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How to Backup an iPhone to an External Hard Drive in 2019 – Cloudwards

Backing up your iPhone is a smart move because it can protect you if you lose your iPhone or if it becomes damaged at some point. Although Apples own iCloud backup service is great, it means putting all of your data under the control of Apple (see our iCloud review).

If that doesnt sound appealing to you, or youre running out of iCloud storage space, then youll want to learn how to backup an iPhone to an external hard drive. This involves moving your previously hidden iPhone backup files from your Windows PC or Mac to an external hard drive.

Youll need an external hard drive with enough storage to be able to do the job, so look at investing in one of the best external hard drive options before you consider backing up your iPhone files.

Its been a while since it was necessary to backup your iPhone using your PC or Mac. Thanks to the magic of iCloud, youre able to make backups of your iPhone data without needing any other equipment.

This has its advantages, not the least of which is being able to make regular backups without plugging in your iPhone. The biggest problem with this approach, however, is storage. Backing up to iCloud uses your limited iCloud storage. The larger the backup files, the less space you have for essentials, including your camera photos, although you may wish to move your photo collection to the best online storage for photos instead.

Thats why backing up to an external hard drive can be a better method. Its more involved and does require you to revert to old-school iPhone backups using iTunes or, if youre using macOS Catalina, you can use Finder instead.

If you have made a backup of your iPhone using your PC or Mac, you can then move the files to an external drive.

To begin backing up an iPhone to an external hard drive on Windows, youll need to have iTunes installed. Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes once its installed.

Once your iPhone is connected to your PC, unlock your iPhone and pressed trust on it to allow your PC to connect. Then your iPhone should appear under the devices tab in the left-hand menu of iTunes.

Click the iPhone icon in the top left of the iTunes screen. This is located next to the media dropdown menu (i.e. music). This brings up the device information menu for your iPhone.

To perform a manual backup of your iPhone to your PC, click back up now under the manually back up and restore section.

Your iPhone will take some time to finish backing up to your PC. Once its completed, youll have to manually copy the backup files to your external drive.

The location of iPhone backup files is C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup, replacing username with your own Windows username. You can also type %appdata%Apple ComputerMobileSyncBackup in Windows File Explorer to take you directly to the folder.

Using the date modified column, locate the newest backup for your device. Right-click on the folder and press copy. You can then attach your external hard drive, open it in File Explorer, right-click and paste the backup folder to an appropriate location. Youll need to do this every time you perform a manual backup of your iPhone to your PC.

The process for backing up an iPhone to an external hard drive on Mac is pretty similar for users with macOS Mojave or older operating systems that, like Windows, use iTunes for iPhone backups. If you use a Mac with macOS Catalina, the process differs, using Finder instead.

If you have macOS Mojave or older, connect your iPhone and open iTunes. Click the iPhone device icon in the top left. If your Mac device is running macOS Catalina, open Finder from the app dock at the bottom of your screen instead.

Click back up now in the manually back up and restore section of your device information menu. For Catalina users, the back up now button is listed under the backups section.

This process will take some time to complete, especially if it is the first time your device has been backed up. Once it has, you can begin copying your files to an external drive.

Whether youre using iTunes or Finder, the typical location for your iPhone backup files is ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync which wont appear in Finder. Click the search icon in the top right of your Mac screen and type in your backup folder location. Locate the most recent backup folder, right-click and then click copy.

Head to your external drive listed under locations in your Finder left-hand menu and paste your backup folder there.

As with Windows, youll need to do this whenever you perform a manual backup of your iPhone to Mac.

Although it isnt a straightforward process, backing up an iPhone to an external hard drive can give you control over your iPhone backups. It can also help you reclaim iCloud storage or move your iPhone backups to a cloud backup service like Carbonite in the long run (see our Carbonite review).

