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We have become accustomed to the terminology of the cloud, a digital storage unit in the proverbial sky. It is touted as the solution to keeping track of meaningful photos and videos, important documents, business correspondence and much more. While this is a physical space-saving measure, these items may not be protected unless some security measures are in place. It has been said, There is no cloud. Its just someone elses computer.

Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest provides these tips for researching and choosing a cloud-storage service:

Keep dual copies. It may sound old school, however, keepsakes and important documents are good to keep in a safe or safedeposit box, in addition to storing them on a secure cloud service. Just like your house can burn down, the cloud could burst.

Take responsibility to research. Technology is moving fast and furious. If you are going to move your most prized information to a digital platform you must stay informed. For example, would you keep your life insurance policy in a grocery bag in the back seat of your unlocked car? Without research, this may be the equivalent of what you are doing.

Ask yourself questions. What can cloud storage do for you that you dont have? How will you be using the cloud? What does encryption mean? What is a zero-knowledge provider? What cloud storage do you already have access to? What is the difference between paid and free cloud storage? How do various cloud-storage providers compare with each other?

Read the agreement and know what they offer. It may not be the most interesting read and most likely will require additional research for terms and technology applications. If there is something you do not understand, ask and research until you do.

The bottom line is that there are advantages and risks associated with cloud-based storage. A good place to start research is For more tips, or if you would like information about consumer assistance, turn to If you are a victim of a scam, report it to

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BBB Tip of the Week: What to look for in cloud storage - The Spokesman-Review

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