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If the thought of Joe Rogan protesting face masks wasn't bad enough, he's also shared trans-phobic comments in the past.

Former Man Show co-host Joe Rogan isn't the type to keep his mouth shut, and it might just get him in trouble one of these days.

Speaking of, the comedian, commentator, and podcast host recently got blasted on Twitter for saying that people who wear masks "are [expletive]," which seemed to ignore the fact that scientific studies have proven wearing them benefits everyone. That said, Rogan likely won't back down from his stance.

Seeing as how Rogan is known for standing his groundeven when promoting controversial opinionsthe UFC commentator probably won't make any concessions on the issue. The funny thing is Twitter users are citing scientific evidence to reiterate why people shouldn't listen to Joe Rogan go on these tirades.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, celebrities like Rogan need to be careful with the messages they're sending to their audiences, especially on top-tier ones. He's still recording his usual podcast, but the comedian has also signed a substantial contract with Spotify. That goes to show the type of platform on which Rogan is speaking.

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Keep in mind that Rogan could've been joking about his "masks are for [expletive]" comments. Just like his controversial stances of the past, he's also known for acting/sounding very intense while speaking sarcastically about a topic. Rogan usually clarifies when he's acting sarcastic, of course, one never knows when it comes to comedians.

Come to think of it, Rogan might have been trolling the internet to see who would call him out. With cancel-culture all the rage nowadays, any small offense is usually met by people rallying to have celebrities put out of work. That said, he may have been trying to get the bandwagon rolling, whether it needed to or not.

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On the other hand, considering he's yelled "you're a man" while speaking about transgender women during an on-air rant, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that Rogan actually thinks "wearing masks is for [expletive]."

The bad news is Rogan's platform continues to expand with each new podcast, and there are still people who believe Rogan's influence on society is a positive one.

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Let's not forget that the podcast host has interviewed Toronto Professor, Jordan Peterson, several times. Peterson, too, has touted radical views on Nazism and transgender issues, which is why his association with Rogan make both their POV's less valuable than someone more informed about the particular field.

In any case, calling Rogan out is better than silencing him. He'll continue to spew similar commentary on his podcasts, and eventually, Rogan will slip up. Everyone does. Of course, once Rogan insinuates something dastardly, fan approval will likely shift in an unfavorable direction for him.

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