Depending on the size of your iPhone storage, making regular backups will require a large enough external hard drive. A 1TB storage device is the minimum size wed recommend, so be sure to take a look at our best 1TB external hard drive shortlist for options. If youre worried about Mac support, take a look at our review of the best external hard drive for Mac.

Do you prefer to manually backup your iPhone? Share your iPhone backup tips and tricks in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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How to Backup an iPhone to an External Hard Drive in 2019 - Cloudwards

Carphone Warehouse Cyber Monday 2019 deals: today’s best offers on mobile phone contracts and pay as you go –

For a company which started in a London flat at a time when the majority of mobile phones were too large to definitively be called car phones, Carphone Warehouse has become quite the success story.

The warehouse is Great Britains go-to for all things smartphone and its Cyber Monday deals are among the best on the market particularly for shoppers interested in hooking up to its virtual mobile network, iD. If you are in the market for a new smartphone and have been saving up for something big, rejoice: Cyber Monday is finally here - and with it brings some great deals on phone contracts and pay as you go.

One of the many advantages of shopping at Carphone Warehouse is the sheer selection of smartphones on offer. It sells the widest range of handsets in the UK (across Vodafone, EE, Three, O2 and more). The retail giant also offers pay monthly, SIM only and SIM-free deals pretty regularly.

To help you navigate the very best of Carphone Warehouse'sCyber Monday phone deals, we've scoured the small print and plucked the premium deals from the pack so you can shop everything in one place.

Now 33 per month, 99 upfront

Carphone Warehouse Cyber Monday 2019 deals: today's best offers on mobile phone contracts and pay as you go -

These cloud storage plans are all on sale this Black Friday – ITworld

If you're still relying on external hard drives to store and transfer your data, you're missing out. These cloud services offer superior storage across all of your devices, and each one is available at a significant discount for a limited time.

1.Polar Cloud Backup: Lifetime Subscription (5TB)

MSRP: $990 | Sale Price: $99 | Price Drop: $69.99

This comprehensive backup service offers state-of-the-art encryption and full compatibility with your mobile devicesmeaning youll be able to send and retrieve files on the go.

2.ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

MSRP: $1200 | Sale Price: $59 | Price Drop: $39 | Price w/ code: BFSAVE40: $23.40

This subscription grants you unlimited access to an award-winning storage platform thats 6x faster than Amazon storage, and when you enter the coupon code BFSAVE40 at checkout youll knock another 40% off the price.

3.Degoo Premium: Lifetime 1TB Backup Plan

MSRP: $900 | Sale Price: $49.99

Degoo Premium lets you store up to 1TB of data in super-secure servers, and youll be able to replicate your backups as you perform them for extra security.

Prices are subject to change.

This story, "These cloud storage plans are all on sale this Black Friday" was originally published by TechConnect.

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These cloud storage plans are all on sale this Black Friday - ITworld

Programming from the Cloud now available | Local News – Tullahoma News and Guardian

In todays society when everything goes into the cloud, LightTube is trying their hand at this modern-day trend. LightTube has been testing Cloud DVR (cDVR) service with their new middleware in preparation of making the service available to their customers. President Brian Skelton demonstrated cDVR at last weeks public meeting.

The cDVR service allows a customer to record programming at a central location rather than using a hard drive DVR in their own home. It will also be less expensive for some customers who are paying for multiple DVRs and allow recorded programming to be watched on any television within the home that has a LightTube set top box.

If a customer has cDVR, they can get rid of their physical DVR at their house and they will only have a small set top box, Skelton said. All recordings are sent to our hard drive at LightTubes office and that significantly lowers the risk of losing recordings due to a local hard drive failure which happens with a home DVR.

For example, one might start watching it at the same point in another room that has a set top box connected television.

One additional bonus of having cDVR will be that it will allow a customer to record up to eight programs at once, rather than the two or three that may currently be recorded at one time on the hard drive-based DVRs.

