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News and Notes: Guardians Play Today… Play Chess, That Is – Covering The Corner

Some of the Cleveland Guardians will be playing live on YouTube today in a chess tournament at 12PM EST

You can watch here, apparently.

FanGraphs released their picks to click, and included Angel Genao, Alex Clemmey and Ralphy Velazquez as prospects they believe have a chance to breakout in 2024.

Austin Hedges was interviewed by Chris Rose on the Rose Rotation podcast.

Guardians Mental Performance Coach Brian Miles was interviewed on the Wellsport Podcast:

Zack Meisel of the Athletic previewed all the pitchers in major league camp for the Guardians.

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News and Notes: Guardians Play Today... Play Chess, That Is - Covering The Corner

ASX’s CHESS Replacement Project to be Staggered – The Global Treasurer

The Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) replacement by the Australian Securities Exchange will be implemented in two stages, with the clearing phase set to be launched in 2026 and the settlement and sub-register phases to follow in either 2028 or 2029.

This decision was made after the exchange terminated the software developed in collaboration with Digital Asset in November 2022, which had been in development for over 8 years and faced numerous delays.

The CHESS replacement project is a monumental undertaking for the ASX. The original system, developed in the 1990s, has been the backbone of the ASXs operations for over two decades. However, the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing complexity of financial transactions necessitated a more robust and flexible system.

The replacement project was initially planned in collaboration with Digital Asset, a software company specializing in distributed ledger technology. However, after more than eight years of development and delays, the ASX made the strategic decision to scrap the initial plans with Digital Asset in 2022.

In November 2022, the ASX announced that it had chosen Tata Consulting Services (TCS) to run the new CHESS replacement project. TCS, a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, emerged as a fitting choice for this complex and critical project.

The new CHESS replacement will be delivered in two phases, with clearing to be rolled out first in 2026, followed by settlement and sub-register in either 2028 or 2029.

The new system will offer numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, flexibility, and security. It will also provide a more robust platform for the ASX to develop new services and products, further enhancing its position in the financial sector.

However, the project also presents challenges. The transition to the new system will require careful management to ensure minimal disruption to the ASXs operations.

Furthermore, the ASX will need to work closely with its stakeholders, including brokers, investors, and regulators, to ensure a smooth transition.

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ASX's CHESS Replacement Project to be Staggered - The Global Treasurer

Teaching the next generation of players for MSU Chess Club – The State News

President of the MSU Chess Club Jake Mortimore volunteers at the Haslett library, teaching elementary aged kids how to play chess. Students grades 2 through 5 can participate in beginners chess classes at the Haslett Library on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. Produce by Brendan Mullin Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: The State News on Facebook: The State News on Instagram: The State News on Twitter:

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Teaching the next generation of players for MSU Chess Club - The State News

8-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest Chess Player to Defeat Grandmaster – The Daily Beast

Eight-year-old chess prodigy Ashwath Kaushik made history Sunday, becoming the youngest person to ever win a match against a grandmaster in an official tournament. Kaushik, who was born to Indian parents in Singapore, defeated grandmaster Jacek Stopa in Switzerlanda shock result that eliminated the 37-year-old Polish grandmaster from the Burgdorfer Stadthaus-Open. The previous record was set just last month when a fellow 8-year-old chess prodigy, Leonid Ivanovic, shockingly defeated a grandmaster that was decades his senior. Ashwath is almost five months younger than Leonid. He finished the tournament in 12th placea position thats expected to send his chess rating soaring. Ashwaths dad said previously that he learned how to play chess when he was four by playing online at ChessKidan application he used for as many as seven hours a day to play against other children and his grandparents. He picked it up on his own, his dad, Kaushik Sriram, told Its surreal as there isnt really any sports tradition in our families.

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8-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest Chess Player to Defeat Grandmaster - The Daily Beast

From Bridge to Chess – World Bridge Federation

By WBF In News On 20th February 2024

why men outperform women at Mind Sports.

BAMSA has asked us to post an article published in The Conversation (an academic online newspaper) which may be of interest to all bridge players Click here to read it.

