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Alex Dovbnya

The Vodafone executive behind the conspiracy that COVID-19 is linked to the rollout of 5G turns out to be a pastor who is a huge cryptocurrency proponent

In a bombshell expose, Guardian has revealed that the ex-Vodafone executivewho helped to fuel the insane anti-5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is actually a pastor who goes by the name of Jonathon James.

He was employed by Vodafone in 2014 and worked as a simple salesman for one year before leaving the company and turning into a cryptocurrency evangelist (which is actually the biggest plot twist).

In a now-viral recording, James, without a shred of evidence, stated that the coronavirus epidemic is simply a cover-up for all deaths caused by harmful 5G frequencies:

He also made a wild claim that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was apparently in cahoots with mobile operators, and his vaccines will come with computer chips for tracking people.

His words caused literal anarchy in the coronavirus-stricken -- more than 60 cell towers have been already set on fire by James unhinged followers. Workers who install 5G equipment are also routinely being targeted by conspiracy nutjobs.

The pastor also attempted to make hyperinflation-stricken Zimbabwe a new cryptocurrency hub. He urged the countrys opposition party to adopt a cryptocurrency that will be backed by diamond deposits in order to save its economy.

On top of that, he served as a cryptocurrency advisor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh.

James' penchant for blockchain gives crypto enthusiasts a hope that the coronavirus pastor will not vilify the technology like 5G.

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There's Cryptocurrency Twist in Crazy 5G COVID-19 Conspiracy - U.Today

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