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Whether youre new to cryptocurrency or an experienced trader with years of experience, our guides offer you insights, tips, and support.

Below, we take a look at our readers favourite cryptocurrency guides from 2019.

Our readers favourite cryptocurrency guide from 2019 was all about predicting Bitcoins future value. This guide covers how to use a stock-to-flow model as an effective analysis tool for future predictions.

According to the stock-to-flow model, traders could see Bitcoins price mooning around the next halving event. Discover what the model is, how to use it, and how it can inform your trading decisions.

This cryptocurrency guide has proved popular with our readers who are new to buying Bitcoin. With details about how to keep your Bitcoin secure, this guide explains what a private key is, how it works, and why its important that you never share your private key with someone else.

Your private key is essential for securing your Bitcoin. By losing it, or giving it away, you lose access to your wallet and by default your cryptocurrency. Whoever gains access to your private key would control your wallet and coins.

Read this guide to find out how to protect your private key.

Now that the cryptocurrency industry is well established, it seems that there are more newcomers than ever before. Whether they want to start trading or if theyre simply showing an interest in different coins, What is a cryptocurrency? still remains one of the biggest questions asked.

This guide gives you all the answers you need. It explains what a cryptocurrency is, provides a brief history of the industry, and gives an introduction to blockchain the underlying technology powering crypto.

If youre looking for a comprehensive introduction to cryptocurrency without a focus on specific coins, this is the guide for you.

If youre looking to get into trading or if youre looking to enhance your trading abilities, this cryptocurrency guide will help you on your way.

The ultimate key to trading is risk management and choosing the right time to buy, but using tools will help to inform your trading decisions.

Some tools help you to compare orders across exchanges to assess the overall confidence in the market. Take a look at which trading tools you should be using and how they can assist your trading performance.

The over-the-counter trading industry is one thats easily misunderstood. Thats why this is one of our most popular cryptocurrency guides. It explains the OTC procedure, how buy and sell orders are fulfilled, and what role escrow agents play in the trading process.

Discover whether or not OTC deals affect the price on exchanges, how the rate of discounts can be impacted, and whether or not the OTC market can give you any insights into market sentiment.

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