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Deepmind Researchers Propose ‘ReLICv2’: Pushing The Limits of Self-Supervised ResNets – MarkTechPost

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Deepmind Researchers Propose 'ReLICv2': Pushing The Limits of Self-Supervised ResNets - MarkTechPost

Tribes fighting for salmon on Skagit River say $30M spent by Seattle on dam relicensing is ‘mind-boggling’ –

Watch the full story on the fight to preserve sacred salmon on KING 5 News at 6:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.

DARRINGTON, Wash. In its quest to relicense its hydroelectric dams on the Skagit River, Seattle City Lighthas spent approximately $30 million, records show.

The vast majority has gone toward paying scientific specialists, but other expenses include paying consultants to facilitate virtual meetings, craft strategic communications and provide legal advice. Seven law firms, as well as inside counsel, have been involved in the dam relicensing and associated lawsuits filed in response to the process.

City Light pays some attorneys as much as $700 per hour, legal contracts show.

The rural tribes of the Skagit Valley, who have depended on the river and the salmon in it since time immemorial, say the amount the city has spent is "astonishing." Theyve beenat odds with Seattle City Light throughout the relicensing process over how best to operate the dams under conditions of a new license.

Tribal members say theyre fighting to bring back salmon that are on the brink of extinction and Seattles dams are part of the problem. One tribal elder called the amount of money "mind-boggling" and said the process is "bleeding every resource" from the tribes as they try to keep up with meetings, legal input and deadlines.

Seattle City Light CEO and General Manager Debra Smith said she understands the frustration of tribes that have limited resources.

Thats challenging, Smith said.

To offset expenses, City Light offered the three participating treaty tribes $25,000 each to participate in the process more easily. One tribe, the La Conner-based Swinomish Tribe, accepted the offer. The Upper Skagit Indian Tribe and theSauk-Suiattle Tribe declined. Tribal representatives said the amount was too small to be of consequence and could give the appearance of a conflict of interest.

It was kind of offensive to the tribe, Sauk-Suiattleattorney Jack Fiander said. It looks like youve been bought off for $25,000. The tribe wasnt willing to accept that because it would look like a conflict of interest when youre taking the money.

Smith said the offer was made in good faith.

Im sorry that (the tribes) feel that way. Certainly, the intent was never to insult, Smith said.

The Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe, located in Darrington, is one of the smallest and poorest of all tribes in the state.

Wow, [$30 million is] a lot of money, said Robert Howard, general manager of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe. Just to avoid doing the right thing? They could have taken that [money] and applied it to something equitable, something fair, something that sustains the environment and sustains the salmon. Thats hard to understand.

For nearly 100 years, Seattle City Light has operatedthree dams on the Skagit River to provide roughly 20% of the citys electricity. When the dams were built, no one consulted the Native Americans. According to the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe, construction desecrated ancestral burial grounds and important cultural sites. The dams create reservoirs that now cover up sacred lands that are no longer accessible to tribal members.

The dams also block off nearly 40% of the river to salmon species in dire need of additional habitat to spawn, grow and recover.

Seattles dams - Gorge, Diablo, and Ross - are some of the few in the region that do not include infrastructure to allow fish to get above and below the project. The tribes and government natural resource agencies say the dams harm salmon and starving orcas that depend on Chinook salmon from the Skagit for food.

[Seattles paying] hired guns. Im sure thats their job, but were a small tribe. Our total tribal budget is a fraction of that, and yet were standing up. And yet, were trying to do something from our standpoint for the great good of everybody, Howard said.

Relicensing dams through thefederal government is a highly regulated process that requires years of negotiations, scientific study and legal filings. Seattle began working on initial steps in 2018. The city has budgeted nearly $70 million for the entire relicensing through 2026. Much of the money will fund scientific studies that stakeholders asked City Light to undertake.

Smith of City Light said the utility is being a good steward of taxpayer money and is spending what is necessary to ensure a high-quality license that will last between 30 and 50 years.

