirus. On one hand, a bunch of cruise passengers were inconvenienced for 12 hours; on the other hand, a viral pandemic that could kill millions was introduced to Italy. You write the headline.

Lombardy is the Italian region most devastated by the Wuhan virus. As far back as 2003, a Library of Congress report cited Lombardy as having the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants in Italy. Our media refuses to tell us this fact today -- or any day.

No hard feelings, but why not relieve peoples minds? West Virginians who have no contact with anyone visiting from China can rest easy! No need to stockpile toilet paper.

While were at it, when will the media and the medical community get around to informing Americans that this latest Chinese pandemic poses little danger to anyone under 70 without certain chronic medical conditions?

Italy has been ravaged by the Wuhan virus, but the average age of the dead is 81.

According to the dire estimates of the Imperial College of London -- whose assessment we are following -- excepting those with underlying medical conditions, the new coronavirus is far less deadly than the seasonal flu to anyone under 60 years old. Its no worse than the 2017-18 flu season for those in their 60s.

But its five to 10 times more deadly than the regular flu for those in their 70s and 80s, respectively.

We ought to surround old folks homes with the National Guard and call it a day. It would probably save more lives and wouldnt destroy the economy.

But theres no time to think about saving lives. The important thing is to stamp out the idea that a virus that originated in CHINA has anything to do with CHINA!

Ann Coulter is a regular contributor to conservative news sites Human Events and Breitbart. She is a native of New Canaan, Conn.

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Ann Coulter: What globalism got us: Cheap TVs, expensive flu - Today's News-Herald

Rick Wilson is further damaging what’s left of CNN’s and MSNBC’s credibility – Washington Examiner

The post-2016 meltdown of former Republican consultant Rick Wilson would be insignificant, were it not for the fact that CNN and MSNBC routinely lend him their credibility.

That is, if you go so far as to call it credibility.

Wilson, on Wednesday, tweeted #BeInfected in response to a public service announcement on the coronavirus featuring first lady Melania Trump. Some people thought Wilson, who also appears often on HBOs Real Time, was suggesting that he hopes the first lady contracts the deadly virus. I don't think thats what he was doing, but no serious person whos familiar with Wilson doubts that its something he would do.

Wilson is a disreputable person. He says distasteful things all the time. Why do CNN and MSNBC let him do it on their airtime?

Just a few weeks ago, Wilson was invited on Don Lemons CNN program, during which he proceeded to mock President Trump's voters using a Southern accent as the credulous boom rube demo repulsed by your geography and your maps and your spelling.

In August 2019, he accused Trump of inspiring gun violence. When he triggers somebody, they pull a trigger," Wilson said. The only recent shooting demonstrably related to partisan politics was the one in 2017, in which a Bernie Sanders supporter nearly killed Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and tried to kill a score of other Republican lawmakers.

The 2016 presidential campaign was an especially ripe time for Wilsons brand of commentary. On Twitter, he asked conservative author Ann Coulter, Does Trump pay you more for anal? He also actively fanned a rumor about some video recording that would have implicated one of the Republican presidential candidates in a scandal. (Wilson vehemently opposed Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.)

This is the person whom MSNBC and CNN so value as to make him a regular guest, raising his profile and all of the gross things about him.

Dont waste the outrage on Wilson. Instead, ask CNN and MSNBC why they further ruin their reputations by having him on.

Rick Wilson is further damaging what's left of CNN's and MSNBC's credibility - Washington Examiner

OAN correspondent goes full Q in the briefing room tells Trump the media has teamed up with foreign state propaganda – AlterNet

The White House press briefing room this week implemented a temporary seating chart to accommodate the Center for Disease Control and Preventionss social distancing guidelines, but Donald Trumps staff still managed to carve out space for One America News Network, the far-right network known for its pro-Trump content. And on Thursday, that networks correspondent, Chanel Rion used her hard-hitting journalistic chops to ask the president whether he considers the term Chinese food racist, and rant against the left-wing media that consistently [sides] with foreign state propaganda just to oppose Trump.

No summary can do Rions question justice, so here she is in her own words:

Do you consider the term Chinese food racist, because its food that originated from China? And on that note, major left-wing media even in this room have teamed up with Chinese Communist Party narratives, and they are claiming you are racist.

