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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Bitcoin takeoff to $50,000 gestures as altcoin season teases – FXStreet

The cryptocurrency market has incurred some losses, with the total market value sliding from $1.07 billion to $1.02 billion. Bitcoin dominance holds at 65%, following a drop from levels close to 70%. In other words, altcoins are continuing to outperform the largest digital asset, mainly supported by Ethereums rise to a new record high of around $1,446.

Bitcoin is yet to hit a market top, as we discussed earlier in the day. Investors in the market are optimistic that the flagship crypto will resume the uptrend and make way above the recent record high at $42,000.

The 4-hour chart brings to light the formation of a two-week symmetrical triangle pattern. The pattern is arrived at by drawing two trendlines connecting the assets lower highs and higher lows. These trendlines meet at a point referred to as an apex.

A breakout is expected before the lines converge. It has a precise target measured from the highest and lowest points of the triangle. The distance between the points is then added to the breakout point, which would currently target$50,000.

To validate this uptrend, Bitcoin must recover the lost ground above the 50 Simple Moving Average and the 100 SMA. Price action exceeding $38,000 will play a significant role in the breakout materializing.

BTC/USD 4-hour chart

Investors must be aware that the symmetrical triangle may result in an opposite action, ultimately leading to a breakdown eyeing $20,000. Therefore, it is essential to wait for the confirmation of the breakout. If the latter doesn't materialize, massive losses will come into the picture leading to levels under $34,000 and $30,000, respectively.

The pioneer altcoin has retread from the new all-time high in search of a higher low. The support at the ascending channels middle boundary has already been broken, leaving Ether with the lower edge anchorage of around $1,300.

To keep the uptrend sustained, Ether must stay above $1,200, as mentioned earlier, if not at $1,300. Meanwhile, the TD Sequential indicator recently presented a sell signal on the 4-hour chart. This call to sell manifested in a green nine candlestick. If validated, the pessimistic outlook could result in declines in one-to-four daily candlesticks.

ETH/USD 4-hour chart

On the other hand, another liftoff to new all-time highs will occur if Ether closes the day above $1,400. Anticipated gains to $2,000 will be confirmed by a price action beyond $1,500 and the ascending parallel channels upper boundary.

Ripple hit price levels above $0.3, but the breakout was unsustainable. The 200 SMA on the 4-hour chart was tested but remained unshaken. A correction followed shortly after, leaving XRP pivotal at $0.3.

XRP/USD 4-hour chart

On the downside, XRP/USD is held in place by the 50 SMA, which sits slightly above the 100 SMA. The support around $0.288 remains very fundamental to Ripples near-term uptrend. For now, the least resistance path seems downwards, especially with the Relative Strength Indexrejection from levels close to the overbought area.

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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Bitcoin takeoff to $50,000 gestures as altcoin season teases - FXStreet

Which altcoin can get out of the correction faster than others? – FXStreet

The new week has begun with a correction on the cryptocurrency market. Cardano (ADA) is the only exception to the rule rising by 7% over the last day.

Top 10 coins by CoinMarketCap

The main information for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM):

Last weekend, the bears pushed through the support of $36,000 and tested the level of $34,000. Yesterday afternoon, buyers tried to recover the price but could not hold above the hourly EMA55.

Today, attempts to gain a foothold above the level of average prices will be repeated, but if the moving average is not broken through, the pair might continue to decline below the POC line to the support at $32,600.

Bitcoin is trading at $36,923 at press time.

Last Saturday, buyers were able to pierce the resistance at the level of $1,250, but they failed to continue the recovery to the end of the week. On Sunday, sellers pushed the pair below the average price level and, at the end of the day, buyers had not managed to restore the Ethereum (ETH) price to its previous level.

ETH/USD chart by TradingView

The trading volumes decreased tonight, and the pair is trying to hold on to the hourly EMA55. But in the morning, bearish pressure may increase, then the price of altcoin will test the level of $1,150. If bears fail to break the support of $1,120 then, at the beginning of this week, bulls may try to organize a full-scale recovery in the zone of the January highs.

Ethereum is trading at $1,243 at press time.

On Saturday, the XRP price tried to gain a foothold in the $0.280-$0.310 sideways corridor, but the two-hour moving average turned the pair down and the lower border of the corridor could not stop the pullback to the $0.270 mark.

