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Crypto Index Analysis: Boosted by altcoin breakout –

The Crypto Index has started to stage a strong recovery as many top altcoins start to breakout to the upside.

Crypto Index analysis shows that a powerful breakout towards the 57,000 resistance level is on the horizon.

The Crypto Index has received a major boost as Ethereum and a host of other coins begin to break to the upside.

If Bitcoin can break above the $10,000 level this week, then an even stronger directional move in the index could take place.

Crypto Index technical analysis over the medium-term shows that a bullish reversal pattern is starting to take shape.

The daily time shows that an inverted head and shoulders pattern will form, with over 10,000 points of upside potential, if the index reaches the 47,000 level.

The size of the pattern indicates that the index could rally towards the 57,000 level over the medium-term.

Coronavirus affects markets

Crypto Index analysis highlights that the index has a bullish short-term trading bias while the price trades above the 42,500 level.

The one-hour time frame currently shows that a bearish head and shoulders pattern has been invalidated during last week's rally.

According to the size of the invalidated head and shoulders pattern, the Crypto Index could advance towards the 50,000 level over the short-term.

Traders should note that the 44,500 and 43,000 levels currently offer the strongest form of short-term technical support.

Crypto Index technical analysis shows that the index is appearing increasingly bullish. A rally towards the 57,000 level could take place over the medium-term.

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Crypto Index Analysis: Boosted by altcoin breakout -

Ethereums price rush may run out of steam – AMBCrypto English

While many expected Bitcoin to make a move into five-figures after its halving, it looks like an altcoin is stealing the show. Its not just any altcoin, but the most valuable one in the market Ethereum.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, by market capitalization, has been surging since 27 May, mounting a massive incline in its price. Since plummeting to below $100 back in March, Ether has steadily moved up, trading in a strong upward channel, rising by over 115 percent in the past two months. Just in the past three days, however, the altcoin has increased by nearly a fifth of its price.

Needless to say, this move by Ethereum was on the cards, but to move up so much, so quick, was a shock, and it did set off a host of alarms.

With Ethers rise in the past few days, Ethereum Futures contracts have seen their annualized rolling basis drop. Both the monthly and the quarterly contracts have taken a hit, with derivatives traders not expecting Ethereum to witness such a rise in the aforementioned time periods, or less so than the current rush.

OKExs and Krakens monthly contracts dropped to 7.7 percent and 5.1 percent from 13.91 and 9.65 percent, respectively. Deribits 3-month contracts dropped from 5.83 percent to 4.17 percent.

As the rolling basis decreased, open interest for current outstanding positions on the Futures contracts increased. Huobi which has the highest ETH futures volume in the past few days, saw its open interest rise from $82 million on 16 May to $166 million today. The exchange with the highest OI share, OKEx saw outstanding positions increase from $169 million to $208 million in the past 24-hours alone, no doubt fueled by this price increase.

Perhaps the most important move came in the Ethereum options space. On Friday, 29 May, after reaching an ATH in Options open interest [in both ETH terms and $ terms], the expiry triggered a pullback. As over 33,400 ETH options expired, OI dropped $114 million to $93 million, and since the price was rising [since 27 May] the outstanding positions kept getting filled up with OI rising to $120 million.

Given that this is rise after a massive pullback, the rate at which the contracts are being opened is high, accompanied with high momentum. Further, this Friday, June 5, another set of 47,900 ETH options contracts are set to expire, resulting in a pullback and a possible price move.

As Ethereum rose, quite prematurely, the altcoins expected mid-year rally has been halted, or rather shortened. The 3-month implied volatility, or expected price movement based on options pricing, is now at its six-month lowest point of 3.9 percent, indicative of a hush-hush market, based on expectations, not on reversals.

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Ethereums price rush may run out of steam - AMBCrypto English

ETH showing strong signals as EOS and XRP likely to regress – CoinJournal

Ethereum, EOS and XRP are three of the top 10 altcoins by market cap but struggled since Bitcoins crash earlier this year

As Bitcoin staged a remarkable rebound of 150% from its March 2020 lows, most of the altcoin markets rallied in similar trends to hit new recent highs.

