The Bull & The Bear: Dispelling, Confirming Myths and Truths About Crypto – Money and Markets

Its an asset class that has captivated Wall Street, businesses and governments.

But to the average investor, there is still very little known about the cryptocurrency market.

So Money & Markets has found one of the best experts in the field to talk about cryptocurrency and how you can take advantage of this hot investment.

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, staff writer Matthew Clark talks with Banyan Hill Publishings Ian King about the ins and outs of the crypto market.

They cover the recent rise of cryptocurrency and where King thinks the market is heading. They also discuss the best practices for investing in digital currency.

King is the Editor of Crypto Profit Trader, which shows investors how to enter the burgeoning market with ease, as well as techniques to safely store and secure your digital currency.

He is also the Editor of Automatic Fortunes, which looks for tipping-point trends, or massive developments in the market to trigger potential profits for investors.

He is a former hedge fund manager with more than two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. Hes been featured on Fox Business, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha. King worked at Salomon Brothers, Citigroup and Peahi Capital before joining Banyan Hill.

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The Bull & The Bear: Dispelling, Confirming Myths and Truths About Crypto - Money and Markets

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