The price point is the same as what a customer pays today for a single DVR and whole home DVR service. The cost for the cDVR service will be $20 per month, including 500 G of storage that will record up to eight streams at a time. The viewer may also watch the program on any LightTube set top box within the home. Additional 500 GB cloud storage will be $5 per month. Some customers who only have one DVR set top box will likely want to keep that at the lower rate of $15 per month.

We are not taking away the DVR option, Skelton said.

The rate committee approved the proposal on Nov 18. TUA Skelton recommended the Board approve the addition of Cloud DVR service at the above rate and additional 500 GB of storage at the TUA regular meeting Tuesday night, Nov. 26. The proposal was unanimously approved.

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Programming from the Cloud now available | Local News - Tullahoma News and Guardian

This Cyber Monday deal on a lifetime of cloud backup will save you thousands – Mashable

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Never worry about space again.

Image: polar backup

By StackCommerceMashable Shopping2019-12-01 10:00:00 UTC

TL;DR: Save all your holiday photos with a Polar Cloud Backup: Lifetime Subscription (5TB) for $69.99, a $30 savings.

The holidays are approaching, meaning youre about to be presented with ample opportunity to snap photos of family, record embarrassing videos of dad attempting to carve the turkey, and even film some blurry footage of your superiors dancing at the work holiday party.

And if you love saving memories, or obtaining incriminating footage to use against your employer at a later date, then you need some way to safely and securely back those files up.

Polar Backup is a cloud-based service that can help you do just that. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Polar offers an enormous five terabytes of storage space and intuitive user experience. And right now, you can get lifetime access for just $69.99 thanks to a little day known as Cyber Monday.

Check it out:

Polar Cloud Backup lets you access your data easily thanks to an efficient search function an absolute must with so much storage available. But unlike a lot of other cloud-based storage software, Polar wont delete files if you delete them from your PC or Mac. Although you can still go into Polar and delete them manually, it doesn't make up your mind for you.

While Polar itself might not be a household name (yet), the fact it runs off AWS should ensure any software updates go smoothly, and any bugs are taken care of promptly. Polar is a relatively new player in the world of cloud storage (its app wont be released until 2020), but checks all the boxes of a solid surface. It uses 256-Bit AES encryption, and its GDPR compliant, i.e. has satisfied the rigorous standards outlined by the European Unions data privacy regulations (Polar is a UK-based company).

To mark Cyber Monday, a lifetime subscription to the 5TB Polar package is now available for $69.99, a massive discount on the MSRP of $990. Thats not a lot to pay considering the amount of storage, and how much you'll save on monthly subscriptions to Dropbox and iCloud in the long run.

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This Cyber Monday deal on a lifetime of cloud backup will save you thousands - Mashable

Global Business Cloud Storage Market with Worldwide Opportunities, Share, Growth, Development History, Current Analysis and Estimated Forecast to 2023…

Global Business Cloud Storage Market report states qualitative and concrete information which depicts the Business Cloud Storage industry scenario. The present state of Business Cloud Storage industry, historical performance and future scope is presented in this report. The opportunities, market risks, dominant Business Cloud Storage Industry players and their statistics are portrayed in the report.

Global Business Cloud Storage Market industry is classified based on regions, market share and size. The regional diversification of Business Cloud Storage Industry covers the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, China, South Africa, South America and Middle East countries. The technological advancements, production, import-export scenario, and gross margin analysis is presented.

Key Players of Business Cloud Storage Market Report are:

Major Players in Business Cloud Storage market are:MicrosoftBoxZoolzCarboniteAlibabaHightailEgnyteAmazonOpenDriveJustCloudMozyProDropboxCrashPlanBaidu

Request For Free Business Cloud Storage Sample Report (Kindly Use Your Bussiness/Corporate Email Id to Get Priority)

Global Business Cloud Storage Market Segmentation By Type and Application:

Global Business Cloud Storage Market Segmentation By Type

Less than 100GB100GB to 1TB1TB to 5TBMore than 5TB

Global Business Cloud Storage Market Segmentation By Application:

Primary Storage SolutionBackup Storage SolutionCloud Storage Gateway SolutionData Movement And Access Solution

Crucial Aspects Of Business Cloud Storage Market Report:

1. The study lists the strategic developments taking place in Business Cloud Storage including R&D, new product launch events, Mergers and Acquisitions, joint ventures and dominant market players.

