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Zecoex, as with some other exchanges, started with the promoters getting besotted with bitcoins and wanting to buy some. But we had no idea what bitcoin was and how it worked. We could never place reliance on any other exchange with so many horror stories, so we decided to buy our first bitcoin and start building our own technical expertise on blockchain, and transactions.

We read and read and read, and came to the conclusion that our dear world wide web confused us more, read more... and clarified so little. Our inquisite minds then went on to download various cores, and explore transactions on the core. We hired some developers and ask them to play around with our bitcoin (yes, one split into as many fractions as permissible in satoshis after paying the network fees). All of us read together under the lamp with some article from the net in our hand. And then we started experimenting.

It did work for us. We not only understood how the blockchain worked and behaved, how to transact with wallets and open source codes, how to transact directly with the cores, how to arrive at fool proof methods of keeping our coins secure and transacting with them.

This entire expertise is at your disposal.

We will shortly launch our own hardware wallets, and start a development thread. We are hoping to catch hold of some clients to pay us mega bucks for building some custom solution for them on blockchain. But till the time we get there, feel free to interact with our engineers who are eager to pass on this knowledge, and help you resolve your technical queries, whether they are complex, or straight forward.

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Buy or Sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin Multi Crypto Currency ...

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