Ethereum, EOS and Ripple have all moved higher, even outperforming the top cryptocurrency in the lead up to its halving. However, Bitcoin's recent struggles above $9k and subsequent drop to lows of $8,600, have come as the altcoin market has shrunk into correction territory.

Ethereum has struggled to break above $210 since dropping below this key level in mid-May. ETH/USD currently trades at levels just above $206, 1.9% up on its 24-hour opening price.

While the smart contract platform remains poised for lower trades, analytics firm Glassnode says the cryptocurrency is posting strong fundamentals.

According to the firm, Ethereum's active supply, which shows on-chain transfers over a set period, has surged in recent weeks to hit a new 3-month high. The platform also has seen its active wallet user numbers spike to new highs.

Ethereum's active supply hit 20,653,710.315, a new high, with the number of addresses holding more than 10 coins also hitting an all-time high of 275,520.000. Ethereum's block interval has shrunk to 9.292, 5.1% down from recent highs of 13.32 seconds per block.

Ethereum addresses holding 10+ coins/Glassnode

EOS has gained 1.3% and is looking to move higher after yesterday's decline saw it touch a low of $2.45.

EOS investors have seen the cryptocurrency's value fall in recent weeks to turn negative in year-to-date performance. Despite recovering 118% after the March 2020 crash, EOS has struggled following a lawsuit against, the firm that oversaw the crypto's $4.1 billion ICO.

Data by crypto research platform Messari, shows that EOS dropped by 3.61% on its 2020 prices, prices dipping below levels last seen in early April.

EOS price 6-month charts/Coin360

Ripple's XRP has seen its value over the past 24 hours gain by 2.79% to $0.1989 to the dollar. The cryptocurrency has underperformed for much of the year, and is poised to post lower gains unless current sentiment changes to push it above $0.20.

According to Bitazu Capital co-founder, Mohit Sorout, XRP's break below its year-long range above $0.22 opened up potential moves to levels as low as $0.15. If XRP drops below $0.18, it will have entered negative territory. The cryptocurrency is just 1.6% above a drop to zero and into negative returns for the year.

Ripple also faces a class-action lawsuit, similar to that brought against EOS, in which the plaintiff accuses the company and its top leadership of offering an unregistered security.

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ETH showing strong signals as EOS and XRP likely to regress - CoinJournal

Cardano and Ethereum Price Surge Alongside Bitcoin Will XLM Follow? – Cointelegraph

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading in a defined range over the past weeks as the halving hype has passed. Bitcoins price action also led to increased volatility in altcoins and some of the smaller altcoins have been showing impressive strength. So far, Theta Token (THETA) and Band Protocol (BAND) have been heavy movers.

However, in the previous days, the larger cap altcoins have started to move up, with Cardano (ADA) and Ether (ETH) as the primary movers. As Bitcoin attempts to find a way back to $10,000, traders will closely watch to see if there is more to follow from these large cap altcoins.

Crypto market daily performance. Source: Coin360

ETH USDT 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

The daily chart is showing an evident compression between $195 and $215, which finally broke to the upside. Alongside that, the chart is also showing some critical metrics for further upward momentum.

Key indicators for bull or bear markets are the support above or below the 100-day and 200-day moving average. As long as the price of a certain asset continues to move above the moving averages the asset is in bull territory.

Why is that important? Throughout the entire previous bull cycle, the price of Ethereum remained above these indicators, leading to a peak of $1,400 in January 2018.

Notably, the volume is also massively increasing in recent periods, showing signs of accumulation as volume precedes price. A similar sign is shown on the altcoin market capitalization chart.

Altcoin market capitalization 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

The total market capitalization for altcoins is showing an impressive increase in volume, while the capitalization is also flipping the 100-day and 200-day MA for support.

As the chart is showing, the support is found at these MAs in which $68-$72 billion is an essential support.

Furthermore, the resistance is established at $113 and $136 billion. This is a vital resistance as the $113 billion level can be compared with the $6,000 floor of Bitcoin in 2018. The price of Bitcoin is now far above the $6,000 barrier, as its currently hovering between $9,100 and $10,000.

Therefore, its time for altcoins to start pacing up, and the next resistance levels are found at the $113 and $136 billion level. If the total market capitalization rallies towards the $136 billion level, that would mean a surge of 60% for the entire altcoin market capitalization.

