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This has been the biggest and most awaited question by any of them in the market. As cryptocurrencies are becoming increasing in number, so is the volatility and price factor in it. However, Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency which is ruling the technology industry right now. So what about Altcoin? Can they make any change? Is the Altcoin Season much near? This blog is set to answer all your queries with the desired answers and statistics.

The cryptocurrency market is going through a tremendous change right from the month of September 2019. For the fourth quarter of the year 2019, both Bitcoins, as well as Altcoins, made huge profits. However, popular altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) were experiencing losses, some small value altcoins such as XTZ, LINK, performed well.

So what to expect for the year 2020 with Altcoin? When can we expect the Altcoin Season to be?

Initially, let me explain to you for the month of January. Here are the top currencies which performed well:

All these currencies were having a very good month similar to Bitcoin but not parallel to Bitcoin, however! For the previous month, most of the altcoins doubled their prices when compared to Altcoins.

Let me brief you on the Top Altcoins which can change the year 2020.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) makes use of the Ethereum Blockchain platform and Brave web browser. The major motto of this currency is to exchange between the users where advertisers and publishers allow advertising companies to commoditize user attention.

The Brave Browser aims in bringing in a decentralized ecosystem that brings publishers, users, and advertisers together. This project has a great list of investors who are more prestigious.

Current Price of today: $0.259318

Cardano Cryptocurrency is created by Charles Hoskinson who is also the founder of penny coins. Cardano is the currency that was launched 2 years before it is launched to the public community.

This year will be great for Cardano and can reach up to the mark of $1. It is also expected that Cardano can climb more than $5 in the upcoming years. I would say this can be one of the perfect cryptocurrency for Altcoin Season.

Current Price of today: $0.067738

This cryptocurrency is aimed at resolving the problems of scalability and interoperability. Polkadot makes use of the Proof of Stake mechanism to provide economic incentives to secure the system completely.

But the thing is, these tokens are not available in the market. The assets are available here in the form of promises of future tokens. Hence, when it comes to predictions, it is difficult to predict the value of the asset.

Current Price of today: $ 178.28

ETHLend is one of the cryptos which managed to raise $18million for the year 2017. This project is a decentralized peer to peer lending system. Though it was a great success, it lacked traction too early in the market.

Following this, the company is now working on a completely decentralized strategy to bring in new functionalities into the system. One can buy and sell LEND tokens with a popular exchange like Coinbase if you are a premium member.

Current Price of today: $ 0.032793

This is an open-source project which was launched in the year 2017. It creates a new privacy-centered blockchain platform to facilitate the concept of the Internet of Things. It is expected that IoTeX will surpass more than $50 million by 2022.

It makes use of Blockchain technology which adds security to the network while on the other hand also offers governance and performs different functions.

Current Price of today: $ 0.00643414

NPXS is a coin created by Pundi X to be used for a Blockchain project. The major motto of NPXS is to facilitate cashless payment globally. Pundi X differs from other platforms since it has a Blockchain-enabled platform to facilitate instant cryptocurrency transactions.

This Pundi X coin has supplied around 12 countries with more than 100,000- 700,000 devices being distributed. The success of this project has given a prediction that NPXS can be one of the future Altcoins to be considered for 2020.

Current Price of today: $ 58.90M

Having a great glimpse of all these Altcoins, I would say Altcoin season is near. However, Bitcoin still takes the stage of making the year 2020 fruitful. In addition to this, markets may still change and can surprise you with something new! Lets wait and watch!

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