From Bridge to Chess - World Bridge Federation

Tactics Tuesday: Rook Lifts in IQP Structures | US –

This week's Tactics Tuesday continues our exploration of attacking themes in isolated queen's pawn (IQP) structures, focusing on the glorious rook lift. Keep an eye out for the "lateral mobility" of rooks across open third- and fourth-ranks: it's not just open files that are conducive to attacking rooks!

Download our printable worksheet or solve along with our interactive study.

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Tactics Tuesday: Rook Lifts in IQP Structures | US -

2024/02/20 DPA: "I’m Sorry, Those Seats Are Taken" –

White to move.

Black's Queen has limited mobility.

1. Bg5 attacks the Queen and is supported by White's Queen. 1. ... Qh3 2. Bf1. : every light square along the c8-h3 diagonal is covered.

Black can try to escape with 1. ... Nxf3. There's no way to get rid of the Knight prior.

2. Rxf3 [2. Bxh4 Nxd2 3. Rxd2 Bxc3, forking the Rooks] Qg4 and White has won a piece for a pawn.

The key was recognizing how few squares the Black Queen had and how White controlled most of them with the pawns doing great work.

The solution chose 1. ... Qh3, which is not optimal. There were other reasonable alternatives involving attacking the White Queen with either Knight moving to c4 but the idea of attempting to trap the Black Queen is still sound regardless of what the opponent does.

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2024/02/20 DPA: "I'm Sorry, Those Seats Are Taken" -

ASX CHESS replacement to be delivered in phases, with clearing first in 2026 –

The Australian Securities Exchange will deliver its Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) replacement in two phases with clearing to be rolled out first in 2026, followed by settlement and sub-register in either 2028 or 2029, based on current estimates. This comes after the exchange derecognized the software created during the first iteration of the replacement project with Digital Asset in November 2022 after more than 8 years of development and delays.

Were taking a staged

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ASX CHESS replacement to be delivered in phases, with clearing first in 2026 -

High-Stakes Chess: Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines’ Latest Maneuvers Examined – Beat of Hawaii

Alaska Airlines Ben Minicucci and Hawaiian Airlines Peter Ingram have been on tour in Hawaii to help bolster their proposed merger, which will soon be in the sights of the US Justice Department. Their most recent stop among many was a business meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.

How much does getting local buy-in to their 1.9B plan of merger matter now, with the whole deal contingent on federal regulatory approval? We say it could be important to have the communitys backing.

Alaska thinks so, too. They recently established a Hawaii Community Advisory Board to honor Hawaii and Hawaiian Airlines.

During their discussions, the well-known CEOs pointed to significant benefits that would be realized, including a major route expansion. We predict the fleet will be rebranded Alaska-Hawaiian, and Alaska will strategically deploy the widebody fleets, originally from Hawaiian, globally.

It would not surprise us to see Seattle to Sydney, for example. Currently, that route does not exist. What Hawaiian gives Alaska is the chance to be an international widebody carrier, especially across the Asia Pacific region. That would not be possible otherwise, given Alaskas all Boeing 737 fleet.

Honolulu would become the second-largest hub in the Alaska network. We would expect to see the current Hawaiian Airlines lounges in Honolulu significantly upgraded. Alaska has further said it will continue serving POG and be competitive and robust with interisland service.

Hawaiian was enthusiastic about the strengthened loyalty program that would ensue, saying, Now you can use those miles on a larger network. Now youve chosen what miles on oneworld, and really the strength of that combined loyalty program is going to be really powerful for our guests from here in Hawaii.

Exactly how a combined loyalty program would work remains elusive and will be determined with other significant issues later in the process.

We cant help but recall the expression on Peter Ingrams face when they announced the merger, and it appeared to us to be anything but enthusiastic (image above). But that was two months ago, and now the situation is different. By the way, this is more like Peter normally looks.

Alaskas affable Minicucci emphasized something inaccessible to Hawaiian Airlines passengers. That was the recognition that the most elite passengers would receive access to all of Alaskas lounges and those of oneworld Alliance.