Is it alarming that major media players, just to oppose you, are consistently siding with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals and Latin gangs and cartels? And they work right here out of the White House with you and your team!

Trump takes question from far-right OAN personality who asks if term Chinese food is racist, mocking those who take offense to him calling COVID-19 a Chinese virus.

She claims the media is using Chinese communist party narratives.

Trump responds by basheing the press.

Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) March 19, 2020

Trump, of course, used that remarkable setup to complain about the dishonest media (blah blah blah, weve heard this tune before). As he finished, Rion replied, More than dishonest! Theyre siding with state propaganda!

Members of the press were largely unimpressed with Rions superb contribution to journalistic inquiry. Below is a sample of tweets:

To put a finer point on it the woman from OAN teed up that rant by comparing this to Chinese food. Until today I thought nothing surprised me anymore and Im speechless.

Elise Labott (@EliseLabott) March 19, 2020

OAN is not a news organization. Theyre a media arm of the Trump administration and the Trump campaign. Not complicated.

Isaac Saul (@Ike_Saul) March 19, 2020

The OAN personality who asked this question is the same OAN personality who traveled with @RudyGiuliani to Europe and peddled Ukraine conspiracy theories.

Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) March 19, 2020

Were in a pandemic and Trump is bashing the corrupt and fake news after a sympathetic OAN reporter asserts that left-wing news media in the room are pushing Chinese communist party narratives. These briefings are increasingly useless.

Michael Calderone (@mlcalderone) March 19, 2020

OAN is not journalism; its propaganda. The fact they have White House credentials is an insult, and this incredibly offensive question illustrated why.

Kristen M. Clark (@ByKristenMClark) March 19, 2020

OAN is not legitimate news. Its a Trump administration PR arm.

Jeaa (@jeannathomas) March 19, 2020

Trump and OAN turning this Covid-19 press conference into a PSA against journalism is nauseating.

Hal Rudnick (@halrudnick) March 19, 2020

OAN. Thank you, you treat me very nicely, says Trump as she alleges U.S. reporters are teaming up with the Chinese Community Party to smear the president or something, I stopped paying attention.

Jay Willis (@jaywillis) March 19, 2020

Chanel is the idiot who just asked the question for OAN at the White House presser

Scott Feinberg (@ScottFeinberg) March 19, 2020

OAN lady could ask him about the moon landing and hed start with many people are saying it didnt happen

superchunk (@superchunk) March 19, 2020

A reporter from OAN at this Trump presser is asking a question using rightwing talking points, and you can literally see other journalists in the shot barely keeping themselves from rolling their eyes.

Charlotte Clymer (@cmclymer) March 19, 2020

What is an OAN and how did this idiot get a press credential?

Jamie OGrady (@JamieOGrady) March 19, 2020

this OAN woman is an Uncle Tom

David Dennis Jr. (@DavidDTSS) March 19, 2020

OANs questions during the presser are embarrassing even by conservative standards

johnknefel (@johnknefel) March 19, 2020

OAN goes full Q in the briefing room

Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) March 19, 2020

But it wasnt all bad. At least Ann Coulter liked her:

LOVE the question from the cute OAN gal!

Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) March 19, 2020

then let us make a small request. AlterNets journalists work tirelessly to counter the traditional corporate media narrative. Were here seven days a week, 365 days a year. And were proud to say that weve been bringing you the real, unfiltered news for 20 yearslonger than any other progressive news site on the Internet.

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OAN correspondent goes full Q in the briefing room tells Trump the media has teamed up with foreign state propaganda - AlterNet

We Must Isolate The Vulnerable, Gain Herd Immunity, And Put America Back To Work – Townhall

As (mostly) blue-state governors trip all over themselves trying to test the limits of what a real totalitarian police state would look like if their Bolshevik wet dreams ever came true, reasonable Americans wonder if the proscribed cure to stopping the Wuhan virus might, in the long run, be infinitely worse than the disease itself.

Leftists and even some big-government type conservatives have taken advantage of what they clearly see as a great opportunity to virtue signal on this issue, because nothing says Im a good person better than a condescending tweet or pajama-clad quarantine video. Were saving lives, they say, so any action is justified. SHUT IT DOWN, they implore all over Twitter. Yes, everybody should be taking precautions and no, nobody should be gathering in large crowds or partying it up on Spring Break at the beach, but New York, New Jersey, California, and others are taking things to the point of unworkable absurdity, and goading President Donald Trump and thus-far noncompliant red-state governors to join them on the tyrannical bandwagon - one that, in the name of saving a few, could end up sinking the entire ship.