XRP/USD chart by TradingView

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the price was recovering, but it is no longer possible to return to the sideways range.

The Kraken exchange suspended XRP trading and, if this provokes a new bearish momentum, then the fall may continue below the support of $0.260.

XRP is trading at $0.2864 at press time.

Chainlink (LINK) is the main loser today as the rate of the altcoin has gone down by almost 10% since yesterday.

LINK/USD chart by TradingView

From the technical point of view, the ongoing drop is considered as a correction but not a start of a bearish trend. The RSI has formed a divergence, which means that the decline might continue to the support zone at $18.50 where bulls might seize the initiative.

Chainlink is trading at $21.51 at press time.

The rate of Polkadot (DOT) remains the same since yesterday as the price change has accounted for only -0.02%.

DOT/USD chart by TradingView

Polkadot (DOT) is trading similarly to Chainlink (LINK) as the short-term correction is also the most likely scenario for it. The first stop at which a potential bounceback may occur is the $14.65 mark.

Polkadot is trading at $16.75 at press time.

Cardano (ADA) is the only gainer from our list as the rate of the coin has rocketed by 7% over the past 24 hours.

ADA/USD chart by TradingView

Even though the rate of Cardano (ADA) has significantly risen since yesterday, it needs more power to keep the growth. In this case, the consolidation in the range of $0.30-$0.35 is the more likely price action for the altcoin.

Cardano is trading at $0.37 at press time.

Stellar (XLM) is looking more bullish than most of other altcoins, even though the rate of the coin has dropped by 0.87% over the last day.

XLM/USD chart by TradingView

On the daily time frame, Stellar (XLM) has made a false breakout of the $0.25 mark, having confirmed bulls' power. Thus, there is a high chance of seeing a restest of the $0.33 area soon. If buyers break it, the crucial point of $0.40 may be attained by the end of the month.

XLM is trading at $0.30 at press time.

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Which altcoin can get out of the correction faster than others? - FXStreet

Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten Says Altcoin Cycle Has Arrived, Lists Top Picks Poised to Outpace Bitcoin – The Daily Hodl

Trader and DataDash founder Nicholas Merten is unveiling some of his top crypto picks for this year as a new altcoin season emerges.

In a new installment of DataDash, Merten says hes keeping a close watch on Uniswap against Bitcoin. The trader notes that UNI/BTC is poised to end its downtrend as it prints a technical reversal pattern.

The general gist is that you have a complete U-shaped recovery from the relative highs at the launch and then we have room to possibly break out even higher in valuation If Uniswap continues to get higher volumes, this might be a bit more rational than it looks right now.

The DataDash founder predicts that UNI/BTC could rise above 0.007, representing an increase of 180% from its current value of 0.00025.

Another coin thats on Mertens list is dHedge DAO (DHT), an Ethereum-based decentralized asset management protocol that allows users to become their own hedge fund. He expects the DHT/BTC pair to skyrocket above 0.00014 from its price of 0.000058.

Another U-shaped recovery here. I love the fact that weve got, in this case, not only a bottom here in the market over here, but weve got a higher low here that we set a month later from early November to late December. Now, were starting to get some vertical movement. Some of the highest volume weve seen here.

The analyst is also bullish on Chainlink (LINK/BTC). Merten says the pair is starting to show signs of life after printing a massive green candle on the weekly chart.

Chainlink having a nice base here, a very healthy bottom over the course of multiple weeks going into early January and now starting to kick up.

Merten is also tracking Polkadot (DOT/BTC). He believes that the pair has ended its downtrend earlier this month and it is now poised to climb as high as 0.0013 from its current value of 0.00047.

I do think were going to see a nice dip here, possibly to maybe 40,000 satoshis (0.0004) Then after that were going to be able to see a breakout attempt here (0.0006) above its previous point of resistance against Bitcoin and really start to climb higher.

Another coin on Mertens radar is Cardano. He says the ADA/BTC pair looks healthy from a technical standpoint after breaching resistance of 0.0001.

Its a matter of making [the resistance] into support over the next few days and possibly kicking up for even higher levels against Bitcoin.


