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The global fast food giant Burger King now cooperates with the GoCrypto payment service and starts accepting Bitcoin Cash. A video retweeted by Roger Ver shows that now this is happening in Slovenia.

However, more locations are going to be added later on.

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming more and more popular as more merchants are collaborating with various payment services that allow paying with crypto using POS terminals. Those apps simply convert crypto coins to the local currency.

GoCrypto works in Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland, helping various types of businesses to accept crypto Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ether, GoC andEuro Token (SREUR).

So far, GoCrypto accepts crypto payments allowing customers to use Roger Vers wallet and Elly.

In summer 2018, the business world shivered as it heard that the largest fast food chain McDonald's announced the launch of the MacCoin. Their fears were in vain this was no crypto but the first global food-backed coin more like free burger vouchers to commemorate the anniversary of Big Mac in the form of electronic tokens. The world-famous Big Mac had been launched 50 years ago.

The tokens launched in 50 countries in nearly 14,000 restaurants. McDonalds has not yet expressed an intention of launching its own real blockchain-based crypto.

In September this year, the media announced that Burger King in Germany started accepting Bitcoin (with first experiments on that made as early as 2016 in the companys restaurants in the Netherlands), however,a company rep then said that Burger King no longer accepts BTC.

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Bitcoin Cash Accepted in Burger King as Crypto Adoption Spreads Wider - U.Today

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