AdGuard is an ad blocker, a VPN and a security app in one — and this deal makes it a steal! – Cult of Mac

AdGuard combines a potent ad blocker with the best privacy and security features of a virtual private network and a parental-control app. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the AdGuard Family Plan for only $30. Plus, to make this deal even sweeter, it comes with $20 in store credit to spend on other Cult of Mac Deals!

So, basically, 10 bucks for a lifetime of ad-free web browsing with additional privacy and security benefits (and $20 to spend on something else to make your life more joyful and carefree).

AdGuard is unique in that it brings together many of the best security features of different essential programs and apps. It covers up to nine devices, and it works on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

So, what does AdGuard bring to the web-browsing party? First, it will get rid of all those annoying advertising banners and pop-ups. Not to mention those long, unskippable ads at the beginning of YouTube videos that end up being longer than the video itself. Kiss those goodbye!

You will gain some peace and quiet now that you dont have to track down which tab has an ad that plays music. And as a bonus, your pages likely will load more quickly as well. Now that your bandwidth isnt bogged down loading a banner selling a product you googled yesterday, you should notice a real uptick in your web-browsing speed.

Privacy is important, too, and AdGuard gives you powerful tools for maintaining yours. AdGuard lets you hide your personal info from trackers and data miners. (Thats the companies and people who would use your browsing data to create ads that you blissfully cant see one youre running AdGuard.) You can even protect yourself from malware attacks and phishing attempts.

Finally, while your security is important, your childrens is absolutely essential. And you can protect your kids while theyre on the internet by using AdGuards parental controls. You can restrict inappropriate and adult content from appearing while your kid is browsing.

With AdGuard, you will give your family the best version of the internet: One that is free of ads, free of data mining and free of suspicion. Get an AdGuard Family Plan: Lifetime Subscription + $20 Store Credit for $29.99 (regularly $129).

Prices subject to change.

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AdGuard is an ad blocker, a VPN and a security app in one -- and this deal makes it a steal! - Cult of Mac

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