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Since we handle so much data on our devices, there has been a need for storage for the data.

This is what led to the development of cloud storage and file syncing applications.

With these applications, you can share a 20 GB folder of photos and videos with colleagues around the world.

Cloud storage is the virtual hard drive on the internet that ensures the latest version of your files are at the ready on all your devices.

Google Drive is one of the cloud storage and file syncing applications that is best known for unlimited storage of videos, photos and Google docs, sheets and slides.

It offers you the most amount of free storage space of 15GB that is shared with your Gmail and Google Photos.

Besides the generous amount of storage, it has the fastest syncing speed from the desktop to the web.

When in the web app, you can work with your files and folders as much like you can with your laptop.

Editing files with this app is better when you are working primarily online.

As you are editing a document on Google Docs or replying to emails in Gmail, you can get files from your Google Drive Storage and use them directly without the need of downloading anything.

Sync is another app that is best for advanced security features and unlimited file sizes.

It offers end-to-end encryption, which means that all your data, is encrypted at all times whether it is on your computer, while in transit and on sync servers.

This apps zero knowledge privacy means that your password is never stored by the company and they cannot access your encryption keys.

It will give you a 5GB storage for free plus the ability to gain more space through referrals.

One Drive is also a cloud storage and syncing application that is best for Microsoft Office and Windows users.

For the free Cloud storage, this app is still a good option. You will get to have 5GB of free storage space to start and up to 10GB additional space for referring others to it.

Dropbox another cloud storage app is best for fast syncing over your local network.

It offers you free storage space of 2GB but you can earn up to 16GB on the free account by referring new members and completing their task.

File sharing with this app is easy since it has been around for a long time with some people already familiar with it.

One of the advantages it has is that it saves on the time of syncing over your local network.

Having these applications for storage helps, you be able to access your information, send and receive files from wherever you are in the world.

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Cloud storages you need to know - The Star, Kenya

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