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Indian GM Iniyan wins World Open online chess – The Tribune India


Indian Grandmaster P Iniyan won the Annual World Open online chess tournament held recently, having practised at night to get used to the American time zone. The Tamil Nadu player finished with 7.5 points out of a possible nine, with six victories and three draws, to finish ahead of many higher-rated Grandmasters. The event was held in American time zone, meaning that Iniyan was playing from 9:30 pm till 6 am every day. The 48th edition of the annual event was held online due to the Covid-19 on August 7-9. Iniyan had recently defeated world No. 2 Fabiano Caruana in an online blitz event.

MONT AIGOUAL (France)Kazakhstans Lutsenko wins Stage 6

Kazakh Alexey Lutsenko claimed his maiden victory on the Tour de France when he won the sixth stage, a 191-km trek from Le Teil, today. The Astana rider prevailed from an eight-man breakaway at the top of the Mont Aigoual. Spains Jesus Herrada took second place, 55 seconds behind. Briton Adam Yates retained the overall leaders yellow jersey after staying tucked in the main peloton, which crossed the line with a deficit of 2:53.

LondonThought of suicide: Former England U-19 captain Rafiq

Former England U-19 captain Azeem Rafiq has claimed that he was close to committing suicide during his stint with county side Yorkshire, accusing the club of being institutionally racist. The off-spinner, who was born in Karachi and also captained the club, said he lost faith in humanity after the club turned a blind eye to his complaints of racist behaviour during his stint from 2016 to 2018. I know how close I was to committing suicide during my time at Yorkshire, Rafiq told ESPNCricinfo. There were times I did things to try and fit in that, as a Muslim, I now look back on and regret. But as soon as I stopped trying to fit in, I was an outsider, he added.

RajkotNoted Saurashtra cricket coach Babi dies

Renowned coach Akabarkhan Babi, popularly known as Babi Saheb, has died, the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) informed today. He was in his 80s and died yesterday due to age related problems.

Rio de JaneiroEqual pay for mens and womens teams: Brazil football

The Brazilian Football Confederation said that its mens and womens national soccer teams will receive equal pay, although World Cup prize money would depend on FIFA. Agencies

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Indian GM Iniyan wins World Open online chess - The Tribune India

Norway Chess to be 1st over-the-board super-tournament since March – chess24

Altibox Norway Chess today announced thatthis years event will be held in Stavanger, Norway from October 5-16. Thepreviously announced 10-player field has been cut to six, but with MagnusCarlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian, Anish Giri, Alireza Firouzja and AryanTari in action the event aims to be the first undisputed super-tournament to beheld in person since lockdowns began in March.

It was announcedin March that Altibox Norway Chess would be postponed from June untilOctober due to the coronavirus situation. With that still so unpredictableany scheduling for such events is an act of faith, but the organisers believeit can go ahead. Their press release includes:

Firsttop-tournament post corona! The world as we know it has changed and people all over the world are facingchallenging times. Sport events of all types have been cancelled as we togetherhave been distancing ourselves to avoid the spread of the virus. For chess,this has been the case as well, where tournaments all over the world have beencancelled. However, chess online has grown exponentially during this period astournaments and other chess events have been organized online. This hascertainly been positive for chess, as it is a perfect sport to follow online!

The time for chess across the physicalboard is back!

Back in March a 10-player field wasannounced, but since then five players have dropped out Ding Liren, IanNepomniachtchi, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Wesley So and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.One has been added, however - the worlds top junior, 17-year-old AlirezaFirouzja. The 6-player field consists of players who all have Europeanpassports or residency:

Since the Candidates Tournament had to bestopped halfway through, elite chess has moved online, most notably with the MagnusCarlsen Chess Tour that is just reaching a thrilling conclusion. With thefirst wave of the virus over in most European countries over-the-board chess isgradually coming back, however, with the BielChess Festival the first to witness a group of international top playerscompete at a common venue.

Altibox Norway Chess, with four of theworlds Top 10 and the hottest junior, is a different prospect.Cutting the field to six players means its now going to be a 10-round doubleround-robin, but the twist of Armageddon after each classical draw remains. Thescoring system will be:

The tournament will be broadcastlive with commentary and video of the players on chess24 and Norwegian TV.

