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Fantom Foundation tweeted: Were super excited to share an update on the app made by Validator #17 (@GoFantom) called Supercharge. Supercharge allows Fantomians to send twenty test transactions in a single second, to showcase the speed of Lachesis consensus on Opera! $FTM.

Fantom Foundation has a clear idea about the direction for Fantom for the year 2020 and its organizational structure. The roadmap is published. The business, technical, and marketing goals for 2020 are delineated.

Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, CEO of Phantom like several other crypto CEOs, has a dream to expand crypto to everyday usage to improve mass adoption. The CEO with the ecosystem partners have reported having been working many days past midnight as the crypto industry is a 24/7 industry. They have team members from across Australia, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. The team is responsive, and they are connected beyond time zones facilitated by technologies like conference calls, etc.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: Fantom is Korean based cryptocurrency company that that is based on Directed Acyclic Graphs facilitating the higher potential for scalability and transaction speeds. A lot of bottlenecks need to be fixed for improved adoption.

Fantom is not reinventing the wheel; however, some wheels from some sellers sell well for their unique reason. Sometimes it has a good reason, and it sells. Sometimes it sells, and you are not sure why it is happening, and then you discover what made it sell. Some projects gain mass adoption from nowhere. What you thought does not mean anything, suddenly seems to be the reason for the big sell and mass adoption.

Fantom focuses on being the core of the new internet. It facilitates an ecosystem that is advanced in terms of security, scalability, and speed. It assists to be a great partner for V-ID by providing consensus for distributed networks.

In the year 2020, V-ID and Fantom are partnering in several government projects. A lot of new partnerships are expected to be announced soon. All these projects are built with having the future in mind.

The launch of the Mainnet has made Fantom enthusiastic about working with prospective partners, services providers, and institutions to bring the scope of the envisioned project to reality. The Road map is expected to establish a strong and supportive community. The organizations that Fantom works with and the technologies they use will contribute to greater progress.

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Fantom Foundation (FTM) 20 Cryptocurrency Transactions in a Single Second on the Blockchain - The Cryptocurrency Analytics

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