Currently, Hawaiian Miles are relatively useless beyond the scope of Hawaiians limited flight network. That compared with Alaskas miles, which BOH editors have used for travel on other global airlines nimbly.

As a global alliance comprising more than a dozen airlines, the CEOs believe the merger will enhance competitiveness against the Big Four airlines. However, they acknowledged that the merger is still in the planning stages, requiring careful consideration of factors such as combining reservation systems and staff.

Alaska said it plans to grow the combined airlines presence in Honolulu and Hawaii. Minicucci said, Our idea, just to be clear, is to grow this pie, not to keep it the same. We see a big presence here.

That posturing aims to assure Hawaii stakeholders that the 7,000 Hawaiian Air employees, primarily based in Hawaii, will still be needed. Ben continued, Most of the operations personnel, of course, well need. The question is what the back-office support will be. Obviously, theres a duplication in both companies. Were going to work through that whole process, and were going to be extremely communicative in terms of what our progress is.

There is no further information since the merger was first announced. At that time, questions from those in the audience included how the two envision combining staff that have both union and non-union personnel.

Also this week, Alaska announced its annual incentive payout, which paid employees $200 million last year. Based on company performance, employees earn an added bonus. Alaska said that equated to more than 6 percent of most employees annual pay last year.

Hawaiian has confirmed that it has obtained FAA approval to deploy its free Starlink WiFi on the companys troubled Airbus A321neo, which is currently being installed on that fleet. It will be the first major airline to put this technology on board, and it is expected to be the fastest, most capable inflight connectivity available worldwide, offered free to every guest.

In addition to regulatory approval, the merger awaits concurrence from shareholders, including those at Hawaiian, who will vote in just two weeks. A Hawaiian Airlines shareholder lawsuit has also been filed to block the merger. The entire process may take up to 18 months.

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High-Stakes Chess: Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines' Latest Maneuvers Examined - Beat of Hawaii

Honorary Grandmaster Title Posthumously Awarded To Sultan Khan –

On Friday, February 2, 2024, the legendary chess player Mian Sultan Khan (1903-1966) was posthumously awarded the honorary grandmaster title. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich presented the award to caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar at a ceremony in Islamabad.

Khan was one of the most remarkable chess talents the chess world has ever seen. As a British subject from Punjab (he became a Pakistani citizen in 1947), he visited Europe between 1929 and 1933, when he proved himself to be at the level of some of the world's best chess players.

In a period of just four years, before returning to India, Khan scored a number of great successes on the chessboard:

Below is Khan's win against Capablanca, played on December 31, 1930. "The fact that even under such conditions he succeeded in becoming a champion reveals a genius for chess which is nothing short of extraordinary," wrote Capablanca years later.

Sadly for the chess world, Khan's career at the board was short-lived. In late 1933 he returned to the Khushab district of the Punjab (present-day Pakistan), where he owned land and where he lived until his death in 1966.

Acknowledging his world-class results, some chess fans had been pushing for Khan to get the grandmaster title for a while. This finally happened at the ceremony on Friday in Islamabad.

GM Daniel King, who published a book about Khan in 2020, commented: "In 1950, FIDE made the grandmaster title official, recognizing several leading players of the day, as well as players from the past who were beyond their peak, but still living. Sultan Khan was at least as strong as several of those players, and that was a sad omission. It is fitting that this great player and great man has been posthumously awarded the grandmaster title."

Khan might not be the only one to receive this treatment. "We are considering a couple more such successful players," Dvorkovich told

"We appreciate and welcome this belated recognition by FIDE," Khan's granddaughter Atiyab Sultan commented to Sheadded that the correct name of her grandfather is Mian Sultan Khan, saying: "Mir was added erroneously by western writers."

As part of their efforts to give him his due, Sultan and her father Ather Sultan have authored an authentic and comprehensive biography of him for which they are currently seeking an international publisher.

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Honorary Grandmaster Title Posthumously Awarded To Sultan Khan -