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Norway Chess to be 1st over-the-board super-tournament since March - chess24

Chess: Why hasnt India produced another Viswanathan Anand? – Livemint

Anand, who is part of the Indian team for the FIDE (International Chess Federation) Online Olympiad 2020 from 21-23 August, has offered no reviews of his performance. The tournaments online-only format, necessitated by the covid-19 pandemic, meant there were no post-match media interactions either. But for all that he left unsaid, he has been open about his prospects for a while now. In his autobiography Mind Master, released last year, he wrote that hes in the sport for the joy of playing (rather) than the pursuit of ranking. For running into greying old buddies and players old enough to be our sons; for telling the world we still love a good fight; and for the odd title we might luck out on."

At 50, he is the oldest player in top-tier competitive chess from India. The latest FIDE ratings place him 15th in the world; P. Harikrishna and Vidit Gujrathi trail him at 20th and 24th, respectively. Anand has been Indias top-ranked player for most of the past three decades. His hard work, perseverance and ability to play across all formats led to a revolution in Indian chess. When he achieved the grandmaster (GM) title in 1988, it was a first for India. India now has 66 GMs, the fifth highest in the world.

Yet, even as Indias tally of chess GMs increases, most players cant seem to keep up the momentum to excel on the world stage. India only has four players in the world top 100. Among women, who are ranked separately, India has seven players in the top 100. After Magnus Carlsen beat Anand to win the world championship in 2013, no Indian has been able to make it beyond the qualifiers to challenge himexcept Anand himself. Koneru Humpy, ranked second in the world in womens rankings, came closest to the world title in 2011, finishing as a runner-up.

In China, they say Ding Liren can be the next world champion," says Praveen Thipsay, a chess GM from Mumbai and a trainer. In the US, Fabiano Caruana (world No.2) or Wesley So (world No.8) could be that. That way, we dont have too many players whom we can project to be world champions today."

For the most part, chess in India flourished not because of the state but in spite of it. Archaic rules and a chronic lack of funding often came in the wayand still do. Manuel Aaron, Indias first international master (IM), a title short of GM, recalled in an interview with The Times Of India in 2013 that he couldnt go to Delhi to receive the Arjuna Award in the 1960s because of financial constraints. The award came by post. Broken," he added. In 1987, a year before he turned GM, Anand had to wait eight months for permission to import a computer. R.B. Ramesh, a chess GM turned coach, tells Mint he had to pose as a school student at age 18 to secure an internet connection in the late 1990s.

Earlier, a boy taking up chess professionally was considered a gone case," recalls Varugeese Koshy, an IM from Bihar and president of the Chess Players Forum. But as Anand notched up wins and records, it prompted a shift in attitudes. In the past 20-25 years, chess has become an alternative career. Private sponsors started coming in, government companies (like banks, petroleum and railways) started giving players jobs."

Two factors worked in its favour: A chess board came cheap, and many middle-class parents wanted their children to pursue it seriously, even if only in the hope of them landing a government job. In Europe, you dont start getting professional coaching at 7-8. They want their kids to decide," says Thipsay. Here, the advantageor disadvantage, depending on how you see itis that parents dont give much of an option to children."

States like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, where Anand was born, led the way by making chess compulsory in schools. Today, 24 of the countrys 66 GMs come from Tamil Nadu, including two of the youngest GMs in history: R. Praggnanandhaa and D. Gukesh, both of whom qualified at age 12. In the last 20 years, India has had several successes at world youth chess championships. Since 2000, its men and women chess players have won the under-18 thrice, the under-16 four times, under-14 seven times, under-12 eight times and under-10 nine times. The latest triumph came last year, when 14-year-old Praggnanandhaa won the world under-18 chess championship.

Despite recording high levels of success in youth championships, not many seem to keep up the wins as they turn older. Says Thipsay, The entire system is geared towards making GMs. A sense of complacency seems to set in after."

