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Crypto is broadly higher this morning though well within the established multi-week trading band. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the top-performing crypto in the Top 10, +12% in the last 24-hours.

Bloomberg ReleasedAnother Bullish Piece On Crypto- This Time Focusing On Comparisons With Gold Trading Dynamics To Underscore Their Positive Viewpoint

Takeaway:As was the case with the last piece we do not agree with everything outlined in thereport. There are sections, such as a reduction in the GBTC NAV premium, that we think are more nuanced dynamics and are out of scope for a bullish narrative. Some of the main undertones, however, such as how low volatility periods have recently preceded rallies, are points that wehave also highlightedand found difficult to ignore. Bloomberg has been one of the first established institutional finance brands (along with Fidelity and a few others) that have staked some reputational risk on a bullish crypto call.

BTC Bollinger Bands - The latest Bloomberg report pointing out that Bollinger Bands on BTC are the tightest they have ever been...

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20K Bitcoin Is Still On The Table - Futures Magazine

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