2. All key market aspects like price, capacity, gross margin, production rate, consumption, supply/demand, import/export, market share, CAGR and innovative trends.

3. Various analytical tools are employed to present SWOT analysis, feasibility check, investment return study and growth trend of Business Cloud Storage players.

4. A Outlook market perspective states various growth driving and restraining factors.

6. Based on historic and present data the market growth is presented in this report.

7. Various company segments like applications, regions, manufacturers, and product types are covered.

8. The report lists the restraining factors of Business Cloud Storage and how these factors will affect the global market scenario. Also, analysis on how the market restraints can be tackled is presented in the report.

9. Major regional analysis like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa is covered.

10. The competitive scenario analysed in this report will help other players in studying the development scope and opportunities with market potential.

Business Cloud Storage Market Inquiry Here For Detail Report @

Our research report will address below queries arising at the client side:

1. What will be the market size of Business Cloud Storage in the next 5 years and what is the expected growth rate?

2. Which are the growth driving factors and which are the market risks?

3. What challenges are faced by market participants and key industry players?

4. Which regions have good market potential and investment feasibility?

5. What are the supply/demand and gross margin statistic for each market player?

Explore Full Business Cloud Storage Report With Detailed TOC Here @

For any additional questions get in touch with,

Mr. Alex White

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone number: +1(617)2752538


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Global Business Cloud Storage Market with Worldwide Opportunities, Share, Growth, Development History, Current Analysis and Estimated Forecast to 2023...

Black Friday gets you tech devices here’s how to save on apps – NBC News

As Black Friday deals enable you to invest in the tech devices you use for apps from laptops to tablets and smartphones the apps themselves sometimes come with a pricetag, too. And to align with Black Friday sales, some app subscriptions are on sale right now.

So whether you're in the market for a top-notch VPN service, cloud storage or even relaxing guided meditation, there's likely a discount on one of them worth checking out. Below, we rounded up 10 affordable apps that are worth shopping this week.

Bonus: Enter code BFSAVE40 at checkout, to get 40 percent off of the prices listed below.

Turn your startup idea into a reality with Bizplan, a step-by-step business building app that provides you with templates, dashboards and a network of investors that will help streamline your projects in an attempt to help get your business funded.

Looking for a mindful new year? Grab a lifetime subscription to Aura Meditation, which features a variety of science-backed guided meditation sessions aimed to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Let our news meet your inbox. The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings.

The best passwords have randomized character strings that feature numbers and special symbols. The issue is that they also tend to be the hardest to remember. This service can auto-fill usernames and passwords for all your online accounts to make that process much easier.

Another way you can keep your information private is with the help of a VPN. These help ensure that when you're using public WiFi networks, your personal data is kept away from prying eyes.

Home renovation isn't as easy as HGTV makes it out to be. For people who need help visualizing what their redesign projects will look like, Live Home 3D Pro can help. The app allows you to design advanced floor plans with easy-to-use point-and-click tools.

Babbel, a popular language learning app, was made with the help of more than 100 expert linguists with the goal of getting you speaking a foreign language confidently in as little as one month. All of its lessons are bite-sized (about 10 to 15 minutes in total) so that you can more easily fit them into your schedule, and they focus on real-life topics you'll get the most use out of, such as business, food and travel.

Keep track of your finances and pinpoint areas where you can cut back on your expenses with CoinKeeper. The personal finance tool can help you create a monthly budget, monitor your expenditures, set spending limits and notify you when you're overspending.