At the elite stage, a players success can depend on the coaches they can afford. And good coaches come at a cost. According to an ESPN report last month, Vidit Gujrathi pays 400 ( around 35,000) for a 6-hour session. Baskaran Adhiban, ranked fourth in India, pays 60 an hour. Both are employed by public sector undertakings and can afford it, but those without jobs or sufficient sponsorship have to pass up opportunities for quality training.

At the highest level, the opponents look for all kinds of weaknesses of the opponents," says Thipsay. If you dont play well, if, say, you tend to not play well if your C6 square is not protected, they will prepare for that." So the chess body needs to organize tournaments to get the top players, or super GMs", to play against each other, he adds. But in India there are barely any such tournaments organized." An estimated 150-200 players fly to Europe every year for such events. But not everyone can afford it.

P. Harikrishna, the 1996 world under-10 champion, currently ranked second in India, believes the absence of such tournaments did have some impact on his growth curve. He cites the instance of his wins in under-10 and under-14 world chess championships. On both occasions, Teimour Radjabov from Azerbaijan was the runner-up. Today, Radjabov is the world No.9 and a three-time challenger for the World Chess Championship. Harikrishna is world No.20.

At a young age, Radjabov played in the Linares tournament in Spain," Harikrishna says. The tournament, held in Spain every year, is known as the Wimbledon of chess". When you play the best in the world, you learn a lot, no matter how you play.... Its a hypothetical thing to say but had I played such events at an early stage, things might have been much better for me."

Bharat Singh Chauhan, secretary of the All India Chess Federation (AICF), says they have tried to make the most of their resources. Today, he says, the AICF organizes a number of youth championships at the state and national levels. Top-ranked national players are sent abroad for exposure trips", their stay and travel expenses for world tournaments paid for. In recent years, the AICF has also started a sessions for young players parents in an attempt to prevent burn-out among youngsters.

AICFs annual budget is about 8 crore. It costs up to 5 crore to organize a tournament featuring elite players like Anand or Carlsen," says Chauhan. I would rather invest that amount in a chess school and have thousands more players coming up."

A possible solution could be to set up a chess league, on the lines of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Although this is part of AICFs 2020 vision" document, as uploaded on its website, Singh says they ruled out its formation due to some issues". R.B. Ramesh, who quit as chief selector at the AICF last month citing interference", says the federation was unsure chess could be marketed as a spectator sport. However, as Harikrishna points out, several countries like China or Iran have a chess league. You wont believe it, but even Bangladesh does".

The erstwhile Soviet Union had a system backing its players; a similar model is now under way in China. In the US, an academy by billionaire Rex Sinquefield has been leading the chess renaissance in the hope of creating the next Bobby Fischer".

But for all the systemic issues, says R.B. Ramesh, one cant discount the fact that India is one of the fastest growing countries in chess. We started from a point when we didnt have books, internet, media attention or private sponsorships. Today, we are producing three-four GMs every year. That is huge," says Ramesh.

India are seeded seventh in the FIDE Online Olympiad. The average rating of the team (2419) does not reflect our true playing strength," team captain Gujrathi told The Hindu last month. Our juniors are most talented and grossly under-rated (as per rapid ratings)." Although India have only won a medal oncea bronze in 2014Gujrathi said the team this year was among the favourites".

World champions are not produced because we want it," says Ramesh. Anand is a one-time phenomenon. When Bobby Fischer became world champion, chess in the US was non-existent. Norway is the size of Chennai, yet it produced a Carlsen. Given where we started, and where we are, I feel we are just as capable as anyone else."

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Chess: Why hasnt India produced another Viswanathan Anand? - Livemint

Chess Market COVID-19 Impacts to 2020-2027 | The House of Staunton, ChessSUA, CNCHESS, ChessBaron – Scientect

The report presents a thorough overview of the competitive landscape of the global Chess Market and the detailed business profiles of the markets notable players. Threats and weaknesses of leading companies are measured by the analysts in the report by using industry-standard tools such as Porters five force analysis and SWOT analysis. The Chess Market report covers all key parameters such as product innovation, market strategy for leading companies, Chess market share, revenue generation, the latest research and development and market expert perspectives.