But some are pushing back. Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, has been one of the few Republicans to criticize the president on this issue and call for a more measured response. You dont shut restaurants down for 30 days, he said last week. I have no problem with (stopping) sporting events or things that dont impact our civil liberties and dont impact everyday life. Those are things that I think we can suspend for a period of time. But its just craziness to shut down businesses or parts of the economy that are absolutely necessary.

We are in the midst of a panic that is creating irrational responses, Buck said, calling the closures an overreaction to a very serious situation which is now causing some serious civil liberties issues.

In an article titled Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown, The Wall Street Journals editorial board posited last week that No society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its economic health.

Even Americas resources to fight a viral plague arent limitlessand they will become more limited by the day as individuals lose jobs, businesses close, and American prosperity gives way to poverty, they wrote before calling for a strategy thats more economically and socially sustainable than the current national lockdown.

In a normal recession, the WSJ argued, the country would lose around 5% of output over a year, but this crisis may cost that much, or twice as much, in a month. Scary stuff, but to seemingly most of those in charge at this point, the Chinese coronavirus is way scarier. Yes, the death toll has been relatively small so far, but if left unchecked hundreds of thousands, if not millions, could die, they tell us. Should the curve be successfully flattened, they say, well save upwards of a million American lives.

But even if all that is true, and it may very well be, at what cost is this curve truly flattened? As Tucker Carlson noted last week, an epidemiologist - like Dr. Fauci - would tend to believe the answer is simple: shut it down, close every public space until the virus passes. Yes, we could do that, conceivably. Its certainly what the left wants, although arguably for entirely different reasons.

The WSJs many supporters on Twitter included names like RNC member Harmeet Dhillon, economist Brian Wesbury, conservative writer Ann Coulter, former NBC host Megyn Kelly, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, and even NYT White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, all of whom were among many tweeting out the article and, in some way, wondering what we are doing to ourselves. Plenty were opposed, including the Daily Beasts Sam Stein, who called it an editorial that could not be more catered to the angst of the papers wealthy readership. Third Ways Mieke Eoyang ominously promised to remember the WSJs take. FAIR Media Watch called it horrific.

ProPublica president Richard Tofel accused the piece of ducking the key choice, the emerging question will be whether the public health gain is worth the economic loss. Indeed, the WSJ contended that this shouldnt become a debate over how many lives to sacrifice against how many lost jobs we can tolerate. Though they mean well, that misses the point entirely. Its not about simply lost jobs. Its about shattered lives, shuttered businesses, and a looming second Great Depression that would, over the long haul, kill millions more Americans than the Chinese coronavirus ever could even if left unchecked.

Dr. David Katz, founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, called for a more surgical approach in a New York Times op-ed published Friday. Instead of tanking our economy for everyone, Katz argues, why not focus on protecting those most vulnerable?

This focus on a much smaller portion of the population would allow most of society to return to life as usual and perhaps prevent vast segments of the economy from collapsing, he wrote. Healthy children could return to school and healthy adults go back to their jobs. Theaters and restaurants could reopen, though we might be wise to avoid very large social gatherings like stadium sporting events and concerts. So long as we were protecting the truly vulnerable, a sense of calm could be restored to society.

Evermore importantly, such an approach could very well end the threat for good as society develops a natural herd immunity to the virus.

The vast majority of people would develop mild coronavirus infections, while medical resources could focus on those who fell critically ill, writes Dr. Katz. Once the wider population had been exposed and, if infected, had recovered and gained natural immunity, the risk to the most vulnerable would fall dramatically.

Its a solution recently advocated by Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who called for a combination of herd immunity and isolating the most vulnerable as an effective way to fight the virus. Since most experts say the virus is going to pass through most of the population anyway, it may indeed be the ONLY way, that is unless we want to experience another Great Depression or turn into Zimbabwe through the hyperinflation that some proposed solutions would cause.