ADA USDT 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

The strongest large-cap altcoin in the past week has been Cardano which has moved 30% in recent days. This last push made the cryptocurrency rally towards the levels from February 2020, through which all the losses of the March 12 market crash have vanished.

Whats behind this push? From a fundamental perspective, a new roadmap for the release of Shelley is complete, triggering a further rally on the price.

However, on the technical side, the price has been holding the 100-day and 200-day MA as support earlier. After that, the green area around $0.05 became support, which fueled the continuation of the upwards momentum.

Right now, the next resistance of this pair is found at $0.07, with a potentially exciting support level at $0.057-$0.06.

If the $0.057-$0.06 confirms as support, a potential continuation rally towards $0.07 and $0.09 as the next targets are on the tables.

Confluent with previous statements, Cardanos trading volume is also increasing this week. A possible explanation is that investors are jumping from Bitcoin towards altcoins as various projects are finally starting to release their products and platforms.

XLM USDT 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

Meanwhile, other large-caps are starting to show signals of potential upwards continuation as well. Cardano has been rallying in the previous days, Ether broke through $213-$215 as a key resistance level. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is also showing signals of potential continuation as well.

The green zone at $0.06-$0.0625 has to remain a support, but overall the structure is beginning to form a bullish pennant. This is due to the fact the price of Stellar Lumens continues to make higher lows, leading to a potential continuation to the upside.

The next primary target for Stellar Lumens is the resistance at $0.085-$0.087.

The ETH/BTC pair has been trading inside a range structure since the August-September of 2019. However, since its low in September 2019, the price has been making structural higher lows.

ETH BTC 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

Through that, the trend for ETH/BTC can be classified as an uptrend. What are the next significant hurdles for Ether?

First of all, a breakthrough above the 0.024 sats level should be beneficial for continuation. The 0.024 sats level is confluent with the 200-day MA and needs to be broken for a sustainable extension. As discussed, finding support above the 200-day MA is a vital indicator for further bullish momentum.

Once the price of Ether is above the resistance level (whether or not a retest of the 0.021 sats level occurs), a new higher high should be made.

By creating a new higher high, the price of Ether will finally break out of this range. If the 0.027 sats level is broken to the upside, the next target lies at 0.034 sats.

Where Ether is still fighting the moving averages, is ADA/BTC is already leading the pack and acting above them.

ADA BTC 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

The Cardano chart in the BTC pair is showing an apparent breakthrough in the resistance at 0.00000625 sats, after which the price rallied towards the next resistance at 0.00000680-0.00000700 sats.

This is the last hurdle before a further surge. Preferably, the price should come down for a retest of the 0.00000625-0.00000640 sats level for support.

However, once the price of ADA/BTC breaks through the 0.00000690 sats level, a further, mpre sustainable rally towards 0.00001000 - 0.00001070 sats level is on the table. Such a rally would mean a new surge of 60%-70%.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

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Cardano and Ethereum Price Surge Alongside Bitcoin Will XLM Follow? - Cointelegraph

Ethereum Chart Makes It Clear: Altcoin Season Is Already Over | NewsBTC – newsBTC

All throughout the crypto market, small-cap altcoins going on massive rallies brought back the return of talk about an impending altcoin season. However, a pair of coinciding sell signals triggering on Ethereum price charts likely brings what little, short-lived alt season that did take place to a conclusion already.

Although it has been primarily small-cap cryptocurrencies that have been going wild with returns over the last couple of weeks, it is still large-cap majors like Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin that lead the rest of the crypto market, particularly altcoins.

These top crypto assets by market cap also ebb and flow based on their relationship with Bitcoin.

Nearly every altcoin on the market shares one half of a trading pair with not only USD but BTC. Due to this, analysts pay close attention to not only altcoin/BTC trading pairs but overall Bitcoin dominance.

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While USD trading pairs often provide analysts with information on the overall health of the crypto space and Bitcoin itself, BTC trading pairs give a better sense of how altcoins will perform relative to the first-ever cryptocurrency.

Ethereum being next in line in the top ten crypto assets by market cap and the most important altcoin often sees it serving as the gatekeeper in terms of alt gains against BTC.