For Sample Copy of Reports:

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and is challenging the business landscape globally. Pre and Post COVID-19 market outlook is covered in this report. This is the most recent report, covering the current economic situation after the COVID-19 outbreak. It highlights the recent market trends, growth in the past decade, and upcoming opportunities in front of the business. The research methods and tools used to analyze the studies are both primary and secondary research. The study further presents details on the funds initiated by different organizations, and industries.

Some of top players influencing the Global Chess market:

The House of Staunton, ChessSUA, CNCHESS, ChessBaron, Shri Ganesh (India) International, Chessncrafts,, Official Staunton,, Yiwu Linsai.

Global Chess Market Segmentation:

On the Basis of Type:Wooden ChessGlass ChessPlastic Chess

On the Basis of Application:Indoor SportsIndoor EntertainmentOther

Regions Covered in the Global Chess Market: The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt) North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada) South America (Brazil etc.) Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.) Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia)

It helps to examine the different key factors, such as prices and manufacturing base of several industries. Different attributes of working methods are analyzed by considering the different regions, such as North America, Latin America, Japan, China, and India. The research methodologies are used to estimate the workflow. It focuses on the market segmentations, to identify the prospects, distributers and consumers, to enlarge the industries rapidly. Different verticals are considered while analyzing the leading key players of Chess market. Finally, it focuses on drivers and opportunities, which are the pillar of business development.

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Report Content Overview:

-Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market based on segmentation involving both economic as well as non-economic factors

-Provision of market value (USD Billion) data for each segment and sub-segment

Indicates the region and segment that is expected to witness the fastest growth as well as to dominate the market

-Analysis by geography highlighting the consumption of the product/service in the region as well as indicating the factors that are affecting the market within each region

-Competitive landscape which incorporates the market ranking of the major players, along with new service/product launches, partnerships, business expansions and acquisitions in the past five years of companies profiled

-Extensive company profiles comprising of company overview, company insights, product benchmarking and SWOT analysis for the major market players

-The current as well as the future market outlook of the industry with respect to recent developments (which involve growth opportunities and drivers as well as challenges and restraints of both emerging as well as developed regions

-Includes an in-depth analysis of the market of various perspectives through Porters five forces analysis

-Provides insight into the market through Value Chain

-Market dynamics scenario, along with growth opportunities of the market in the years to come

Advanced Technologies, Trends, In-Depth Analysis, Regional Demand, Growth Strategy, Company Profiled Players

Regionally, this market has been inspected across various regions such as North America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe on the basis of productivity and manufacturing base. Some significant key players have been profiled in this research report to get an overview and strategies carried out by them. Degree of competition has been given by analyzing the global Chess market at domestic as well as a global platform. This global Chess market has been examined through industry analysis techniques such as SWOT and Porters five techniques.

Table of Content (TOC):

Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 Industry Cost Structure and Economic Impact

Chapter 3 Rising Trends and New Technologies with Major key players

Chapter 4 Global Chess Market Analysis, Trends, Growth Factor

Chapter 5 Chess Market Application and Business with Potential Analysis

Chapter 6 Global Chess Market Segment, Type, Application

Chapter 7 Global Chess Market Analysis (by Application, Type, End User)

Chapter 8 Major Key Vendors Analysis of Chess Market

Chapter 9 Development Trend of Analysis

Chapter 10 Conclusion

Place a Direct Order Of this Report:

Any special requirements about this report, please let us know and we can provide custom report.

In the event that you dont find that you are looking in this report or need any particular prerequisites, please get in touch with our custom research team at [emailprotected]


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Chess Market COVID-19 Impacts to 2020-2027 | The House of Staunton, ChessSUA, CNCHESS, ChessBaron - Scientect

Announcing the 2020-2021 US Chess Executive Board | US –

US Chess is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Mike Hoffpauir

Vice President: Randy Bauer

Vice President of Finance: Chuck Unruh

Secretary: Ryan Velez

Member-at-Large: David Day

Member-at-Large: Fun Fong

Member-at-Large: David Hater

Executive Director: Carol Meyer

For more information about the Executive Board, including bios and email addresses, please click here.

