ATB Coin – The fastest and most secure payment system

General at all





ATBCoin alpha is ready for an ICO

Crowdsale process

Daily trade value hits $1000000

Becoming a popular global cryptocurrency

Official law office opening in USA (ask our support for an address)

Payment gateway for our partners

Additional offices in other countries on demand

Building own investment portfolio

ATB Coin public test launch

ATB Coin White Paper

ATBCoin first block mined & mining launch

Protocol updates

Press-conference at the biggest world-class financial center in New York city

ATB/USD is listed at USA, Canada, Europe & Asia exchanges

Exchanges start to trade with ATB Coin pairs

PR & marketing campaign

Exploding our targets on market and its geography

Charity events

Eliminate any kind of transaction fees using ATB Coin

iOS & Android apps release

More exchanges lists ATB pairs

Lightning Network

Block confirmation lasts 2,5 min

More here:
ATB Coin - The fastest and most secure payment system

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