Jordan Peterson in Rehab After ‘Horrific’ Withdrawal

Famed Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson is in rehab after enduring horrific withdrawal symptoms when he stopped taking an anti-anxiety medication, according to his daughter.

Petersons daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, made the announcement Thursday on her YouTube channel.

After his wifes crushing terminal cancer diagnosis, Peterson was prescribed Clonazepam to help control the anxiety and stress that came with his spouses illness and her subsequent treatment.

The cancer diagnosis hit the Canadian psychologist hard, causing Peterson to halt his speaking tour and delay the publication of his upcoming book, Newsweek reported.

Despite the terminal diagnosis, Petersons wife made a recovery, so Peterson opted to stop taking Clonazepam, and quit cold turkey, his daughter said.

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According to the American Addiction Centers, quitting Clonazepam suddenly can be deadly.

The horrible withdrawal symptoms can include nausea, seizures, hallucinations and even thoughts of suicide.

Acute withdrawal symptoms peak two weeks after stopping use of Clonazepam, the AAC says, but subtle signs can last anywhere from a week to a month.

Mikhaila described the horrific withdrawal that led him to eventually check into a rehabilitation institute in an attempt to get professional help quitting the anti-anxiety medication.

He stopped cold turkey in the summer after talking with a psychiatrist, Mikhaila said, and experienced horrific physical withdrawal and anxiety.

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Turns out this is more than common with Clonazepam. Did you know they put suicide warnings on the bottle in the states? Would have been nice to know prior to the prescription.

Mikhaila revealed the family is in New York for Petersons recovery.

At the medical facility, Peterson is being weaned off Clonazepam using other medications. Weaker concoctions are used as a sort of substitute for the powerful anti-anxiety drug.

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Mikhaila also warned viewers, claiming it only takes six weeks of Clonazepam use before it becomes physically difficult to quit.

She said her father and the rest of the family are in high spirits after initial success. With any luck, the psychologist will soon be back to aggravating liberals by speaking the truth.

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Jordan Peterson in Rehab After 'Horrific' Withdrawal

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