Jordan Peterson: The activists are now stalking the hard scientists – National Post

I believe that the fundamental reason such plans are required, particularly of those who practice in the so-called hard STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is so that those who could not hope to assess the quality of research endeavours in those specialties as a consequence of their own inability or ignorance, can be made into judges by enforcing the adoption of standards of attitude and behaviour that have nothing to do with the fields in question.

Consider this, in addition: a group of three professors at Concordia were awarded a New Frontiers in Research Grant (announced in late 2019) aimed at engaging Indigenous understanding and involving Indigenous communities in the co-creation of knowledge, the project aims to decolonize contemporary physics research and attract Indigenous students. The head researcher, Dr. Tanja Tajmel, questioned the colonial assumptions made in the way Western science evaluates light and what it considers knowledge. Dr. Louellyn White, associate professor in First Peoples Studies, added that Indigenous ways of knowing have been suppressed and marginalized throughout academic history and we are finally gaining momentum in elevating Indigenous knowledges as equally valid to Western science If we, as an institution, do not embody the Territorial Acknowledgement by recognizing and affirming the expertise of our Elders as Knowledge Keepers, the acknowledgement becomes nothing but empty platitudes. Dr. Ingo Salzmann, the last of the three principal investigators to whom the funds were awarded, says, The culture of physics certainly changes with diverse people involved. He argues, Therefore, decolonizing science involves challenging the underlying hierarchies.

Jordan Peterson: The activists are now stalking the hard scientists - National Post

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