Featured Image: Shutterstock/Dotted Yeti

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Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten Says Altcoin Cycle Has Arrived, Lists Top Picks Poised to Outpace Bitcoin - The Daily Hodl

Popular Crypto Analyst Names 5 Altcoins That Could Outperform BTC in 2021 – CryptoGlobe

Nicholas Merten, a popular cryptocurrency trader and the founder of DataDash, has revealed some of his top cryptocurrency picks for the upcoming altcoin season he believes is set to come.

In a new episode of DataDash, first spotted by Daily Hold, Merten said he is keeping a close watch un UNI, the native token of the Uniswap decentralized exchange, noting that on the UNI/BTC trading pair the cryptoasset is poised to reverse its downtrend. Merten said:

The general gist is that you have a complete U-shaped recovery from the relative highs at the launch and then we have room to possibly break out even higher in valuation.

If the Uniswap exchange keeps adding in volume, he said, the move might be a bit more rational than it looks right now. To Merten, UNIs price could rise above 0.007 BTC, which would represent an increase of 180% from its current 0.00025 BTC.

Another coin the analyst is keeping an eye on is dHedge DAO (DHT), an Ethereum-based protocol for decentralized asset management powered by Synthetix. With this announcement, dHedge is emerging out of stealth mode. He is eyeing DHT as its seeing higher lows and another U-shaped recovery.

The analyst also pointed out Chainlink on the LINK/BTC trading pair, saying its starting to show bullish signs after making a massive green candle. He added:

Chainlink having a nice base here, a very healthy bottom over the course of multiple weeks going into early January and now starting to kick up.

Finally, Merten mentioned Polkadot, as he believes against bitcoin the cryptocurrencys downtrend could have ended earlier this month, and is now set to climb to 0.013 BTC. Cardanos ADA, he said, also looks set to move up based on technical analysis.

Featured image via Unsplash.

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Popular Crypto Analyst Names 5 Altcoins That Could Outperform BTC in 2021 - CryptoGlobe

Top Crypto Analyst Betting on Select Group of Altcoins, Says DeFi Bull Run Will Make 2017 Look Like Childs Play – The Daily Hodl

A popular crypto trader says the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector of the crypto market is poised to go through a moon phase that will put 2017s extended bull run to shame.

The pseudonymous trader known in the industry as Altcoin Psycho tells his 82,000 Twitter followers that buying DeFi assets is similar to buying Ethereum back in 2016, when its price ranged from about $1.00 to a high of $19.

DeFi bubble is going to make the ICO bubble look like childs play when things really get going

Plenty of people dont even know what DeFi stands for, getting into DeFi right now is like buying ETH in 2016.

At the start of the month, the crypto trader revealed hes starting to scale into Reserve Rights Token (RSR), which is the utility token of the Reserve Rights stablecoin protocol.

Hes also investing in the decentralized cross-chain liquidity token THORchain (RUNE), the governance and liquidity token of the decentralized exchange SushiSwap (SUSHI) and the decentralized derivatives exchange Serum (SRM).

In addition, the analyst is naming the synthetic asset protocol Synthetix (SNX), smart contract platform Cardano (ADA), and pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol Alogrand (ALGO) as coins whose time has come.

As for the crypto king Bitcoin, the trader says investors should realize BTC remains virtually unchallenged as the number one store-of-value asset.

In the next alt season, there will be a lot of narratives for a new Ethereum killer. There will be 0 narratives for a Bitcoin killer. Im not a maximalist, but keep this in mind.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens

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Top Crypto Analyst Betting on Select Group of Altcoins, Says DeFi Bull Run Will Make 2017 Look Like Childs Play - The Daily Hodl

Popular Trader Says Six Altcoins Built on Ethereum Are Ready To Explode – The Daily Hodl

Crypto trader Lark Davis is bullish on a slew of blue-chip altcoins built on Ethereum.

The analyst says hes highlighting projects that will be around for the long haul, with well established track records and good cash flow.

These so-called decentralized finance (DeFi) bluechips could also be some of the best holds during the bull run in terms of actually giving those higher gains while also being relatively safer plays compared to a lot of the smaller cap cryptocurrencies in the market which might give higher gains but are also higher risk.

