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Kioxia’s Ethernet SSD stirs into EBOF life as architects dream – Blocks and Files

Kioxia claims direct-attached performance from network-attached devices is no longer a thing of storage architects dreams. The company has planted a Marvell Ethernet controller directly onto an SSD and fitted 24 of these drives into an EBOF (Ethernet Bunch of Flash drives) chassis.

Google accused of using its online dominance to hold back competitors; to face antitrust lawsuit: Report – Times Now

Google | Image credit: Pixabay&nbsp Tech behemoth Alphabet, Google's parent company, has an immensely large scale business across the globe. From Gmail for email, Google Maps for navigation,Google Drive for cloud storage, Android operating system for phones, Google Chrome for browsing, the list of itsproducts and services is massive

Looking for a job? The Library is here to help! | Globe Times –

By Omelio Alexander, Digital Resource Specialist, Paschalville Library The Free Library of Philadelphia is currently only open at limited locations and on a limited schedule as we adjust to this new normal for the safety of the public and our staff. You may be wondering how you can access our services, particularly how the Library can help get you back into the workforce as our economy recovers.

Synology DiskStation can keep your digital life organized and safe – The Dallas Morning News

I need to tell you up front that this weeks review is not for beginners. Im reviewing the Synology DiskStation DS1520+, ($699.99 from Amazon) which is a NAS (network attached storage).

Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform Market: Demand Rate with Regional Outlook, Applications, Consumer Profiles & Forecast 2026 – The Daily…

The Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform Market research report includes Market Size, Upstream Situation, Market Segmentation, Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform Market Segmentation, Price & Cost And Industry Environment. In addition, the report outlines the factors driving industry growth and the description of market channels.

Multi Cloud Storage Market is Projected to Increment at an Eye-Catching CAGR by 2023 | 21.2% CAGR | Know the COVID19 Impact – Verdant News

The Global Multi Cloud Storage Market size is projected to reach USD XX Mn by 2023 from USD XX Mn in 2018, at a CAGR of 21.2% during the forecast period.

This tiny CPU firm could play a key role in the future of Apple One – TechRadar

Three former Apple executives - part of the team that created the CPU found in the iPhone, iPad and soon the MacBook - have managed to raise a staggering $240 million with a startup called Nuvia. The tiny CPU firm hopes to replicate the same resounding success in the data center, using the ethos that drove the team to create what is arguably the most powerful mobile processor family in the world.

Expert Eye: The Transformative Effect of Cloud Computing on Manufacturing | Industry Insights – Africa Outlook Magazine

Cloud computing is a powerful technology enabling companies to become more productive, improving both customer communication and supply-chain performanceWritten by: JP van Loggerenberg, Chief Technology Officer, SYSPRO Today, manufacturing is being transformed rapidly by changes in ICT, AI, robotics fields, cyber-physical systems (CPS), and increasingly powerful IoT devices. Public cloud On-premise Hybrid About the Expert He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) degree, and a Masters Degree in Business Leadership (MBL) with a specialization in Information Technology.

Cloud Computing in Pharmaceutical Market Size, Analytical Overview, Key Players, Growth Factors, Demand, Trends And Forecast to 2027 – The Daily…

Cloud Computing in Pharmaceutical Market Size, Analytical Overview, Key Players, Growth Factors, Demand, Trends And Forecast to 2027   The Daily Chronicle