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If your phone, tablet or laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, its not just the hardware you stand to lose its your most important files, photos and memories. But with Cloud Storage, youre protected.

Our range of storage options offers protection for up to 4TB of files working out at 2m documents, 800,000 photos or 1,600 HD videos. But whichever option you choose, your most important files will be safely backed up and stored in our data centres, protected from loss, theft or damage to your kit.

Using Cloud Storage couldnt be simpler: just download the app for your iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Amazon Fire device, and your files will be automatically backed up. No stress, no hassle, just straightforward protection for the things that matter most.

Once youre backed up, its easy to stay connected with your friends and family by sharing your photos and videos in a matter of seconds and your data is encrypted to keep your files safe from prying eyes.

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Cloud Storage | Team Knowhow

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