When Ethereum surges against Bitcoin, the rest of the altcoin space usually goes on a run and vice versa.

On the ETH/BTC trading pair, Ethereum price charts show a bearish picture overall for altcoins.

Not only has the number two ranked, smart-contract focused cryptocurrency triggered a TD 9 sell setup on daily price charts, but the 9 candle closing at the current level will have confirmed a bearish top reversal formation according to the study of Japanese candlesticks.

While the candle formation doesnt perfectly match any of the typical reversal patterns, the setup is the same. A strong, green candle leading to a doji that shows indecision, followed by bears pushing prices back to below where things started.

The red candle must close 50% through the initial green candle to be confirmed as a valid formation. Moves like this completely erase all short-lived gains and often signal an extended change in a trend.

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The TD 9 sell setup on the ETH/BTC pair only makes things worse for Ethereum and other alts. The highly accurate signal called Bitcoins $20,000 top, $3,200 bottom, and even triggered just ahead of the Black Thursday market crash that set records for among the worst drops ever experienced.

With a bearish reversal candlestick formation and a sell signal issued, all while a buy signal triggers on BTC dominance points to alt season being put off for a little while longer.

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Ethereum Chart Makes It Clear: Altcoin Season Is Already Over | NewsBTC - newsBTC

Max Keiser: There Isn’t Anything Crypto Altcoins Do That Bitcoin Won’t Do – Bitcoinist

Ever since the peak of the 2018 crypto bull market, Bitcoin has been front and center for most investors.

Bitcoin dominance the percentage of the cryptocurrency market made up of BTC has doubled from the 33% lows, while a number of altcoin projects have died out due to funding issues and a lack of public interest.

Even still, there remain thousands of projects cumulatively worth dozens of millions promising to be the next BTC or something along those lines.

But according to Max Keiser, the host of the Keiser Report on RT and one of the earliest Bitcoin bulls, these projects have no intrinsic value.

Speaking in a recent interview with London Real, Keiser doubled down on his long-held sentiment that altcoins provided little (if any) value over Bitcoin.

In response to the interviewer Brian Roses question if there is any cryptocurrency complementary to BTC, Keiser said no.

He explained that there is no coin out there that can do something that Bitcoin doesnt do already or will be able to do shortly. Bitcoins security, with a majority of the hash power and the majority of the crypto market share, also makes it a better bet than altcoins, Keiser added.

Keiser isnt alone in touting the sentiment that altcoins still pale in comparison to Bitcoin despite the technical developments and the billions of dollars worth of funding.

Kevin Rose, a co-founder of digital media site Digg and a general partner at True Ventures, recently told TechCrunch the following:

The problem is that 99% of the projects out there and a lot of the people who are behind them are just in this for the pure financial gain. And theres a lot of garbage out there. And thats unfortunate because it really drags down the high-quality projects, and it muddies the space quite a bit.

Rose led Google Ventures investment in Ripple that took place in 2013.

Stock trader/analyst Steve Burns, who has a following of over 200,000 on Twitter, echoed this sentiment. He said that he thinks 99.9% of altcoins are going to $0 [ over a] buy and hold timeframe, adding that he thinks so because they have zero value.

There is technical evidence to suggest that Bitcoin will outperform altcoins, too.

Perprevious reports from Bitcoinist,Josh Olszewicz, a Brave New Coin crypto analyst, observed on May 15th that Bitcoins dominance chart printed a textbook golden cross.

The arrival of the golden cross, the analyst suggested, is a sign that those awaiting an altcoin season may be rudely awakened.

Chart from Josh Olszewicz (@CarpeNoctum on Twitter), a crypto analyst at Brave New Coin. The chart is of Bitcoins dominance printing a golden cross formation.

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Max Keiser: There Isn't Anything Crypto Altcoins Do That Bitcoin Won't Do - Bitcoinist

Altcoins Outpace Bitcoin in Broad Crypto Rally: Cardano and Ethereum Biggest Gainers – The Daily Hodl

Altcoins have taken the spotlight away from Bitcoin despite BTCs strong bounce in the last few days amid a broad crypto rally over the weekend.