The analysts first pick is the lending and borrowing protocol Aave (AAVE), which he says already has close to $3 billion of total value locked in the platform and is likely to get a lot bigger.

This is just the beginning for Aave, since the technology behind Aave is actually addressing a multi-trillion dollar market. However, Aave goes way beyond just simple lending and borrowing services, it is also the pioneer in technology like flash loans, it has recently introduced a credit delegation, theyve got lots of other stuff in the pipeline coming. Aave is even working to crack into the mortgage market, with tokenized mortgages being able to be used as collateral for loans.

The second asset Davis is bullish on is, Uniswap (UNI). Davis notes that the decentralized exchange has higher volume than Coinbase on some days and has been instrumental in allowing projects to launch their tokens without the gatekeeping involved in launching on centralized exchanges.

Next on Davis list is the derivatives liquidity protocol Synthetix (SNX), which is taking aim at the multi-trillion dollar derivatives market. Davis notes that a number of new projects are leveraging the Synthetix protocol, adding that with the projects nearing upgrades, he expects it to remain the leader in its field for the foreseeable future.

The fourth altcoin Davis mentions is Andre Cronjes decentralized finance platform (YFI), which is evolving into multi-purpose lending and insurance platform that allows token holders to receive a portion of fees garnered on the platform.

The YFI governance token is famous for being ridiculously expensive, but the token holders receive a percentage of fees made to the platform now its too early to say how lucrative holding the YFI tokens will be in the long run but the market is currently betting that they will be worth a lot and that the cash flow will be significant.

Davis fifth pick is liquidity provider Kyber Network (KNC), which Davis says is helping connect the dots in DeFi. Davis notes Kyber holders receive a portion of fees made on the platform, though he warns that one must own a lot of KNC to make the feature worthwhile. However, Davis says the token has a diminishing supply, making for some great tokenomics.

Finally, Davis names Maker (MKR) as his sixth pick, labeling it the OG of DeFi protocols. Maker is the number one DeFi protocol in terms of total value locked, says Davis. With a lot of new features in the pipeline, Davis believes the asset could do well this cycle.


Featured Image: Shutterstock/Muhammad Shairazi

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Popular Trader Says Six Altcoins Built on Ethereum Are Ready To Explode - The Daily Hodl

5 Middleware Altcoin Projects Worth Investing In CryptoMode – Crypto Mode

Making strategic investments in specific cryptocurrencies can often yield decent returns on investment. Finding the right markets to experiment with can be challenging. Middleware altcoin projects are seemingly a hot commodity lately, as they all note a strong price performance.

Many services and platforms in the cryptocurrency space rely on Chainlink middleware. Their decentralized price oracles, for example, are commonly found in top DeFi projects. Moreover, the technology can prove beneficial for other purposes as well. Allowing smart contracts to interface with real-world data is a big step forward for the industry.

The LINK price shows strong bullish momentum since January 1st, 2021. Its price has gone up by roughly 100% since then, confirming this middleware altcoins demand is prevalent.

When The Graph launches initially, most people werent sure what to make of it. Positioning itself as an indexing protocol or querying networks, The Graph lets anyone build and publish open APIs to make data more accessible -a robust middleware business model that can certainly spark some interest globally.

In the price department, GRT is noting strong momentum despite a relatively big dip a week ago. Its price is up by nearly 100% this month, and the all-time high is well within reach.

Another middleware project that keeps making waves is Band Protocol. This scalable and blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle can rival Chainlink and perhaps improve it in some regards. Having some competition in this department will ensure decentralization remains prevalent.

The BAND price is a bit volatile lately yet still notes a substantial gain since January 1st. Rising from $5.34 to $10.07 is no easy feat and shows there may be further price potential ahead. Returning to the all-time high of $17.51 will be difficult, though.

Tellor positions itself as another decentralized oracle network. This particular business model seems quite popular among middleware providers, which is a good thing. Having multiple options to put real-world data on-chain allows for more complicated smart contracts and dApps.

The TRB price currently sits at $32.87, a near 100% increase from the $17.5 on January 1st. Despite this high value, the projects market cap sits below $54 million.

