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Regulated encryption isnt possible heres what is – POLITICO Europe

In their opinion piece The last refuge of the criminal: Encrypted smartphones (July 26), Catherine De Bolle, executive director of Europol, and Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., district attorney of New York County, made their case for regulated encryption, arguing that law enforcement investigations are becoming increasingly difficult with so much evidence locked away in encrypted communications.

Work from home and cloud are prompting hard looks at security –

INDUSTRY INSIGHT Its no surprise that the past year has seen increased attention in network security. The pandemic-driven growth in telework has brought with it growing security threats, and the continuing rise of ransomware attacks has agencies taking a hard look at their security protocols. Add in the recent Executive Order on Improving the Nations Cybersecurity, which calls for implementation of zero-trust initiatives (among other things), and the environment seems right for greater adoption of multifactor authentication and cloud-based access

Atakama and Spirion to announce their strategic partnership at Black Hat 2021 – PRNewswire

What: Black Hat's Innovation City is a designated area in the Business Hall that offers turnkey displays, enabling early-stage companies to showcase their products and solutions to Black Hat USA attendees.

Spirion and Atakama Join Forces at Black Hat 2021 Conference – MarTech Series

Attendees are invited to see demonstrations on classifying and protecting sensitive data through multi-factor encryption and to stay for cocktails at Mandalay Bay Spirion, a pioneer in data protection and compliance, and encryption software companyAtakama announced that they will demonstrate an integrated solution for classifying and protecting sensitive data through multi-factor file-level encryption atBlack Hat USA 2021.

Looking for ways to password protect a file or folder on Windows 11? Here’s how you can do it – India Today

In order to keep the files and folders safe from malicious viruses and others, it is crucial to password protect your files and folders. While Windows offers a login password that has a basic level of protection and helps in keeping the data saved on the computer, some risks are still there. It is important to password protect the files and folders on Windows so that unwanted people don't see your personal stuff

XSOC CORP’s SOCKET Receives UL- 2900 Certification for Securing Encrypted Workflows of Today’s Enterprise and Industrial Connected Devices – Business…

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--XSOC CORP today announces that its symmetric key exchange product, SOCKET, has received UL 2900-1 Certification. The rapid and secure exchange of symmetric encryption keys is the most critical component of the decryption process when utilizing symmetric encryption to secure data. SOCKET can meet both the scalability demands of todays newest IoT, IIoT, IoBT devices, as well as speed and security demands required for use in OT/ICS environments that manage Critical Infrastructure.

Apple @ Work: FileVault 2 is so good, theres no reason for IT departments not to use it – 9to5Mac

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Mosyle,the leader in modern mobile device management (MDM) and security for Apple enterprise and education customers. Over 22,000 organizations leverage Mosyle solutions to automate the management and security of millions of Apple devices daily.Request a FREE accounttodayand discover how you can put your Apple fleet on auto-pilot at a price point that is hard to believe. Apples design for enterprise security strategy has done a lot to quell the frustration with enterprise security.

The Future of Industrial Security – Security Today

The Future of Industrial Security Power, efficiency raise the security stakes ever higher In the new world of modern industrialnetworking solutions, the securitymeasures to protect a network mustmatch the pace of innovation acrossmany industries, including mining,oil and gas, agriculture, transportation,heavy construction, military, municipalities,and government. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), theIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT), androbotics, integrated and intelligent systemshave been devised that offer novelways of incorporating new assets into anetwork.

Global Encryption Software System Market Size And Forecast to 2021 2027 analysis with key players : IBM, Microsoft, Sophos ltd, Gemalto, Net App Inc,…

The report on theGlobal Encryption Software System Market Research Report Covers, Future Trends, Size, Share, Past, Present Data and Deep Analysis, And Forecast, 2021-2027market documented by Zion Market Research (ZMR) means to offer a coordinated and orderly methodology for the major aspects that have influenced the market in the past and the forthcoming market prospects on which the organizations can depend upon before investing. It furnishes with a reasonable examination of the market for better decision-making and assessment to put resources into it. The report analyses the elements and a complete detailed outlook of the main players that are probably going to add to the demand in the global Encryption Software System market in the upcoming years.

Cloud Encryption Software Market Size 2021 Industry Demand, Share, Global Trend, Industry News, Business Growth, Top Key Players Update, Business…

The global Cloud Encryption Software Market (2021-2026) report identifies Market Sales by geographical analysis, product type, and product applications. Market research study on Cloud Encryption Software analyses product sales, price, margin, and growth (regionally volume). The historical and current scenario of the Cloud Encryption Software Market is examined in this market research report