Bitcoin Price-33 Expected to Make ‘Extra Bullish’ Move. CZ Says It’s Time to Unfollow Bears – U.Today

According to trader Josh Rager, things willbecome 'extra bullish' for the price of Bitcoin (BTC) if it managesto print a monthly candle above the $9,250 level.

If that's the case, Rager predicts that BTC could easily surge to $10,000 and re-test the point of control (the most traded price) of the time period from June to September.

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Meanwhile, eagle-eyed economist Raoul Pal has noticed that Bitcoin was breaking out of an inverse head-and-shoulder pattern. The fact that this formation has a weak right shoulder means that it could get even more powerful, thus emboldening the bulls.

The right shoulder is formed when buyers persistently push the price higher. If the price surges above the resistance line, this pattern eventually getsinvalidated.

To top that off, BTC has already broken out of the enormous falling wedge formation that hasbeen keeping the bulls in check for the last seven months, which indicates that theyare now in full control of the market.

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Since the Bitcoin (BTC) price has once again managed to surge above$9,000, ChangpengZhao, the CEO of Binance, said that is was time to unfollow bearish accounts that predicted BTC dropping to $5,000 (and ended up being terrible wrong).

When CZ tweeted that 'slapping' was about to commence, Bitcoin's run-upto $9,000 ended up being a flash in the pan.

He also predicted that Bitcoin could go to $16,000 soon-ish back in November before Bitcoin tanked all the way to $6,400 by the end of the year.

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Bitcoin Price-33 Expected to Make 'Extra Bullish' Move. CZ Says It's Time to Unfollow Bears - U.Today

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