Like it or not, our leaders must decide what defines an acceptable level of exposure versus falling off an economic cliff, one that could result in far deadlier consequences over the long haul. Either way, there will be suffering. Either way, people will die. Its not evil to point out the stark, brutal truth. Life is rarely fair, but its immensely more unfair to pretend there is no other sane choice than simply shutting it all down.

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Will the handshake outlast coronavirus? –

Amid all of the current Coronavirus-induced hysteria, the time-honoured practice of shaking hands has come under intense scrutiny due to the possibility that it might aid the transmission of the disease. One of the more fascinating phenomena to arise from this is that a number of prominent people are now outing themselves as perennial handshake-phobes and asking whether we cant all just dispense with the custom once and for all, even after Coronavirus has run its course.

Famously-frenetic broadcaster, Jeremy Vine, tweeted, Can we all just stop shaking hands anyway? Its a practice that started centuries ago to ensure men didnt reach for their swords its a really shite custom regardless of #coronavirus and we should retire it permanently now weve got the excuse.

Agreed! chimed-in Matt Ridley, the brilliantly-erudite author, science journalist and Tory peer, whose forthcoming book, How Innovation Works, I await, feverishly (but not in a Covid-19 sort of way).

Can coronavirus finally end the disgusting practice of shaking hands? asked US arch-conservative, Ann Coulter.

Even that rhetorical savant and now-former MEP, Daniel Hannan, saw fit to pen a piece for the Telegraph in which he proposed the return of the bow and the curtsy as the silver lining of Coronavirus.

Its as if the Coronavirus epidemic has finally given them the validation theyve secretly always craved. But, with the greatest of respect to Jeremy, Matt, Ann and Daniel, they really need to get a grip. Preferably, a firm one.

There are compelling reasons why the handshake has endured and should continue to do so as the preferred form of greeting or signifying an agreement in much of the world ever since it originated 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece.

A handshake is a powerful ritual a symbol of trust, goodwill and peace. Extending an open hand to another person and grasping theirs in return, maintaining full and sincere eye-contact all-the-while, is a clear, outward reminder to all concerned of the mutual desire for fair, honest and friendly dealings. Its true that any dastardly cad is equally-capable of participating in a handshake, in full, cynical foreknowledge of their intention to deceive, defraud or harm. Nonetheless, for the worlds honest and decent majority, the ritual of the handshake plays an important role in reinforcing the bonds of our shared values.

Human civilisation has had ample opportunity over the past two-and-a-half millennia to R&D the best possible ritualistic technique for people to greet each other or solidify an agreement. There is a reason why the handshake has prevailed and achieved near-global ubiquity as the preferred option. The bow is too aloof and deferential. The fist bump or its prophylactic variant, the elbow bump is too jocular. The furnishing of Namaste-style praying-hands is insufficiently-secular to serve as a universal greeting. The spread-fingered Vulcan salute is too well Vulcan.

The handshake, on the other hand, strikes the perfect balance: personal and cordial, while neither too formal nor too relaxed. It has been the favourite PR tool of politicians for decades. Nothing less than a handshake could have conveyed to the world the reconciliatory aspirations of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un at their historic summit in 2019. A fist bump simply would not have sufficed.

There are few better litmus tests for the measure of a persons character than the way that they shake hands. Do they square up, face-to-face, with conviction and aplomb or do they linger, afar, with uncertain intent and their torsos askew? Worse still, do they demonstrate a profound absence of self-awareness and respect for social norms by intruding too closely upon their opposite numbers personal space? Is their grasp reassuringly-firm, poised and confident or is it as my father calls it a floppy and limp wet fish? Do they convey their engagement and openness by maintaining eye-contact or do they avert their glance, evasively? Like a crystal ball into a persons psyche, the handshake reveals all.

Nothing unites us all in the fabric of human connection like the handshake. In an increasingly atomised world, with our growing reliance on technology, with the furious, howling tribalism of social media, the simple act of clasping palms with another person brings us all that much closer together. It rekindles, daily, our sense of fellowship with the rest of humankind.

By all means, lets take whatever precautionary measures are reasonable and warranted while the spectre of Coronavirus looms over us. But, the handshake has survived the profoundly more-deadly Plague of Justinian, Black Death and Spanish Flu, and it should prevail after coronavirus. So, can we please agree to resume this most important and indispensable of customary social practices, once the current viral scourge has moved on? Lets shake on it.

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