Analyst: This Altcoin Has Best Shot at Becoming 2nd Most …

Recently, popular pseudonymous crypto influencer and trader The Crypto Dog said that investing in one lesser-known altcoin is a more exciting long term betthan Ethereum ($ETH).

In a series of tweets on June 10, The Crypto Dog said that he considers Bitcoin to be a safer, more boring long term investment compared to Ethereum. The popular trader thinks that it is unlikely for Ethereum to flipper Bitcoin and explained why:

The Crypto Dog also highlighted the lesser-known altcoin Solana (SOL) as having more upside potential than Ethereum and claimed it was the layer-one protocol with the most potential to challenge ETH for the #2 position in the market cap table.

He then explained why he is so bullish on Solana:

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Analyst: This Altcoin Has Best Shot at Becoming 2nd Most ...

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