Brave New Coin Signs Multi-Year Deal To Power Cryptocurrency Options Trading On Toronto Futures –

Wednesday, 15 July 2020, 7:45 amPress Release: Brave New Coin

Digital asset trading, research and data company BraveNew Coin ( announced a multi-year partnership with TorontoFutures Options Swaps Exchange or tFOSE,a new Canadian-based derivatives exchange and clearinghousecurrently seeking regulatory approval in Canada. Throughthis partnership, Brave New Coin will design, calculate andadminister a suite of cryptocurrency indices to powercash-settled options trading on tFOSE.

Canada has notyet made significant progress in bringinginstitutional-grade cryptocurrency products to the market.Brave New Coins indices will enable tFOSEs clientsboth in Canada and globally to trade crypto derivatives on afully-regulated Canadian exchange. This allows traders todiversify their portfolios and exposure, hedge risk, andaccess an emerging asset class without having to directlyhold the underlying cryptocurrency as they are cash-settledproducts.

After extensive research and duediligence, tFOSE selected Brave New Coin for its deepexpertise in generating insightful crypto market data andindices, said James Beattie, President and CEO at tFOSE.Brave New Coin meets all of our needs, taking a uniqueapproach to index design, methodology, and governance thatwill help tFOSe meet the specific, exacting needs of bothour retail and institutionalinvestors.

The crypto ecosystem ismaturing and demand for regulated investment products frominstitutional markets is growing, said Fran Strajnar, CEOand Founder of Brave New Coin. Our partnership with tFOSEfurthers our role as a leader in market data, indices, andbenchmarking for crypto assets. Weve dedicated ourcompany to building products that bring institutional-gradeservices to this emerging assetclass.

Brave New Coin provides dataand index solutions for several partners including NASDAQ,Amazon Alexa,, TPICAP and Dow Jones Factiva. Whenyou ask Amazons Alexa for the price of anycryptocurrency, her answer comes from Brave New Coinsdata engine. Its partnership with tFOSE will see BNCproviding unique, specialized indices to tFOSE.

BNCand tFOSE are already in the process of designing,developing, and testing the indices. The indices will beavailable for production in Q3 2020, beginning with thetFOSE BNC Litecoin Index. Cryptocurrency cash-settledoptions trading is expected to launch on tFOSE in 2021,subject to regulatoryapproval.

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Brave New Coin Signs Multi-Year Deal To Power Cryptocurrency Options Trading On Toronto Futures -

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