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During the overhyped meal with the Tron chief executive Justin Sun, which finally took place earlier this year, investment guru Warren Buffett did not say a singlebad word about Bitcoin to the Tron CEO and his guests: eToro CEO Charlie Leeand other top reps from the blockchain sphere.

While talking to Justin Sun and the other top reps of the blockchain and crypto industries, Warren Buffett spoke his mind on several major issues.

The old school investment guru said that Bitcoin still has a long ways to go to fulfillthe value of the blockchain. Therefore, he is certainthat his grandson will inherit his fortune not in Bitcoin but in good-old US dollars.

The DLT technology has great potential, reckons Buffett. A lot of the companies he has invested in, including JP Morgan, the banking giant, are studying blockchain and the opportunities it may offer. As per Justin Sun, the investment guru is curious to see how DLT will change the sphere of payments in the next decade.

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Being of a positive opinion of Elon Musk as an entrepreneur, Buffett thinks that Tesla shares are not the best asset to invest in at the moment Tesla has too many competitors in the market who havea lot of cash and who will not go away, the investor believes.

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Warren Buffett Changes His Take on Bitcoin (BTC) Is This Real? - U.Today

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