Whereas many people may overlook Keep3rV1 as a middleware project it is still in beta the decentralized keeper network for external DevOps is getting a lot of attention. It is one of the many projects built by Andre Cronje, which explains the growing KP3R price.

Speaking of which, KP3R notes a price gain of roughly $100 compared to January 1st. A strong performance, particularly for a project that may remain in beta for a while.

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5 Middleware Altcoin Projects Worth Investing In CryptoMode - Crypto Mode

Crypto Strategist Unveils His Top Altcoin Picks for the Year – CryptoGlobe

The host of the Coin Bureau channel on YouTube has revealed his top five altcoins picks for this year in a video published for his 225,000 subscribers, and noted he expects a smaller number of altcoins to benefit from the bull market.

In the video, first spotted by Daily Hodl, the pseudonymous analyst noted that those who have followed the cryptocurrency space know altcoins usually pump after the price of BTC surges in whats called the altseason, but warned that as the markets grow more sophisticated, its unlikely that this rising tide will lift all boats.

He then outlined his top altcoin picks for the year. In first place came privacy-centric coin Monero (XMR) which the analyst claims enforcement agencies have tried to decode to no avail, and pointed out its trading volume tops that of all other privacy coins.

The developers working on XMR, he added, help the cryptocurrencys security and privacy, ensuring those who use it can remain anonymous. Exchanges have, however, been facing regulatory pressure to delist these currencies.

Crypto exchange Bittrex has earlier this year revealed it was delisting XMR, ZEC, and DASH. While the exchange did not specify why it was delisting the tokens, its widely assumed the move was a bid to comply with increasingly strict regulations.

The second pick was Algorand (ALGO), which the analyst pointed out aims t develop a scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain, and has a higher transaction throughput than the Ethereum network.

Recently, Centres USDC stablecoin was launched on Algorand, and to the analyst, this means demand for ALGO will increase, as transaction fees are paid in the cryptoasset.

This means USDC users will be able to send the stablecoin on the Algorand Network cheaper and faster that would be done on Ethereum, for example.

He pointed out that Visa has recently partnered with Circle, one of the firms behind USDC, connecting its network of 60 million merchants to the stablecoin. When Circle graduates from Visas Fast Track program, a credit card letting businesses send and receive USDC may be launched.

His third pick was Theta, a decentralized streaming and content delivery network that per his words competes with YouTube and Twitch, which have millions of users. The firm, he said, has been growing from just streaming eSports to add poker, crypto events, and more to its portfolio.

In fourth came the Injective Protocol (I_NJ), a decentralized derivatives exchange built on top of the Cosmos network. He said:

They are trying to create a paradigm shift in the DEX space. Quite simply, it will allow users to trade spot, swaps, and futures in a completely permissionless way.

The analyst added the exchange will also structure a derivatives market for anything that has a price.

In fifth place came BarnBridge (BOND), which according to the YouTuber seeks to tokenize risk by pooling funds and allocating them to different decentralized protocols. He added:

Then once the funds have been pulled, they will tranche the yield such that it can be tokenized individually. This, therefore means that DeFi investors are able to invest in different risk tranches based on their yield and risk tolerance.

With the DeFi space seeing its total value locked growing, he concluded, BarnBridge is well-positioned to gain more users.

Featured image via Pixabay.

The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.

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Crypto Strategist Unveils His Top Altcoin Picks for the Year - CryptoGlobe

Altcoin Daily Predicts Ethereum and Five Crypto Assets Will Explode in 2021 – The Daily Hodl

Altcoin Daily host and Bitcoin bull Austin Arnold is pulling back the curtain on his top altcoin picks for 2021.

Arnold tells Altcoin Dailys 332,000 subscribers that Ethereum is number six on his list. The crypto trader says that while the leading smart contract platform is often compared to Bitcoin (BTC), the two projects offer unique use cases.

Ethereum is trying to be something else. It doesnt have a fixed supply. Its not the hardest form of money we have. But think of it as a global super computer where anybody anywhere can build on top of [it] without the permission of a middleman While Bitcoin for the first time in human history gives you the option to be your own bank, Ethereum gives you the option for banking type services like credit and lending without the need for a middle man.

Coming in at number five is decentralized finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing protocol Aave.