Smart contract platform Cardano (ADA) is having an impressive week as the cryptocurrency is up nearly 12% at time of writing, printing a low of $0.64018 and a high of $0.07725 in the last 24 hours. ADA continues to surge days after Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson revealed the time frame for the launch of Shelley, which is Cardanos next major upgrade.

Cardano competitor Ethereum (ETH) is also spearheading the altcoin charge. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is up over 5% at time of writing, posting a 24-hour low of $218.74 and a high of $244.05. The cryptocurrencys rally comes in the midst of anticipation of Ethereum 2.0s release.

Asset ranking platform Weiss Ratings highlights that altcoins were more bullish than Bitcoin in the week ending May 28. In the previous week, the Weiss Large-Cap Crypto Index which is made up of the 10 largest coins, dominated by Bitcoin, rose 3.14%. Meanwhile, the Weiss Mid-Cap Crypto Index is up 7.46% over the same stretch, led by Cardanos resurgence.

The financial ratings agency also notes the red hot performance of small-cap coins. The Weiss Small-Cap Crypto Index climbed by 15.22%, as highly speculative small-cap cryptocurrencies posted huge gains early in the week.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $9,597, up over 1% at time of writing.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Chz_mhOng

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Altcoins Outpace Bitcoin in Broad Crypto Rally: Cardano and Ethereum Biggest Gainers - The Daily Hodl

Are Altcoins Silver To Bitcoin As Gold? Unusual Correlation Discovered | NewsBTC – newsBTC

Bitcoin has long been referred to as the digital counterpart to the scarce physical asset and precious metal, gold. But could altcoins be the digital silver to Bitcoin as digital gold?

According to an incredibly bizarre correlation, altcoins are nearly perfectly tracking alongside silver, albeit across different timeframes. What exactly does this mean, and is this positive for altcoins?

The world is facing a new era of economic activity, and following the pandemic, it could take a decade or more for things to properly recover if they do at all.

As investors feared the worst, first they cashed out of nearly every asset possible during the Black Thursday market collapse last March.

Since then, investors have been taking risks one again. And while the stock market has already made a strong recovery, its hard assets like gold, silver, Bitcoin, and altcoins that have grown the most.

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Precious metals gold and silver have long been turned to during an economic downturn as a safe haven and hedge against inflation. Few assets have limited supplies that make the balance between supply and demand that much more delicate.

Gold and silver have been used for centuries as a trading instrument, a currency, in jewelry, and more. Due to the familiarity, theres an added layer of trust with these assets compared to others. The general stability over the years has also made investors more comfortable parking capital in these safe-haven assets.

That same trust can be found in Bitcoin and most crypto assets by way of decentralization. The average person, however, doesnt yet understand how this works to know to trust the relatively new asset class.

But because these assets all share the attributes, it may be causing the price charts to play out in a similar fashion.

While its long been thought that Bitcoin was the perfect digital counterpart to gold, could altcoins actually be the digital version of silver?

An unusual correlation between silver and altcoins has been discovered. Lining up the two price charts strikes an eerie resemblance to one another.

The major difference is that silvers peaks and troughs are playing out across ten years, while altcoin price action represents just three years time. Whats interesting, is that the 24/7 always-on crypto market may be speeding up the cycle for altcoins, while silver trudges along slow and steady.

Related Reading | Gold Bug Peter Hug Warns Inflation Will Be Slow, Will This Delay Bitcoins Bull Run?

Its also interesting to note that while gold exploded early on, recently hitting a 7-year-high, silver has recently broken out and surged to reclaim recent highs.

Bitcoin is now struggling with resistance and pulling back. Will profits flow from Bitcoin into altcoins and cause them to surge, just as gold profits have now made its way into silver?

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Are Altcoins Silver To Bitcoin As Gold? Unusual Correlation Discovered | NewsBTC - newsBTC

Polkadot: The Interoperable Blockchain Network – Altcoin Projects – Altcoin Buzz

Polkadot is a global network of interoperable chains, and networking solution for blockchains to operate safely and reliably with each other.

The development of the Polkadot network relied on a broad vision for a web that returns control to individuals over internet monopolies.

