This Cryptocurrency Casino Is the Latest Terrible Idea by Atari –

Atari has a troubled history. While the company was the driving force behind the early days of the gaming industry, theyve struggled since then.

Theyve recently tried to branch out into various areas. Atari has a hotel chain in the works, which Im sure will definitely still be happening in this pandemic. But their lousiest idea to date has to be their newest venture.

Atari has just launched a cryptocurrency casino. What could possibly go wrong?

Has Atari completely lost their minds? Its one thing to try and push out a modern VCS system. Its quite another thing to try and run hotels and an online casino with no history of doing either of those things.

Atari isnt even producing their new console all that well. Its gone through numerous delays, and they cant even seem to pay the designers properly. The designer of the VCS is suing them.

Is this a company you want to trust with a casino? Let alone with access to your crypto wallets? If mismanagement of the Atari VCS is annoying, imagine how dangerous mismanagement of an online casino could be.

Since the Atari casino isnt available yet, it isnt apparent how many people are going to buy into this idea. I have to assume that the folks who are deeply involved in crypto have a smarter head on their shoulders then to trust a company that has proven itself to be unreliable.

Perhaps the more baffling proposition is investing in Atari Token. This is their own crypto token, which Im sure will only go up in value. Just like their stock, which has only gone up over the past 20 years. (For legal reasons, that was sarcasm)

Maybe Im wrong. Perhaps the Atari Token and Casino will launch, and both be huge successes. I dont plan on being an early adopter, or a late adopter for that matter.

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This Cryptocurrency Casino Is the Latest Terrible Idea by Atari -

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