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Apple is one of the tech juggernauts aggressively campaigning for users privacy and security; it is even the Cupertino companys slogan these days. However, it appears that some people find Google as the more trustworthy tech company overApple. New research reveals that despite multiple reports of Android vulnerabilities than there are iOS security issues, people trust Google more than Apple.

A recent survey commissioned by nCipher, a cryptographic solutions vendor, reveals 89 percent of respondents believe that encryption is more important. Based on the results, in terms of data encryption, Apple is not as trusted as Google as far as those in theUS are concerned. The survey, however, is not about trust in the broader security sense and more narrowly focused on encrypting data, says Forbes Davey Winder.

From a global perspective, the survey reveals that the search engine giant Google was regarded by 48.6 percent of the respondents to use encryption to protectdata. Only 46.8 percent of the respondents believe that Apple does. It is interesting to see though how close in terms of percentage points these two tech giants are in the eyes of respondents.

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However, when these respondents were asked which company they trust the most in encrypting their personal data, the gap grew substantially. Google got 37.2 percent of the respondents votes, while Apple only got 31.7 percent in terms of data encryption trust on a global scale. For American respondents, Google is still ahead of Apple, with 42.6 percent American respondents voting for the search engine giant and 36.7 percent voting for the Cupertino-based tech juggernaut in terms of data encryption trust.

Despite high consensus on the importance of encryption, less than half of the respondents do not trust institutions like the government or big companies like Apple orGoogle to protect their personal data with encryption, nCipher Security Vice-president of Sales Peter Carlisle said. With that said, data privacy must be given priority everywhere. Companies, especially big ones, need to be better at getting their message about user privacy and security message across, says Forbes.

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Apple Bows Down To Google As 2019 Most Trustworthy Recognition - International Business Times

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