New President Mike Hoffpauir (he previously served as president from 2017-2018) writes:

"I am honored to be President of US Chess and look forward to a productive and healthy dialog with the membership of our great organization.I am excited about the new Executive Board (EB) and thank the membership for voting into office such strong candidates to replace Allen Priest, Mike Nietman and Hal Sprechman, for whose service we cannot thank them enough.Although we would have preferred to meet in person, this weekend's Special Delegates Meeting demonstrated to us both the power and potential of the Delegates meeting online.We took two big steps as a 501(c)(3) by adding another voting member to the EBand moving to biennial elections; and by creating a Nominating Committee to assist in identifying top-notch candidates for future EB elections. All of us owe thanks to the Governance Task Force for bringing forward these two key governance initiatives."

To see the presentation foroutgoing board members Priest, Nietman, and Sprechman, please see below:

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Announcing the 2020-2021 US Chess Executive Board | US -

Humpy: China will pose tough challenge in Chess Olympiad – Sportstar

World No. 2 Koneru Humpy believes India has a very strong side at the online Chess Olympiad beginning on Friday.

The star-studded squad comprises the likes of five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand, Pendyala Harikrishna, Vidit Gujrathi, Dronavalli Harika, R. Vaishali and teen sensations Nihal Sarin and R. Praggnanandhaa.

I am happy to be part of this team and I hope it will be an exciting tournament, Humpy told Sportstar over phone from Vijayawada on Wednesday. India has good chances but in rapid and blitz chess, reputations don't matter much.

India to take on China in online chess battle

India, which has been seeded directly to the top division, has some strong rivals in Group A. China will of course be a tough challenge, she said. But I think Iran, Germany, Georgia and Vietnam have also some very good players.

Humpy said she started to enjoy playing online chess more after the recent Women's Speed Chess Grand Prix series organised by FIDE. She had reached the final of the last leg.

I wasn't too keen about playing online or speed chess earlier, but I am more comfortable after the Grand Prix, she said.

India opens its campaign with what should be an easy match against Zimbabwe. Later on Friday, India will take on Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Humpy: China will pose tough challenge in Chess Olympiad - Sportstar

World’s Best Chess Player: Bitcoin Empowers Individuals to Be More Than Just Pawns to Reckless Governments | Jeffrey Gogo – Foundation for Economic

Bitcoins finite supply compares favorably to agenda-driven printing of money by governments, noted the Avast security ambassador, who also chairs the Human Rights Foundation and the Renew Democracy Initiative.

Speakingto Forbes on the intersection of human rights and new technologies, Kasparov said cryptocurrencies enable the public to regain control of personal finances at a time when unilateral moves by government and institutions are on the rise.

The good thing about bitcoin is that you know exactly the number the magic number of 21 million. And we understand the formula behind that. But when you look at the other side, the Fed for instance, you never know how many trillions of dollars will appear on the market tomorrow that will damage your savings, he observed.

Kasparov said cryptocurrencies potential for abuse gets overstated but it is the upside which must be harnessed to empower individuals. Crypto offers means to protect personal finances against inflation and state interference and anything that can offer us the opportunity to take back control or some control of our privacy is always welcome, the chess grandmaster said.

Thats why I think the steady rise in popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a concept is inevitable, because its a response to the shift of power from individuals to states or other institutions that may act on our privacy without our consent, he added.

As chairperson of the Human Rights Foundation, Kasparov has promoted blockchain and cryptocurrency as a means to empower dissidents around the world.

For us, it was important for us to address every violation of human rights, and we were trying to help these people, most of them under severe attacks by their governments even if they left their countries, their financial accounts were hacked, their information was stolen so we have been providing special training courses.

He continued: Weve invited famous hackers to help them and to work with them we have been using every opportunity to offer them extra protection, and of course blockchain and bitcoin were very natural choices to incorporate into this strategy.

Kasparov also criticized the discriminatory treatment of customers from one territory to the other by tech giants and encouraged internet users to practice digital hygiene to stay safe from governments and other third parties.

