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Dear Investors,

Since June 2011, hackers have stolen billions of dollars worth of digital currency from around 30 different exchanges. Many of these exchanges hide in the shadows, lacking fundamental business practices like customer service, and do little other than help people exchange altcoins. So when things go wrong, theres nothing you can do.

Centralized exchanges are the weakest link in the cryptocurrency community and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If we believe in the power of decentralization, why are we forced to use centralized trading exchanges that are vulnerable to hacks?

Mt. Gox lost 744,408 BTC in early 2014, Bitcoinica lost 19,000 BTC in 2015, Bitfinex lost 119,756 BTC in 2016, and Bithumb was compromised last year with suspected losses of over $1,000,000 USD.

These hacks will likely continue as cryptocurrencies continue to rise in value. Strict regulations can also put centralized exchanges at risk of closure even without warning.

We believe cryptocurrency to be the most radical shift in transferring assets in history. I founded to provide the most trusted altcoin exchange platform in the world. And the answer to this is creating a decentralized exchange that is not only easy to use but safeguards your tokens.

Our decentralized exchange has no single point of failure, no hackable, central repository, and its entirely trustless. We can all agree that altcoins are going to see explosive growth over the upcoming years. For that to continue, we need a decentralized exchange to give traders a safe, easy way to transfer their tokens.

Our goal is to build this platform together, as a community, that caters to every trader new and experienced to help increase this industrys overall market cap. Were currently at a ~$150B market cap now for altcoins whats stopping this from going to $1T? I believe this market is just getting started and by building a decentralized platform that puts you in control of your tokens, we can make a positive impact in this market, regardless of whether you use or not

A rising tide lifts all boats, and we want to bring altcoin trading to the masses in time. But to start were building something for the community, with the community, through open feedback loops for product improvements, and a secure platform everyone can trust. Long story short, we want traders to feel safe while trading cryptocurrencies, and we want to build this exchange with the cryptocurrency community together.


Andrew GazdeckiFounder,

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