For people who want to be caught up on all the latest bestselling titles but don't have time to read them all in-depth, 12min Micro Book synthesizes a variety of books into short articles so that you can digest all the important information in as little as 12 minutes.

Dubbed as the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone management, iMazing is a Mac/Windows app that allows you to browse and manage your iPhone's backups, extract your text message information, copy your favorite songs, export your photos and access the history of your notes.

You've got plenty of videos, photos, audio content and documents that you need safely stored. A cloud service like ThunderDrive allows you to keep your most important files safe and accessible.

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Black Friday gets you tech devices here's how to save on apps - NBC News

20 years ago: Napster vs CuteMX, movie industry gets its own boogieman: DeCSS – AfterDawn

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20 years ago: Napster vs CuteMX, movie industry gets its own boogieman: DeCSS - AfterDawn

Blockchain for Science: Revolutionary Opportunities and Potential Problems – RTInsights

Although blockchain technology is still evolving, it can already offer many advantages to the scientific community.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the world.

It is one of the biggest technology markets worldwide, with prospects tocontinue growing and eventually reaching 23.3 billion dollars worth ofinvestments by 2023, according to Statista.

In the future, the rapid growth in investments will encompass manydifferent industries, and blockchain will become a mainstream technology.

See also: How Blockchain Technology and Cognitive Computing Work Together

Currently, however, different industries are only at the early stage of introducing blockchain technology to different procedures and operations. According to Deloittes 2018 global blockchain survey, blockchain technology is expected to revolutionize many industries. It is anticipated that by using blockchain, industries will completely change the way they function.

According to Deloittes survey, manufacturing industries, as well as theenergy sector, along with healthcare, technology, and even the public sector (governmentalinstitutions, executive branch), will eventually turn to blockchain technologyto organize data, store it, and ensure its security.

But heres what caught our attention, while analyzing this survey.

Interestingly enough, life sciences (biotech, medical devices, andpharma) ranks high on the list of industries that will make use of blockchain.The technological advancement in life sciences greatly impacts the quality ofhealthcare, giving us new opportunities to improve it.

Lets take a step further.

Technological advancement in engineering and computer science will giveus new opportunities in manufacturing, the energy sector, and other relatedfields.

This pushes us to deduce the following thought: will science in general be changed by blockchain technology? And, if yes, what opportunities, prospects of implementation, and potential problems should we expect from it?

Lets dig deeper.

Blockchainfor Science: Revolutionary Opportunities

Blockchain technology is versatile. Therefore, the wholedata-hash-previous hash system works for every transaction involving value,whether its money, goods, or information. Besides, the high levels of securityensure fraud protection, as every transaction is recorded and distributed amongthe computer network.

As a result, these features of the blockchain technology offer thefollowing opportunities that can revolutionize science in different aspects.

Opportunity#1: Making Research Transparent

The science behind blockchain is simple.

A set of blocks that contain data is shared in one network of parties(nodes), which have equal and immutable access to the data carried by theblock.

Whats in it for scientific research?

Lets say a group of researchers is working on a statistical analysis ofa certain business venture. They collect data that is stored in blocks, thuscreating a data-carrying blockchain for this research.

Any changes that are made to this data will not go unnoticed, as everyresearcher from the team can equally spot and track these changes.

Joris van Rossum, Director of Special Projects at Digital Science, saysthat among the biggest benefits that blockchain can bring to scientificresearch is eliminatingpoor communication.

Right now, according to van Rossum, scientific research is at a verydeficient state. Blockchain gives an opportunity to change, as it ensuresreproducibility that is central for transparent scientific research.

Opportunity#2: Making Data Storage Safer

Blockchain is designed in a way that ensures safe storage of any datathat every block contains. Hashes, which work as a protection device for thedata, are hard to tamper, thus keeping all research data safely stored.

