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EMC Atmos web1 services application programming interface (API) can be used to connect to AT&T Cloud Storageallowing application developers to enable a customized commodity storage system over the Internet or over AT&T VPN. API Keys are used to authenticate you and direct your data to the container owned by you in the Storage 'cloud'. API Keys are provided within your profile in the Web Management Portal.

Not a developer? No problem! You also have the choice of using third party solution providers who have written to the EMC Atmos API and can act as a gateway between AT&T Cloud Storage and your application data.2 These solution providers allow you to connect virtually any of your data applications to the cloud without having to write to the EMC Atmos API.

AT&T Cloud Storage offers two networking options to access your data:

AT&T Cloud Storage allows you to control how and where your data is stored. All of our policies include:

Twostorage policies are currently available:

By default, all of your data objects will be stored at one site using Policy #1. For data that requires special treatment, you can specify Policy #2 via the API to keep copies at geographically diverse locations.

Erasure coding is a software-based data protection scheme that allows for data recovery in the event of hardware failures. The technology splits each data object into ten equally-sized segments, adds two parity segments, then distributes these segments across different storage nodes within the platform. Should a hardware failure result in loss of up to two of the primary segments, the system is designed to reconstruct the original data using the parity information.3

1) Use of the EMC Atmos API is subject to acceptance of applicable license terms.

2) Enabler services are provided by the indicated service provider and are not provided by AT&T Inc. or its affiliates. You may be required to enter into a separate agreement or End User License Agreement with the service provider before being able to use it with AT&T Cloud Storage. Descriptions of services or products are provided by the indicated provider and are not an endorsement by AT&T. AT&T does not guarantee or warrant that the enabler services offered by the providers listed are error free or that the programs or services work as described.

3) See agreement terms for important limitations.

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AT&T Cloud Storage - AT&T Cloud Services

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