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Cloud storage is now being considered as the next big thing of the current century. This option can store countless gigabytes of data without maintaining any portable device like USB or flash drive. Cloud storage simply lets you store whatever you want and access it wherever you want.

There is no restriction on the location as you may access your cloud account(s) with the help of your credentials. The top-most cloud storage accounts are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box Account.

This app is specifically designed to cater the basic human need of recovering your data in case of any loss. So if in any case if you lose your hard disk, cell phone, memory card, etc. you may easily recover the data from these cloud accounts. However, to recover the data, one must have created a backup of it on the above mentioned cloud accounts.

So far, it seems like cloud storage doesnt really have any negative side. It sounds like a win win situation, doesnt it? Well, its not really that simple. Remember, there are always two sides to a coin and the same case applies to cloud storage as well.

These cloud accounts are filled with some data that is not so important and wouldnt really affect us if it lands into the hands of the prying eyes. However, some of the users feed in confidential data into these accounts and it would be a disaster if such data gets into the wrong hands.

There it is, the ugly side of cloud storage. It sounds easy, effective, friendly, but one must also know the other way around.

So in any case, an additional security layer over a cloud account seems like a good option that would make these cloud accounts free from all the threats and weaknesses. An app called Cloud Secure is an improved cloud security software that is beyond imagination. Instead of being worried about the on-going threats of the modern era, Cloud Secure simply locks your Cloud Folders.

This app lets you lock cloud folders with a password so that no one can access them on the desktop. This is a major relief as usually cloud folders are easily traceable and accessible to the prying eyes and may result in a regular data loss or data leaks. These cloud folders are usually filled with private photos, videos, audios, documents, and files worthy of backup. Hence, Cloud Secure is enabled to lock cloud accounts in just a few seconds.

Download now: Cloud Secure

Cloud Storage Works Better With Cloud Secure! - MustTech News

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