Essentially, blockchain is a decentralized database of information. Itis decentralized because every node has full access to the data and any changesthat have been made. This includes any changes made involving the hashes ofevery block, thus making it impossible to leak the information or corrupt it.

Blockchain technology also ensures an extra level of protection, as allthe data is broken into segments (shards), which are encrypted. Thus, anyclassified research data can be safely stored in blocks, accessed, and trackedby every node in the network.

Opportunity#3: Making Science Transparent

Blockchain technology brings an opportunity to make the decisions andthe activity of scientific organizations more transparent by introducingso-called smart contracts.

Distributedledger technology enables blockchain to store small computerprograms that track the data. Smart contracts are created in the form ofcomputer programs and are designed to cut the middleman in all datatransactions. Instead, this smart contract becomes the middle man, and all theactivity can be traced by the network of nodes.

The two main features that science and scientific research can benefitfrom are that smart contracts in their nature are:

Thisfeature of smart contracts wont allow any of the two parties to opt out of thecontract, change its terms, or terminate it. This means that every scientificorganization that was promised governmental funding will get it.

Smart contracts are almost impossible to tamper with. As all theactivities are fixated and stored in blocks, it not only gets safer to storethis data but makes the general activity of scientific organizations moretransparent and organized.

Blockchainfor Science: Prospects of Implementation

All the above-mentioned opportunities have already found theirimplementation in decentralized blockchain-based data storage.

Decentralized clouds started emerging recently, becoming a strongcompetitor and a potential threat to centralized servers such as Google Cloud,Dropbox, etc.

Decentralized cloud storage uses blockchain technology to:

Essentially, all the above-mentioned opportunities, brought to scienceand scientific research by blockchain, are already, in one way or another,implemented by decentralized clouds.

Besides obvious reasons, like transparency and security, scientists andresearchers could be interested in decentralized clouds for the following reasons:

Since blockchain technology is behind this idea, every file indecentralized cloud storage is marked with a hash, and every other filecontains a hash from a previous file. Thus, any scientific organization, oreven a small group of researchers, can be sure that every file is safely storedand wont go missing.

Blockchainfor Science: Potential Problems

Alongside with the above-mentioned advantages, the implementation ofblockchain technology can potentially cause problems. Aside from the fact thatscience is currently not fully ready for blockchainadoption, the technology itself is still underdeveloped, which may lead to thefollowing issues.

Problem#1: Authorization Issues

The goal of blockchain technology is to encrypt and safely store thedata and establish consensus in a distributed network.

To prove that a network member has permission to write to a certainchain, it is required to run complex algorithms that will ensure rightfulauthorization. Such algorithms take immense amounts of computing power, whichcomes at a cost.

So, even if blockchain technology can solve theproblems of securing and storing the data for scientific research, theauthorization of each network member remains an issue.

Problem#2: Lack of Legislation

As scientific society follows certain rules established by law, usingblockchain technology may present certain legislation-relatedissues:

All these issues need further clarification and the development oflegislation that will cover and resolve them.

Problem#3: Potential Hacker Attacks

Although blockchain is considered one of the most secure technologies inthe world, theres a possibility that a blockchain can be hacked.

This happened to Coinbase and Ethereum Classic when a hacker gainedcontrol of more than half of the networks computing power. Covering thisstory, MITTechnology Review listed the reasons that could potentiallyundermine the security of the blockchain technology:

Although now it is the best solution to ensure security, blockchaintechnology is far from being perfect. Before switching from a centralizedserver to decentralized cloud storage, researchers should understand thatalthough the chances of research information getting hacked are lower, it isstill possible.

Blockchain Brings New Potential to Science

Apart from some issues, blockchain technology brings a variety ofbenefits to the scientific community. Every researcher knows that effectivecommunication, transparency, and data security are crucial for high-qualityresearch.

Although blockchain technology is still evolving, it can already offermany advantages to the scientific community. And, as the evolution ofblockchain technology shows no signs of stopping, we can safely say that oneday it will become integral for scientific research and science in general.