The most important thing is for us is to come through this process with constructive relationships with the partners that weve been working with for years and we will be working with for many years to come. [We want] to come through with a license that supports the ecosystem, supports the fish, supports people, air, birds, water, you name it, Smith said.

Seattle City Light: No evil intent

Smith conceded the first two years of negotiations were laden with conflict and there was little progress as utility representatives made strategic mistakes by not listening well enough to stakeholder concerns and viewpoints. Those groups include the three treaty tribes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the National Park Service, NOAA Fisheries, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and Skagit County government.

Clearly, things were not going the way they needed to. Were those dollars that were being spent at the time being spent in the most productive way? No. Thats why we made the change that we made, Smith said. We have no evil intent. We are just as capable as anyone else of misstepping. But the thing I want people to know about me more than anything is that if I misstep, Ill step back and fix what I broke and apologize and move on.

Seattle receives millions in salmon project funding

Since the city began the dam relicensing process in 2018, the utility has been spending and asking for money. Between 2018 and 2020, the state has funded six grant requests from Seattle City Light, according to the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office.

The grants total approximately $4 million and, according to state documents, are to be used for acquiring land to protect high-quality Chinook habitat in the Skagit River system.

Critics say when Seattle accepts state money, other groups suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, what happens in Seattle doesnt stay in Seattle it impacts the whole state, costing taxpayers and salmon on projects that dont get done elsewhere, said Todd Myers, director of the Center for the Environment at the Washington Policy Center. Myers is also a member of the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council.

Between 2018 and 2020, dozens of smaller groups had their salmon recovery grant proposals rejected, state records show. Those include proposals from the Lummi Nation, the Nez Perce Tribe, the Quileute Tribe of the Quileute, the Asotin County Conservation District, the Nooksack Tribe, the city of Bellingham, the Chehalis Basin Land Trust and the Nisqually Land Trust.

Other parts of the state, rural areas, where salmon recovery and salmon projects are very important, they dont have those deep pockets. So, when you take money away from the state that could go to those places you are really doubly harming areas that desperately need that money and where salmon need habitat.

Smith said the city does not have unlimited resources, and the utility will not apologize for accepting state funding it's entitled to.

A lot of times we have projects that are really important, and they meet the [grant] criteria, Smith said. So, I dont feel bad for applying for those types of grants. We dont always get them. There are far more instances where we didnt get them and where weve wondered the same thing: 'Wow, how come we werent successful?' But when we are, I feel like thats a good thing and well continue to [apply].

Tribal members said theres no price you can put on the Skagit River and the salmon who call it home.

You can spend a billion dollars on this issue and were still going to fight as long as its going to take to ensure that the world knows whats happening here. To ensure that the local stakeholders and just common folks understand whats right, said Howard of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe. Doing the right thing doesnt have to have that big of a price tag. Just do whats right.

Smith said City Light is now on a positive, cost-efficient path with tribes and agencies dedicated to the Skagit Project relicensing.

I feel like were in a very good place. Were being frugal, were being careful, Smith said. We wouldnt be where we are today with our partners had we not [reset our approach].

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Tribes fighting for salmon on Skagit River say $30M spent by Seattle on dam relicensing is 'mind-boggling' -

Use of Mind and Body Practices to Manage Insomnia – MD Magazine


Michael J. Thorpy, MD:You mentioned relaxation. Erinn, what about some of these techniques like relaxation, mindfulness, treatment, yoga, hypnotherapy, for example? Have you found any of these to be useful in your population?

