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Picture this: rights and uses of images in the #hashtag era – Theadanews

Questions like this come up in conversation every day: do I own my photographs, and who can use them? The simple answer is that yes, you own any intellectual property you create, whether it is made on a sensor with a digital camera, on film with a film camera, on a canvas with brushes, on paper with a pencil, and any other means you can imagine. The real world answer is a lot more complicated, and is often motivated by greed or a corporations efforts to make itself look good

WhatsApp now lets users encrypt their chat backups in the cloud – TechCrunch

WhatsApp is beginning to roll out a new feature that will provide its two billion users the option to encrypt their chat history backup in iCloud or Google Drive, patching a major loophole that has been exploited by governments to obtain and review private communication between individuals. WhatsApp has long encrypted chats between users on its app. But users have had no means to protect the backup of those chats stored in the cloud.

WhatsApp rolls out encryption for chats backed up in the cloud – Mashable

WhatsApp is the mobile messaging backbone of much of the global population, and all of its users just got an added layer of privacy protection. On the WhatsApp blog, the Facebook-owned messaging app confirmed that end-to-end encryption for backed up chats in the cloud will roll out "slowly" to all of its two billion (!) users starting now.

Meet the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean – EFF

Today EFF and other internet and digital rights organizations are announcing the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean (AC-LAC). The Alliance is a platform for collective capacity building and information, based on the principle that encryption is an essential tool for security and respect for human and fundamental rights in the region, including freedom of expression and privacy.

Apples plan to scan images will allow governments into smartphones – The Guardian

For centuries, cryptography was the exclusive preserve of the state. Then, in 1976, Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman came up with a practical method for establishing a shared secret key over an authenticated (but not confidential) communications channel without using a prior shared secret. The following year, three MIT scholars Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman came up with the RSA algorithm (named after their initials) for implementing it.

Google Extends its Cloud to the Edge, Customer Data Centers – Data Center Frontier

Racks of servers inside a Google data center. (Photo: Google) Google is extending its infrastructure to the edge, bringing its cloud hardware and software into telecom networks and customer data centers, including on-premises facilities. With its new Google Distributed Cloud offering, Google will provide managed cloud nodes that can reside in facilities operated by carriers, colocation providers, and customers

Why a Key Google Cloud Product Ended Up Generating Less Than 0.1% of Revenue – The Information

Three months after becoming CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian tried to shake up the cloud market and gain an edge on his bigger rivals, Amazon and Microsoft. He launched a service called Anthos to make it easier for businesses to host their websites and applications in private data centers and on Google Cloud as well as in clouds operated by Amazon and othersall at the same time. The move appeared to make sense

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces 2021 Community Awards Winners – WCAX

Annual awards recognize outstanding community members for advocacy, contributions, and documentation in cloud native technology Published: Oct.

As UK-based Civo’s Kubernetes service goes live, boss claims the big cloud rivals are overpriced – The Register

Interview Civo, a cloud provider based in Hertfordshire, has made its flavour of K3s Kubernetes generally available, with the claim that a usable cluster can be fired up in 90 seconds. K3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution from SUSE's Rancher, which claims to be "easy to install, half the memory, all in a binary of less than 100 MB." Civo is among the smallest of Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certified Kubernetes providers and picked K3s for its speed and efficiency. CEO Mark Boost was the founder of UK hosting company LCN where he remained until it was sold to Team Blue in early 2019, and also of ServerChoice, which runs three data centres for co-location services

NOVO Health’s Independent Providers Take Advantage of New Cloud-Based Epic EHR Installation to Fuel Innovation and Better Patient Care -…

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