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While the market surges, remember that elite altcoins offer the possibility of gains that are multiples greater than that of the average S&P stock

Stock markets exploded higher on Friday in the wake of a jaw-dropping jobs report.

It was expected that the economy would have shed 8.3 million jobs in May. Instead, employersadded2.5 million jobs.

Wall Street erupted on the news, with the Dow climbing more than 1,000 points (intraday) for the first time since early April.

As I write Monday morning, the party is continuing, with the Dow up another 240 points.

Now, though all eyes are on stocks at the moment, lets not forget another asset class that has been climbing in recent weeks even better, this asset has the potential to produce returns that are multiples greater than those of the broad stock market over the coming years.

Today, lets check in on the state of the crypto universe.

Specifically, lets see why our crypto specialist, Matt McCall, is expecting bitcoin is climb 10X by the end of 2021.

And if you think thats exciting, he believes select, elite altcoins will do even better.

Lets jump into the details.

***10X growth over the next 18 months

It was back in 2014 that Matt first gave his official cryptocurrency recommendation.

While appearing on theFox Businessnetwork, Matt was among a panel of analysts discussing something called bitcoin.

Matts take was short and to-the-point:

Bitcoin is there for the taking Ive become a believer.

On that day, July 1, 2014, an investor acting on Matts bullishness would have paid about $641 for a bitcoin. By the peak of the mania on December 17, 2017, that price had surged to $20,089, according to

Thats a gain of about 3,035% in just 41 months.

Now, with this kind of monster gain in the rearview mirror, you might think that the best is behind us.

Not according to Matt.

From his recent update to subscribers:

My own view on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has evolved over the last six years Im more bullish than ever!

I absolutely believe bitcoin could reach $100,000 a gain of more than 10X from current prices. It could happen pretty quickly, too by the end of 2021.

Jaws still drop when I say bitcoin is on track to hit that price. Some folks probably even think Im crazy.

But history and our research show a very high probability of a huge rally in the coming months.

Matt goes on to explain this potential gain ties to supply and demand. You see, only 21 million bitcoins will ever be created. Right now, about 18.5 million have been mined. What you may not know is that the remaining 2.5 million coins arent expected to be completely mined for another 120 years.

In other words, bitcoin is a scarce asset. Unlike fiat currency, it cant be created out of thin air. This fixed-supply nature has profound implications for its future price.

Back to Matt:

Demand for bitcoin should stay steady and even increase while the new supply shrinks. This is the perfect recipe for a supply shock, which weve seen before when prices soared in the 12 to 18 months following the first two halvenings.

A quick aside for any readers less familiar with a halvening. This refers to an event specific to bitcoin, in which the reward to bitcoin miners for unearthing new bitcoin is cut in half. There have been three halvenings in bitcoins history so far, the most recent of which happened last month. Major surges in bitcoins price surrounded the first two halvenings.

Back to Matt:

After the first halvening in November 2012, bitcoins price rose 2,135%. The second halvening in 2016 saw bitcoin shootup 3,122% in 18 months

All indications are it will happen again now after the third halvening.

***Matt isnt the only analyst expecting bitcoin at $100,000

In his update, Matt then highlighted a metric called stock-to-flow, made popular by a crypto analyst known as PlanB. It measures the ratio of the current bitcoin supply to the flow of new coins.

Bitcoins stock-to-flow ratio is 50, which means it would take 50 years at the current production rate to equal the current supply, or stock.

Back to Matt:

Per PlanBs recently released chart below, bitcoins historic price has historically tracked its stock-to-flow ratio. Its doing that right now. As you can see, the white line (stock-to-flow) is close to the price, represented by the dots.

If the pattern holds through the year, we would see the price meet the stock-to-flow line again at drum roll please $100,000! Seems to me Ive heard that somewhere before.

Whats interesting to me as you look at this chart is that bitcoins big gains typically arent smooth and even. There appears to be periods of steep growth, followed by periods of flat consolidation.

This type of market action rewards those who have their money invested but can be challenging for investors waiting for the price to begin gaining steam before putting money to work.

***Crypto investors should look beyond just bitcoin

While Matt is bullish on bitcoin, hes even more excited about select altcoins.

Altcoins are simply alternative cryptocurrencies beyond bitcoin.

They can be gimmicky me too products which are just trying to capitalize on investor interest in the space, or they can provide a unique twist on the crypto/blockchain/financial world that makes them truly unique and valuable.

The challenge is understanding which coins fall into which groups.

Back to Matt:

This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats, so choosing the best positioned altcoins is critical. To help us identify the strongest altcoins, my research team and I created the MAG System.

Our comprehensive system researches and analyzes 10 critical attributes of every altcoin (similar to how wed analyze the fundamentals of a stock), scores them on each, and then produces an overall ranking.

The MAG system is doing its job

As I write, Matt holds 11 altcoins in hisUltimate Cryptoportfolio. As of this past Friday, they are all showing gains. Two coins are up 110%+. Seven out of the 11 are up double-digits or more. Best of all, the collective return of the portfolio of altcoins is 39%.

Let me add to that, the portfolio has only existed since January 7th. Over the same period, bitcoin has climbed just 26%.

***Looking at the potential returns of elite altcoins in the wake of this third halvening, Matt points toward what two altcoins did following earlier halvenings

Back to Matt:

After the first one, investors inPrimecoinsaw their investment soar 3,708% from July to November 2013.

After the second halvening, an altcoin calledVergeshot up an unbelievable1,362,400%!In just one year, that would have turned $5,000 into a mind-blowing $68 million.

Of course, one of the benefits of altcoin investing is you dont have to throw $5,000 at a coin. The potential returns are so massive that even modest investments can produce life-changing gains.

For example, though Matt used $5,000 in his Verge example above, note that even a $500 investment would have generated $6.8 million.

This is the potential offered by elite altcoins.

Heres Matt for the final word:

Altcoins like the ones Ive handpicked for my Ultimate Crypto service are outperforming bitcoin and easily beating the stock market

I can tell you from looking at the system day in and day out thatthere is no better time to be invested in altcoins. Its still early enough to take advantage of the halvening and capture the big gains, but that window wont stay open for long.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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