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In order to keep up with the wave, you need to be well informed about current prices and market volumes. Its hard to do so manually, in order to get rid of the trouble of logging into exchanges and not being able to receiveprice notifications you will need to install Bitcoin Checker. Its a price ticker featuring alerts according to your needs. After downloading and installing all you have to do is choose your favorite coins and exchanges and let the application do the rest.

After choosing the pairs you want to track you can set the update interval of the pair in order for the application to know when to pull info from the specified exchange. Another thing you can do is set alarms for your favorite coins. For example, you can define the value of a coin and get an alarm when the value is greater or lower than defined, another option is that you can set an alarm for any percentage change. Alarms include Sound, Vibration and LED blinking.Another option Bitcoin Checker provides is the Alarm via Text-To-Speech where the price alert is announced.

Bitcoin Checker offers you the option to add a widget to your phones main screen with your chosen pairs with a refresh button so you can get all the pairs refreshed at once.

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Android Bitcoin ~ Altcoin Price Ticker ~ Coin Maker

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