Erinn E. Beagin, MD: Some of the relaxation techniques in bed, trying to get peoples minds off of catastrophizing. Oh, my gosh, somebody mentioned looking at the clock. Oh, if I dont fall asleep in the next 5 minutes then Im only going to have 3 hours of sleeping. Getting your mind off of thinking of other things is important. I found just even 5 15-minute apps. We try to tell people not to bring the phone into the bedroom with them, but if they can find a meditation that concentrates on deep breathing, get them thinking about something other than the fact that theyre not sleeping. I think that there is a role for that exercise throughout the day, not too close to bed. I do find that some of my patients, and its a combination therapy, but some people, if they exercise more during the day, yes, they might be able to fall asleep. Their bodys more ready to fall asleep. Theyve taken that hour to themselves to have all their catastrophizing thoughts during the day about their sleep so that they can lay down. Deep breathing. Just various techniques. I think the internet has become helpful with that. I dont think its the end-all-be-all. Its not CBTI [cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia]. Its not necessarily going to take the place of that, but I think it does at least give them something else to do and think about. And the other thing I tell people is that The bed is for sleep and sex only. If these dont happen in 20 minutes, get out. Thus, Ill tell people like, If you need to do that meditation, get out, and do the meditation. Like Vikas was saying, I want you to see that bed and your body to feel sleepy. That Pavlovs dog-type situation instead of seeing that bed and saying, Its another night that Im not going to sleep and immediately youre into that negative headspace. Doing some of these certain things inside the bed to help relax and tune down your body and turn it down. One of the other simple things I tell people to do, keep a pen and paper next to your bed. How many you know people say, Oh, my gosh. I wake up and I think oh, I have to remember to do this and then I have to remember this and this. And then, they wake themselves up because now theyre memorizing the list and now, theyre really getting themselves going. Thus, I tell people, Dont be afraid to quiet your mind down. Try not to be constantly thinking. Try some relaxation breathing. I think it can be useful in some patients absolutely.

Michael J. Thorpy, MD:Good. Karl, how about hypnosis and acupuncture? Any thoughts on those? Are they useful at all?

Karl Doghramji, MD: Believe it or not, theres some papers that suggest that they areacupuncture and hypnosis. Of course, there are difficulties finding trained therapists who can do these things. Of course, none of us here [are] trained to do acupuncture. In addition, biofeedback and relaxation techniques that diminish the activation of the mind and to direct signals that are provided in audio format have been known to be helpful. I also want to stress the importance of maybe broadening the discussion in the case of some insomniacs. These are worriers, right. Insomniacs tend to worry in general. Not just about their sleep but they tend to worry about everything. And sometimes, their worries are a result of family concerns, interpersonal concerns, their occupation, COVID-19, so on and so forth. I found it useful sometimes to expand the scope of the discussion from the immediate sleep issues to maybe some of their lives and to talk about what are their other concerns. Interestingly, I found some patients really benefit from that in terms of their sleep.

Transcript edited for clarity.

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Use of Mind and Body Practices to Manage Insomnia - MD Magazine

According to Google, Disney’s Tallest Ride is at a Competitors Theme Park – Inside the Magic

If you are looking for the tallest ride at Disney World Resort, you may start to guess that Tower or Terror of Expedition Everest would take the cake. That being said, both rides are in very close range of being the tallest ride at Disney, so to settle the debate, the majority of people would Google the answer.

Well, get ready to have your mind blown because Google will have you looking a little outside the Disney bubble to find the tallest ride at Disney World! When you Google tallest ride at Disney World, Googles top suggested, answer is actually Iron Gwazi, the newly refurbished Busch Gardens Tampa coaster that is set to debut on March 11. The coaster hits a height of 207 feet, which actually clears both Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest in terms of height, which is quite hilarious!

Interestingly enough, from this answer, we can see that the new Busch Gardens coaster will actually have a higher top hat than Universal Orlando Resorts VelociCoaster, sending thrill junkies to Tampa Bay and away from some of the Orlando theme park action!

But what IS the tallest ride at Walt Disney World? Well, as you may imagine, it is not Iron Gwazi. Tower of Terror at Disneys Hollywood Studios was measured as the tallest attraction at 199 feet, but when Joe Rohde was building Expedition Everest and had his ride sitting at 199 feet, he wanted to do something to make it taller. So, the Imagineer added some extra material to the top of the mountain to give it a height of 199.5 feet, leaving it to be the tallest Disney World attraction.