Polkadot, unlike many blockchains with the capability to process a limited amount of traffic, can thus handle many transactions on several chains in parallel. Invariably, this results in eliminating the bottlenecks that occur on legacy networks processing transactions one-by-one.

When compared with other networking protocols, Polkadot not only allows the transfer of value across chains but also enables transfers of any kind of data.

On Polkadot, each blockchain can have a novel design optimized for a specific use case. That means blockchains can offer better services, while also improving efficiency and security by leaving out unnecessary code.

The launch ofKusama, an experimental network within Polkadots ecosystem, took place in August 2019. One important point to note here is that it is not a testnet, but an unaudited network built on Polkadot v0.5.0. And the goal of the Kusama network is to understand and test the technology under real economic conditions.

Notably, Kusama began as a Proof-of-Authority network, but validators can already issue their intention to operate on the network.

The entity that is behind the Polkadot project is Web3 Foundation. It acts as treasurer and council for Polkadot. Also, it ensures the development of the project and its ecosystem. It not only backs Polkadot but also other protocols such as Kusama.

Essentially, Web3 comprises a decentralized messaging protocol, community events, and funds other protocols such as Ethereum as well.

According to Medium blog post explaining the Polkadot ecosystem, its network design hinges around the following crucial components:

Recently, Coinbase Custody announced support for Polkadot staking in a joint venture with Bison Trails. Last year, Polkadot had partnered with This happened after it reported a sale of 500,000 tokens to the Web3 Foundation.

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Polkadot: The Interoperable Blockchain Network - Altcoin Projects - Altcoin Buzz

Beware: this altcoins price action could be part of a pump and dump scheme – CryptoSlate

0x has been in the spotlight of the cryptocurrency market following an increase in the buying pressure behind it that saw its price rise over 140 percent. The bullish momentum appears to have been fueled by an endorsement made by a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry.

Now that ZRX has reached new yearly highs, there are several on-chain metrics that suggest it could lose some of the gains recently made.

Teeka Tiwari is well known in the crypto community for his bold predictions about the future market valuation of many digital assets. Through his Palm Beach Confidential Group, the analyst has made a series of recommendations that tend to be followed by massive spikes in a tokens price.

On May 7, for instance, Tiwari included 0x in his 2020 Phenomenon Play tokens. After the announcement was made, this altcoin jumped from a low of $0.21 to hit a high of nearly $0.50. Such a high market valuation for ZRX has not been seen since mid-November 2018.

The upward impulse, however, was not followed by a higher spike in demand. This resulted in a steep retracement as it usually happens with all the sudden pumps driven purely by speculators, affirmed Santiment. As a result, 0x retraced over 25 percent from the recent peak and it may be bound for further losses.

The behavioral analytics platform said that the daily active addresses and network growth that ZRX has experienced over the past few days do not sustain the recent price increase. These indexes saw a sharp drop while this cryptocurrency was surging indicating that there are not enough participants to keep the momentum going.

Moreover, the high number of mentions of 0x across more than 1,000 social network channels tends to indicate that a correction is underway. Since the wisdom of the crowd is usually inaccurate, the overwhelmingly bullish sentiment around ZRX might be signaling a top.

Santiment explained:

The more the chatter around a coin during a rally, the more toppish it gets as the crowd floods in late as usual. A similar pattern [can be spotted] around social volume and price action since ZRXs genesis in 2017. Every significant top was signaled by a sudden spike and drop in social volume.

IntoTheBlocks In/Out of the Money Around Price model adds credence to the bearish outlook. This on-chain metric reveals that over 2,000 addresses bought more than 40 million ZRX at an average price of $0.38. Such a substantial supply wall could spell trouble for this tokens uptrend.

It is worth noting that the unpredictability of the market makes it impossible to avoid the bullish outlook. Even though ZRXs recent price action could be part of a pump and dump scheme, breaking above the resistance level mentioned earlier could see it rise towards higher highs.

0x, currently ranked #37 by market cap, is down 3.36% over the past 24 hours. ZRX has a market cap of $242.74M with a 24 hour volume of $82.63M.

Chart by CryptoCompare

0x is down 3.36% over the past 24 hours.

Cover Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

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Beware: this altcoins price action could be part of a pump and dump scheme - CryptoSlate