Were already seeing massive utility on the protocol. Over $2 billion right now of people depositing their assets, peer-to-peer lending and borrowing without any centralized middleman This could be huge for giving average people financial freedom.

Arnold also notes that Aave plans to expand in Asian markets as it aims to bring DeFi to institutions.

Fourth on Austins list is Polkadot (DOT). The crypto trader says he expects the Ethereum competitor to do well this cycle.

[Polkadot] is aiming to be the internet of blockchains, offering not only interoperability so different blockchains can connect and talk to each other, but also like Ethereum, its own thing, a DApp platform where were seeing an ecosystem grow on Polkadot as well. I expect this ecosystem to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Arnold adds that 63% of DOTs supply is locked up which bodes well for the crypto assets price.

Taking the third spot is Synthetix Network Token (SNX), which is a protocol that allows users to get exposure to assets and commodities like gold and Bitcoin through the use of synthetic tokens. Arnold emphasizes that the protocol is aiming to disrupt the immensely valuable derivatives market.

While Bitcoin, for example, is going after digital gold, the store-of-value market, which roughly right now is valued at $10 trillion, Synthethix is aiming to revolutionize the derivatives market, which right now on the high end is often valued at $1 quadrillion. Huge.

Landing in second place is Cardano (ADA). Arnold says that the seventh-largest crypto asset is poised to be the smart contract platform alternative as Ethereum continues to experience congestion issues.

I think as Ethereum inevitably gets bigger and bigger and as congestion on the network keeps getting higher, Ethereum users and developers, products will spill over into Cardano as a more scalable option.

At the top of Arnolds list is Chainlink (LINK). Arnold highlights the growth of the decentralized oracle networks fundamentals.

The metrics tweeted out by the organization itself, 2020 was a year of record growth for the Chainlink network. Heres an overview of key metrics like our adoption in DeFi, implemented research, and blockchain integrations. There is huge data and partnerships to back up why Chainlink is the most widely-adopted oracle and on-chain data source for cryptocurrency as of right now.


Featured Image: Shutterstock/solarseven

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Altcoin Daily Predicts Ethereum and Five Crypto Assets Will Explode in 2021 - The Daily Hodl

Crypto Analyst Says Biggest Altcoin Bull Run in History Coming Here Are His Top 5 Picks – The Daily Hodl

A popular crypto trader who made a name for himself by predicting Bitcoins plummet to $4,000 in March of last year says that the biggest altcoin bull run in history is on the horizon.

The crypto strategist known as Capo tells his 37,300 followers that the current correction in the broader crypto markets is designed to shake out weak hands.

They are trying to keep you out of the biggest altcoin bull run in history.

The trader adds that sharp declines have the tendency to discourage retail investors from buying cheap.

Funny how everyone wants a dip to buy cheaper but when the dip comes, thats not enough for them. Pure greed.

As billions of dollars are wiped out in the crypto space due to the correction, Capo says he is extremely bullish on a number of altcoins.

One altcoin on Capos radar is Ethereum (ETH).

The trader believes that the leading smart contract platform is in the midst of a parabolic rally that will catapult ETH to as high as $10,000.

Capo is also looking at Syntropy (NOIA) which he says is also in a strong uptrend that can potentially send the coin to $0.8, representing an increase of 344% from its current price of $0.18.

And another opportunity below $0.20. Clear reaccumulation in my opinion.

Another altcoin on Capos list is Cardano (ADA). He says the fifth-largest crypto asset can surge over 270% if it can take out a key level.

Nothing has changed since the last analysis. Its reaching the first target ($0.36-0.39). Above that level, it goes to $1.

As for Solana (SOL), the trader expects the web-scale blockchain for DApps and marketplaces to rally and breach its all-time high of $4.89.

BuT SuPpLy iS gOinG to iNcreaSe sOon Trade the charts. Ignore the news.

The trader is extremely bullish on Litecoin (LTC) as well. He expects the coin dubbed as the digital silver to soar more than 681% from its current price of $129 after breaking out from a bullish reversal pattern.

Bullish. It has broken a key level with a high timeframe Adam and Eve bottom. It can reach $1,000.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Gwoeii

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Crypto Analyst Says Biggest Altcoin Bull Run in History Coming Here Are His Top 5 Picks - The Daily Hodl