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Everyone who has been faced with the exchange listing process knows how hard it is to reach them and get your token listed there. But before you put all of your effort into trying to get in touch with the exchanges let me reveal a bit about the listing price.

(No Names, Just Numbers)

Well, to start with theres a few types of exchanges

1 - The big 2 - The middle 3 - The small

The big exchanges usually request anywhere from 50 BTC and higher. It could be mentioned as a listing fee or as a part of a marketing campaign fund.

They could also list your token absolutely free but before getting happy you should be sure that you meet their highly limited parameters.

The middle exchanges usually request anywhere from 7 BTC - 30 BTC

The small exchanges, anywhere from 3 BTC - 5 BTC

Tip 1 - Before trying to get listed on Major exchanges (Like in the top 10) and fighting their silence, it is better to apply for a middle exchange and right after that your coin will be listed there, the big exchange will be more interested in your listing then ever before.

Tip 2 - If you dont want to waste your time filling out applications and sending messages that they will never respond to, send us a request and we will provide you with a high quality listing service that can meet any requirements that you might have - Assetrush

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Alternate Cryptocurrencies aka altcoins r/altcoin - reddit

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