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Widely followed crypto analyst Michal van de Poppe is laying out his top five altcoins to watch for the rest of this month.

In a new strategy session, Van de Poppe starts his list with Cosmos (ATOM), a project dubbed as the internet of blockchains. Though ATOM has already exploded in USD value, the analyst looks at its Bitcoin pair (ATOM/BTC) and posits that the hot altcoin still has room to grow over 170% from current prices of 0.00089 BTC, worth $40.51.

We could be targeting 0.0012 BTC ($54) and 0.0017 BTC ($77). 0.0017 BTC will probably be alongside with ATOM at $100.

Van de Poppes second altcoin is privacy-focused Mina, which he says is primed for a potential 129% rally to $12.00 from its current price of $5.22.

Great strength, beautiful support resistance flip, almost 2x since we have mentioned it earlier this month, and now we are looking for some consolidation before we have some continuation here too

Next targets for MINA if were going to have the continuation of the bull cycle: $8.60 and $12.00 at this stage.

The third altcoin on Van de Poppes radar is decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK). The analyst says that while LINK hasnt made much of a move over the last month, he stands by his forecast that the crypto can still potentially surge.

LINK and especially the entire oracle section still has to have some momentum at this point, so I think its still a very interesting cryptocurrency to look at or an investment to look at for a potential swing trade.

The fourth crypto Van de Poppe is looking at is Ethereum scaling solution Harmony (ONE). According to the crypto trader, ONE may have already lost steam after its rally this month, but the altcoin could provide a good entry point in its Bitcoin pair (ONE/BTC) at a couple of key levels.

The interest for me, personally, in Harmony is slightly gone until we hit around 0.000003 BTC ($0.14) or maybe even around 0.0000027 BTC ($0.12). That would probably grant another great entry.

The last altcoin to keep an eye on for the rest of September according to Van de Poppe is proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos (XTZ). The crypto analyst says that XTZ has kicked off a new trend and is providing an entry point in its Bitcoin pair (XTZ/BTC).

So we can be assuming that a new trend has started in which we can be looking at a potential support resistance flip as a potential target zone to take the entry from, which is around 0.00012 BTC ($5.73).


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Here Are the Top 5 Altcoins for the Remainder of September, According to Crypto Analyst Michal van de Poppe - The Daily Hodl

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