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Please share if you find this article interesting.People Selling 'Fully Verified' Crypto-Exchange Accounts On the Rise - Bitcoin NewsNewsOver the past few months, cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe have been swamped with new customers looking to trade or acquire digital assets. Trading platforms have been having a hard time keeping up with the new registrants. Users are complaining that identity verifications are now required and take weeks to process, while some exchanges are not accepting new customers at all. This has led to rise of individuals selling fully verified accounts for a variety of popular digital currency platforms.Also Read: Several Bitcoin Exchanges Are Closing Their Doors to New TradersAs Exchanges Stop Accepting New Registrants and Require Mo

Please share if you find this article interesting.BUY IOTA AND AIM FOR $5.5Its no doubt that it IOTA has been on a rough patch with sellers pushing prices lower. However, after that close above $4.2, just buy IOTA. Yes, and while at it aim for $5.5.Of course, after last weeks higher high, retracements and break outs, I was hoping LTC to spice up after waking up from a 2 week slumber but it didnt.Instead we are seeing a series of lower lows and that is okay since any reversal from $255 is a retest which is pretty inviting for buyers.Lets have a look at other alt coin chartsAS NEM BUY PRESSURE STUTTER FOCUS SHIFT BACK TO $1.35IOTUSD 4HR Chart for January 8, 2018Prices are pretty good and for NEM buyers, there is no reason to complain.Judging from last week-which by the

Please share if you find this article interesting.Chinese Authorities Ask Local Miners to Submit Monthly Status Reports - Bitcoin NewsRegulationXinjiang Province regulators have issued an official document informing local bitcoin miners to submit status reports on a specific schedule.Also Read:Japanese Virtual Currency Girls Spreading Cryptocurrency Knowledge An Orderly ExitBitcoin mining companies were told to write a status report before Jan. 5, according to a government notice signed by a Xinjiang committee in charge of overseeing internet finance risks (The Committee) that was circulated online and verified by people familiar with the matter.The document reads that:Xinjiang is home to multiple bitcoin miners, which are both energy-intensive and highly sp

Please share if you find this article interesting.Crypto Tax Tips To Start 2018 RightEven though cryptocurrencies are getting more and more exposure, their legislation seems to be a grey area for most governments, especially when it comes to declaring your income in digital currencies. The Internal Revenue Service, the US tax collection agency, has issued Notice 2014-21 stating that Bitcoin and altcoins are subjects to federal income and payroll taxes. So what to do with your crypto money and how to declare your taxes right?RecordsLets start with the dreary subject of records. Yes, that applies to crypto investors too. Youd better have some if you are thinking about taxes. If youve ever tried to tell the IRS I lost my receipt, you dont want to do it a second time.The I

Please share if you find this article interesting.This Week in Bitcoin: The Hunt for the Next Bitcoin Intensifies - Bitcoin NewsFeaturedWell, that just happened. What happened? Lets see: crypto penny stocks mooning. Centralized banking coins mooning. Long forgotten alt bags and even abandoned projects languishing on Cryptopia mooning. Basically everything that wasnt bitcoin mooning, bringing with it a new wave of zealots and maximalists, convinced that their coin is The One True Coin to lead the impoverished out of the wilderness and into Lamboland. Welcome to another week in bitcoin.Also read:Finance Guru James Altucher Is Launching a Cryptocurrency ExchangeMoon Rockets: Now Leaving HourlyAs the meme on 4chans /biz/ messageboard runs, He missed bitcoin. He miss

Please share if you find this article interesting.Vietnam Expedites Cryptocurrency Legal Framework Ready End of January - Bitcoin NewsRegulationThe government of Vietnam has taken steps to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency regulation that will affect Bitcoin. The executive power in Hanoi has insisted that the framework should be ready by the end of January. Amendments to the tax code are expected to help tap into proceeds from virtual property and digital money.Also read: Cryptocurrency Mining Soars in Vietnam Over 7000 Rigs ImportedIndochina Catching UpThe new impetus was given by a high-ranking government official who insisted on hastening the legal process. Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue has asked the Ministry of Justice and the State Bank to qui

Please share if you find this article interesting.New York Stock Exchange Moves on Bitcoin ETFsThe New York Stock Exchange has filed for permission to launch a number of Bitcoin-related exchange-traded funds (ETF) just one week into 2018.As reported by BusinessInsider, a filing sent to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission shows that the exchange intends to launch five different ETFs offering bull and bear futures contracts on the Arca stock exchange.These EFTs will be linked to the price of Bitcoin futures listed on the CME and CBOE exchanges, which launched Bitcoin futures contracts in December 2017:The target benchmarks value will be calculated as the last sale price published by the CME or the CBOE or any other US exchange that subsequently trades bit

Please share if you find this article interesting.Korean Government Starts Inspecting Major Banks for Crypto Regulation Compliance - Bitcoin NewsRegulationThe South Korean authorities will start inspecting major banks for their compliance with cryptocurrency regulations on Monday. This move follows the regulators recent announcement prohibiting the use of virtual bank accounts for anonymous trading.Also read:Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token SalesInspecting 6 Major BanksThe South Korean Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), under the Financial Services Commission (FSC), and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) said on Sunday, January 7, that they will jointly inspect 6 major banks for compliance of cryptocurrency regulation.

Please share if you find this article interesting.Exponential Growth: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Adding 100,000+ Users Per DayMajor Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms within the global market have been adding more than 100,000 users per day.Many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase (GDAX), Binance, Bittrex, Bitstamp and Kraken have struggled in dealing with the abrupt surge in demand for cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges have overhauled their systems to improve their scalability, while others have temporarily stopped opening new user accounts.Unexpected growth rateThis week, Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, the global markets largest cryptocurrency exchange with a staggering $9.5 bln daily trading volume, revealed that it has ad

Please share if you find this article interesting.Coinbase Withdrawal Delays Leave Users Frustrated, Crying Foul - Bitcoin NewsServicesWhen you are dealing with platforms that are supposed to be the on-ramps to the money of the future its hard to accept worse performance than the systems of the past. Unfortunately, this an issue plaguing all major cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment with Coinbase being one of the leading examples right now.Also Read: Binance Exchange Disables New User RegistrationsCoinbase DelaysSan Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is experiencing several disruptions to its normal business operations. According to the companys status page, it is now facing transactions delays, wire processing delays and ID verification delays. Coin

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