Blockchain for Science: Revolutionary Opportunities and Potential Problems - RTInsights

9to5Google Gift Guide: Best gifts for the mobile photographer – 9to5Google

Photography is a great hobby to get into and as our smartphones get better and better at the task, you can capture killer shots just with your smartphone. If you want to get gifts for mobile smartphone photography here are a few options.

Just like with a traditional camera, smartphone cameras can be better with the help of a new lens. Moment has been producing high-quality lenses for smartphones for quite some time and they might just make the best gifts for someone interested in mobile photography.

Moment lenses include quite a few different options including fisheye, telephoto, wide-angle, macro, and even an anamorphic lens for cinematic shots. These lenses arent super expensive, but they are an investment with prices ranging from $80 to $150. There are some bundles, though, that bring costs down. Personally, Id be looking at the Just Three Lenses bundle with a Tele, Fisheye, and Macro lens for about $250.

These lenses work with a variety of smartphones including iPhones and plenty of Android options. Compatible cases are available for Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 7 Pro, and several others.

Google has been killing it in the camera department since the first generation and Pixel 4 is better than ever. Its 12MP camera is paired with a 16MP sensor with a telephoto lens. Using those two, Googles latest smartphone captures the best pictures youll get on any smartphone today from normal stills to Portraits and more.

The Pixel 4 shines especially at night thanks to its Night Sight mode which can create some stunning shots from the darkness. Better yet, theres an astrophotography mode which, with the help of a tripod, can quite literally capture the stars with stunning results. This setup may lack the versatility of an ultrawide lens, but theres little doubt that the Pixel 4 is one of the most capable shooters available today.

You can pick up a Pixel 4 from Google, Amazon, B&H Photo, and most carriers and retailers too. Wed only recommend the Pixel 4 XL, though, as the smaller model has very poor battery life.

Dont have the cash to give someone a Pixel 4? I cant blame you, its not cheap! Luckily, theres another option. The super-affordable Pixel 3a starts at just $399 and offers similarly great quality, Night Sight, and more. You can pick it up at Amazon, B&H Photo (w/ free service) and other retailers.

Whether youre planning to shoot pictures of the night sky or just a stunning landscape, a tripod can be a helpful tool. You could use a traditional tripod, or a smaller, more portable tripod which is easier to keep in your bag or car. In my case, I opted for a sturdy tripod with flexible legs.

In either case, youll also want to pick up a mount to attach to the tripod to actually hold your phone in place. There are literally thousands of options for this, but personally I prefer the type that allows you to mount your phone in either a landscape or portrait orientation. A remote shutter might also be a good idea.

Shooting photos on a smartphone is a good way to drain its battery very quickly. To that end, its probably a good idea to keep a power bank nearby. For modern Android smartphones, youll want something that can use USB-C, likely with Power Delivery or Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Recently, we highlighted a handful of compact battery banks that are easy to keep in your bag or even your pocket while on the go and theyll work with the vast majority of Android smartphones. There are also literally thousands of options on Amazon. Anker, Aukey, and RAVPower are all brands we love.

If someone you know is really serious about mobile photography, a great gift would be a subscription to Adobe Lightroom. The app is technically free on Android, but youll unlock cloud backups and other features with a subscription. Better yet, the desktop app is opened up for an even better editing experience. You can buy an Adobe Photography bundle subscription on Amazon for a month for as little as $10 or a year, both of which can be shared.

Extra cloud storage might also be a good gift for smartphone photographers. To that end, especially for Android users, Google One is a great choice. It grants 100GB of storage for just $2/month, 200GB for $3/month, and 2TB for $10/month.

Unfortunately, theres no direct gift card available for this. One option would be to sign up for the plan on your own Google account and share it with whoever youd like to gift it to. The easier option, perhaps, would be a Google Play gift card which can cover part or all of the cost of a few months or a yearly plan.

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