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A botched Adobe Lightroom app update on iOS accidentally deleted users photos and editing presets. Adobe responded to the widespread-bug reports and issued a patch to fix it so others wont be affected, but it cant recover any of the lost files.

Adobe says some users may be able to restore a portion of their lost photos and editing presets if they have phone backups stored in iCloud. Give that a try if youre one of the unlucky users who lost their photo history, but the odds are slim this will work for everyone. Not to be too negative here, but I dont want to give anyone false hope.

Its a bummer, but the sudden data loss underscores why you need to backup your photos in multiple locations. If you have everything stored in two or three places, youll still have extra backups if one fails.

Frankly, external hard drives or SSDs are the best options; they have high storage capacities and can be kept on-hand for whenever you need them. The downside is, external media drives are expensive. Besides, if you primarily shoot and edit with your phone, saving your photos to a hard drive isnt easy. Youre probably not looking to pay tons of money to back up your files, either. Fortunately, plenty of cloud-based services let you backup your photos for free.

There are quite a few options, but we pared the list down to websites with the most generous uploading allowances for free users.

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The downside to free services is they cap your storage or impose upload restrictions. Those limits arent too severe for casual photographers but will be stifling to professionals and hardcore hobbyists. Unfortunately, the only way to get around those limitations is to use a paid service instead.

There are lots of paid options like Pixpa and ImageShackplus the premium memberships from the services listed above and a whole mess of cloud storage servicesbut I want to highlight a few that you might already be paying for without realizing it, and hopefully save you some cash.


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