Any attraction that measures at 200 feet or higher would need to have a light on top for aircrafts, which is why Disney has always been forced to keep the rides under a certain height so that Guests will not be distracted by a safety light and pulled from the immersive nature of the attraction.

Disney World describes Expedition Everest as:

Yeti or Not, Here He Comes!

Wander into a Tibetan village at the base of Mount Everest and board a train to the top of the world. Beware: Some say a legendary snow monster lives deep in the mountain.

After a steep ascent, your train picks up speed and races into the darkness. Without warning, a broken and twisted track appears in front of you. Brace yourself as you plummet backward into total darkness. Inside the cavern, the mythical tale comes true as you see the shadow of a massive, growling beast!

Race to escape the cursed mountainbefore the Yeti claims another expedition.

A Word of Warning

Some parts of Expedition Everest Legend of the Forbidden Mountain may be scary for children. This attraction features loud noises, fast drops, high speeds, dark places and frightening creature effects.

Expedition Everest is currently under refurbishment through to April 2022.

Disney World describes Tower of Terror as:

Step uneasily inside the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel and find a dusty lobby frozen in time. Even the subdued hotel staff seems strangely out of another era.

Suddenly a television set springs to life and Rod Serling welcomes you on a journey into the Twilight Zone. He reveals that on a gloomy Halloween night in 1939, some hotel patrons were riding the elevator when a violent storm struck the building and they were never seen again. The hotel closed down and has stood empty ever since.

Going Up?

Enter the rickety, elevator-style lift, strap yourself in and prepare to discover what lies beyond the darkest corner of your imagination.

Shriek in terror as youre suddenly propelled up and down the abandoned shaftunexpectedly dropping and risingas you hear the sound of cables snapping and metal clanging overhead.

Will you make it back to the real world or will you become a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone?

Based on the Television Series

This attraction is based on the popular television series which originally aired from 1959 to 1964. Created, hosted and written by Rod Serling, the award-winning showwith its imaginative storylines and unexpected twist endingswas wildly successful.

The Twilight Zone is a registered trademark of CBS, Inc. and used with permission pursuant to a license with CBS, Inc.

Too Terrifying for Kids?

This attraction includes sudden, fast drops in a dark, enclosed space which may be frightening to some Guests.

Which Disney attraction do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

Let the expert team at Academy Travel help you planyour next magical vacation to Walt Disney World Resorts four theme parks Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disneys Animal Kingdom, and Disneys Hollywood Studios and the Disney Springs shopping and dining district!

While you are at Disneys Hollywood Studios, you can enjoy Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith on Sunset Boulevard. By the Chinese Theater, Guests prepare to ride Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railway. In Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog Dash always boasts a long line with others shooting their shot on Midway Mania or spinning their brains out on Alien Swirling Saucers. Of course, you have to visit Star Wars: Galaxys Edge for some blue milk, or green milk, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers Run!

If you want to visit Disneys Animal Kingdom, there is a ton to see and do! You can head over to Expedition Everest in Asia (when it is not under refurbishment) to visit the terrifying Yeti. Pandora will bring your Avatar dreams to life with Flight of Passage bringing Guests into the world of the Navi. DINOSAUR is still filled with giant dinos at every turn, and over at Kilimanjaro Safaris, you can take a ride on a real safari, and if you are lucky, a giraffe might even step in your way! A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King is now running, and the show is not one you should miss.

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According to Google, Disney's Tallest Ride is at a Competitors Theme Park - Inside the Magic

2021 In Review: Day 10 Jazz and Blues – hellokpop

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2021 In Review: Day 10 Jazz and Blues - hellokpop

There’s No Science Argument on Whether Unborn Children Are Human – Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence

The recent March for Life in Washington featured signs like Save the baby humans (featuring a whale), Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love Mother Theresa and One heart stops; many hearts break.

Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor has a message for people who wonder whether the preborn child is a human being:

Ever ask #Why we should believe that a human embryo is a human life? There is no question about itfrom the moment of conception, a unique human being exists. Pro-abortion activists will try to say that the embryo is a different species, some unclassified thing, or part of the mother, but none of these are true. The science of sexual reproduction is as much settled science as is the fact that the Earth orbits the sun and that DNA carries genetic code. There is no debate that life begins at conception. The only debate is whether people respect life at all stages. (Students for Life, July 26, 2021)

Egnor has also written some personal reflections on abortion, including the fact that he himself might have been aborted:

The world is blessed with countless people who, with Gods grace, had moms and dads who chose life instead of death. Im one of them my mom had severe hypertension and doctors recommended I be aborted, but she and my dad refused. I owe my life to their love for me, even before I was born.

He also recounts that, while he always tells the truth to parents about their unborn babies neurological issues as he understands them, sometimes the children surprise him:

Just recently, I saw a 10 year old girl in the office for whom Ive cared since she was in the womb. When her spina bifida was diagnosed by prenatal testing, the doctor basically insisted that she be aborted. It was relatively late in the pregnancy, and the doctor gave them the name of George Tiller, a notorious late-term abortionist in Kansas who aborted babies at an age when even the most callous of other abortionists refuse to kill. Her family declined, and sought me out as a second opinion. I told them the truth about their daughters prognosis which was guarded but by no means hopeless.

As it turned out, I was wrong. She did indeed have spina bifida and I operated on her the day she was born. But she has done much better than any of us even dreamed. She walks, runs, and loves to dance. She is bright and charming, and is the love and light of her mom, dad, and her doting older brothers. I give talks to medical professionals about neurosurgical prenatal diagnoses and at the end of the talks I show a video clip of her dancing.

There is another aspect of abortion that explicitly involves neuroscience: Do unborn children feel pain? Alas, yes:

The argument commonly used by abortion advocates, and by physicians and scientists, who argue that fetuses do not experience pain, is that the central nervous system is too immature to process pain at that age. But I think that thats clearly a misunderstanding of the neurobiology.

Pain, as far as we know, is the only sensory modality that does not require cortical representation to be experienced. That is, it seems that we probably feel pain at deeper levels of the brain, probably at the level of the thalamus. And what the cortex does, is it actually suppresses our experience of pain and helps us interpret it. So decorticate animals seem to experience pain much, much more intensely. The thalamus in fetal life develops around the sixth or eighth week of fetal development. And the thalamic tracks that connect the thalamus to the periphery, that would allow the fetus to feel pain, are present at that stage.

A recent medical journal article confirmed that there is clear scientific evidence that pain is felt from 13 weeks gestation onward. Egnor responded:

The scientific community has for decades misrepresented the straightforward science of conception and fetal development for ideological reasons

I have cared for hundreds of premature infants and it is very clear that these very young children experience pain intensely. An innocuous needlestick in the heel to draw small amount of blood would ordinarily not be particularly painful for an adult. But a tiny infant will scream at such discomfort.

Many Americans do not realize that most Western countries have restrictions on abortion. The United States is one of the few where children be aborted up to the time of birth in many states and, if they survive, may legally be left to die after birth. Currently, the federal government is even working on an act that would remove all state-level protections for unborn children at any age.

You may also wish to read: Political websites Christmas gift to readers: promoting abortion FiveThirtyEight asked readers to share their abortion stories and got something it hadnt bargained on: Many were glad it didnt happen. I am a pediatric neurosurgeon, and every day I treat kids (and adults) who were prime candidates for abortion, but by the grace of God escaped the abortionist. (Michael Egnor)


Do babies really feel pain before they are self-aware? Michael Egnor discusses the fact that the thalamus, deep in the brain, creates pain. The cortex moderates it. Thus, juveniles may suffer more. Jonathan Wells recalls, from when he was a lab technologist, how very premature infants would scream when he took a drop of blood for tests.

