College professors donate to Democrats over Republicans by ratio of 95-to-1: Study – Washington Examiner

A new study by the National Association of Scholars found that college professors overwhelmingly donate to Democratic politicians instead of Republicans.

The NAS data shows that American professors donate to Democrats instead of Republicans by a 95-1 ratio and that political contributions by faculty members were "almost exclusively to Democratic candidates and committees."

The study, which gathered information from 12,372 professors across the United States, found the ratio between Democrat and Republican donations was most pronounced in the course areas of sociology, English, and anthropology.

When it comes to party registration, the difference between registered Democrats and Republicans was highest among assistant professors at a 10.5-1 ratio compared to associate professors at 8.7-1 and full professors at 8.2-1.

The numbers are unsurprising to those following recent developments in higher education. A recent Harvard study found that only 35% of young Republicans feel comfortable sharing their political views on American campuses. In recent years, faculty at American colleges have also faced backlash and discipline for acting on their right-leaning beliefs.

Shawnee State punished a professor for refusing to acknowledge a student's gender identity by using their preferred pronouns. University of Louisville fired Dr. Allan Josephson for criticizing the push for surgical transitions among youths with gender dysphoria. Wilfrid Laurier University admonished a teaching assistant for showing Jordan Peterson videos to her class. Additionally, an Evergreen State professor was sent death threats after refusing to leave campus during a "day of absence" in which white members of staff were asked to leave university premises.

Universities justify their privileged position by claiming to be forums for the promotion of clarity, logic, and evidence. Yet their own policies, affecting millions, are too often defended with factual howlers, logical non sequiturs, and mindless boilerplate," wrote Harvard professor Stephen Pinker in 2018.

NAS concluded their study based on faculty voter registration along with partisan affiliation of federal contributions listed in the 2019 Federal Elections database.

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College professors donate to Democrats over Republicans by ratio of 95-to-1: Study - Washington Examiner

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