This article was reprinted from

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World's Best Chess Player: Bitcoin Empowers Individuals to Be More Than Just Pawns to Reckless Governments | Jeffrey Gogo - Foundation for Economic Signs Esports Talent Agency Rumble Gaming to Enhance Sponsorship, Broadcast Strategy – TEO – The Esports Observer

Online chess platform has partnered with Rumble Gaming as the company looks to further its push into the esports space. Rumble Gaming will work with to develop a holistic approach to activating brands within its competition products.

Historically, chess competitions have been segmented into distinct brands based on ruleset, participants, etc. Director of Business Development Nick Barton told The Esports Observer that the platform is now looking to bring these distinct competitions together under a more unified heading. All of chess broadcast content will fall under what we consider the esports and gaming arena, he said. There isnt going to be a distinction in the way the content is presented to the viewer.

This holistic approach is part of what made the partnership with Rumble Gaming attractive to Where Rumble comes in is that they share this view with us packaging even traditional properties as esports viewing experiences.

Chess surged in popularity on Twitch earlier this year when held its first streamer tournament, Pogchamps, which helped the chess category reach 12.5M hours watched during June. That viewership growth has also translated into new users for the platform, which has added more than 1M new members in the last month according to a release.

With chess growing in awareness and engagement among a younger, digitally native audience, is looking to harness that momentum and capitalize on its ties to the esports industry, leveraging the experience and connections of Rumble Gaming to do so. We want chess to be in the discussion when marketing managers and agencies are looking for esports activations this can be online chess of any type, Barton said.

Continued here: Signs Esports Talent Agency Rumble Gaming to Enhance Sponsorship, Broadcast Strategy - TEO - The Esports Observer

Did Lincoln Riley respond to Texas landing QB Quinn Ewers with chess tweet? – Larry Brown Sports

The Texas Longhorns landed a big recruit on Friday, and Lincoln Riley appeared to issue a response on Twitter.

2022 quarterback recruit Quinn Ewers announced on Twitter Friday that he was committing to the Texas Longhorns.

Ewers is the No. 1 recruit in the 2022 class, according to 247 Sports and ESPN, so that was a huge get for Tom Hermans program. Ewers chose Texas over rival Oklahoma, among other programs, which may have led to a response from Riley.

The Oklahoma Sooners head coach tweeted an emoji of a chess piece on Friday night.

That may be Rileys way of saying hes playing chess, not checkers. If so, he probably has some sort of corresponding moves ready to go.

In addition to having Spencer Rattler and Tanner Mordecai competing at quarterback this year, Oklahoma landed a big commitment from 2021 quarterback Caleb Williams last month. They may not have landed Ewers, but they still should be well set at the quarterback position.

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Did Lincoln Riley respond to Texas landing QB Quinn Ewers with chess tweet? - Larry Brown Sports

Young to launch National Online Blitz chess championships –

Chess aficionados will have a chance to display their chess skills when the 1st Red Cedar National Online Blitz chess championships gets going on August 20, Thursday 12:30 pm at organizer and Till I Met You (TIMY) group founder International Master Angelo Abundo Young said the one-day, free registration event is sponsored by Captain Elmer Cruz, CE Ben Piramide, 4/0 Richard Belarmino, Angel Nikko Nieves,US master Florentino Inumerable, AGM Anji Camer, Falco Family, Rajacatur, Johnny Teves, Dr. Fred Paez and Atty. Cliburn Anthony Orbe.Cash prizes await the winners with the champion receiving P1,000 while the next two placers will take home P500 and P300, respectively. Category prizes for the top PECA executive, senior, lady, frontliner and juniors are up for grabs. "We (TIMY) will do more online chess tournaments," said eight-time and 2011 Illinois State chess champion Young, who organized the event alongside multi-titled Philippine executive champion Dr. Jenny Mayor.

COMMENT DISCLAIMER: Reader comments posted on this Web site are not in any way endorsed by Manila Standard. Comments are views by readers who exercise their right to free expression and they do not necessarily represent or reflect the position or viewpoint of While reserving this publications right to delete comments that are deemed offensive, indecent or inconsistent with Manila Standard editorial standards, Manila Standard may not be held liable for any false information posted by readers in this comments section.

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Young to launch National Online Blitz chess championships -