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Beside Bitcoin, there are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies existing currently. To give you an easy overview, we got our Altcoin Watchlist (Alternative Cryptocurrencies so all but Bitcoin). We monitor and support the currencies listed. So in our view these currencies have to biggest longterm potencial of them all but as there are so many of them, theres no garantuee this list is complete. Please note that we are NOT an investment information source if you are loocking for a safe or insanly fast investment opportunity, theirs lots of other sources. We focus on the economic and social value of a currency, not its ROI for investors.

The criterias for currencies beeing on our Watchlist are (subject to change) :* Sourcecode for Node must be Opensource* No unreasonable Premine or concentration of Coins from the beginning / for founders (richlist)* CPU/GPU friendly algos that are ASIC-resistant as good as possible and force decentralization.* Innovative Technology that differs it from bitcoin* Does not have to be a currency, but has to have a defined purpose (e.G ETH or DCR)

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Altcoin Watchlist | Meet & Learn Cryptocurrencies

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