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There's No Science Argument on Whether Unborn Children Are Human - Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Things to keep in mind before going for botox treatment – Times of India

Botox treatments if done right can reduce the signs of aging giving a more youthful look. In recent times with many untrained injectors showing up at spas and salons at every nook and corner, who have been marketing cheaper Botox brands, we have been seeing a lot of complications due to lack of training and expertise. It is extremely important to seek a board-certified physician in your area, that understands your facial anatomy and tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Eventually, this helps to limit complications if any and to correct them as soon as possible. Choose your injector wisely!5 reasons your patient wants the Botox effects to vanish!1. Droopy eyebrows - This happens when a Botox eyelift has gone wrong, because the Botox has been injected in the wrong muscle and too deep.

2. Frozen look - This is due to over injecting Botox units especially in Beauty Clinics who are focussed on marketing and inexperienced Injectors.

3. Puckered lips - Especially after injecting upper lips to remove Smokers lines.

4. Lip drop - This happens when excessive Botox is injected around the eyes and trickles down to lower facial muscles. A patients smile is often deviated to one side of the face.

Don't apply any Heat or pads as this increases the blood supply to facial muscles thereby prolonging the effects of botox.

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Things to keep in mind before going for botox treatment - Times of India

The Top 12 Technologies to Watch in 2022 | by Nabil Alouani | Jan, 2022 | OneZero – OneZero


The future is already here, William Gibson once wrote. Its just not evenly distributed.

Some of you, dear readers, might live well into your 150s and even keep your brains and curves till the very end. Not bad, eh? Wait until you discover that your granddaughter could spend her summer

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The Top 12 Technologies to Watch in 2022 | by Nabil Alouani | Jan, 2022 | OneZero - OneZero

Going into Deep with Make Him Worship You: The Things that We Never Knew about Men but Learned them from the Book – LoveBelfast – Love Belfast

Going into Deep with Make Him Worship You: The Things that We Never Knew about Men but Learned them from the Book - LoveBelfast  Love Belfast

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Going into Deep with Make Him Worship You: The Things that We Never Knew about Men but Learned them from the Book - LoveBelfast - Love Belfast

Steve Cohen appears to be rebuilding the Mets with former Yankees GM Gene Michael in mind –

Imitation is the sincerest former of flattery.

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen, in his attempt to build a winner at Citi Field, appears to be modeling his ballclub after the New York Yankees of the 1990s.

Consider this: new general manager Billy Eppler studied under current Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who studied under ex-Yankees general manager Gene Michael.

Mets manager Buck Showalter was skipper of the Yankees when Michael was GM.

And Showalter just hired former Yankees prospect Glenn Sherlock as his bench coach, which led to this observation from SNYs Andy Martino:

The Mets are suddenly a team built in many ways in the image of the Gene Michael-era Yankees. The Yankees connections -- and to people who were their at the foundation of their latest dynasty -- continue to run very deep with new Mets hires. Glenn Sherlock was a minor league manager who championed Mariano Riveras talent in the early 1990s.

Michael was general manager of the Yankees from 1991 to 1995. Like Showalter, Michael wasnt around to see the fruits of his labor as the Yankees won the World Series in 1996, beginning a run of four titles in five seasons.

Those championship teams were built around the Core Four: Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera. It was Michael who was responsible for assembling them to launch the Yankees most recent dynasty.

Michael died in 2017. But with Cashman in the Bronx and Eppler, Showalter and Sherlock in Queens, Michaels legacy continues.


MLB rumors: 1 team ranks ahead of Yankees on ESPNs list of best fits for Freddie Freeman

MLB insiders Yankees-As Matt Olson trade proposal includes pair of top-5 prospects

MLB rumors: Ex-Mets star eyes Big Apple return to resume coaching career

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Mike Rosenstein may be reached at

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Steve Cohen appears to be rebuilding the Mets with former Yankees GM Gene Michael in mind -