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SEVEN people have been arrested and huge amounts of cash seized in police raids in Essex and London.

The activity is linked to Operation Eternal, the Metropolitan Police's investigation to counter the use of encrypted devices by criminals to avoid detection.

Operation Eternal is the Mets investigation name for its involvement in Operation Venetic, led by the National Crime Agency.

There were also addresses raided in Essex included properties in Grays and Clacton.

Other warrants in Redbridge and Havering were carried out in the early hours of this morning by the Mets Specialist Crime Proactive Hub, aided by the Territorial Support Group.

The warrants relate to an investigation into people who thought their criminality was hidden behind security devices to distribute messages and images in order to carry out their crimes.

Images are used by the criminals to show the illicit items and the one attached shows what is attributed to be a one kilogram block of cocaine.

The investigation relates to EncroChat, which was one of the largest providers of encrypted communications and offered a secure mobile phone instant messaging service, but an international law enforcement team cracked the companys encryption.

On June 13 this year, EncroChat realised the platform had been penetrated and sent a message to its users urging them to throw away their handsets.

The phones which have pre-loaded apps for instant messaging, have a kill code which wipes them remotely have no other conventional smart phone functionality and cost around 1,500 for a six-month contract.

As a result on the investigation on Tuesday, police arrested a man in Maldonon suspicion of directing the supply of drugs into east London and Essex between April and September 2020.

Knives that were seized

Also seized at the time of the arrest was a knife that is also suspected to be a stun-gun.

The 52 year-old man is currently being questioned by detectives and following the arrest, a residential property was searched in Liverpool.

In addition, other addresses in east London and Essex, believed to be linked to the organised crime group, were searched todayas police sought further evidence of drugs supply.

At an address in Havering, a 40-year-old manwas arrested on suspicion of possession of criminal property and cash, believed to be in excess of 100,000, was seized.

Three addresses in Ilford that were searched resulted in three arrests.

At one a 46-year-old-man was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. A suspected firearm was also found in the search, this awaits forensic examination.

At the second address a 48-year-old womanwas arrested on suspicion of possession of criminal property and about 6,500 in cash was seized.

At a third Ilford address, officers executed a search warrant and arrested a 45 year-old manon suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to supply.

At an address in Grays,two 18-year-old menandwere arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

At another Graysaddress a 23-year-old manwas arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis.

Lastly, at an address in Clacton, police executed a search warrant and discovered a cannabis factory. There were no occupants or arrests.

As a result of the operation, eight people have been arrested.

Police continue to identify other subjects concerned in the supply of drugs and offences under the proceeds of crime act.

Det Insp Niall McSheffrey, from the Specialist Crime Command, said: The action taken today demonstrates the Mets continued fight to tackle serious and organised crime.

"The extent of this organised crime groups criminality is clear from the messages and images on the encrypted devices. I hope todays activity sends a clear message to criminals that they have nowhere to hide.

The National Crime Agency played a key role combatting encrypted communications through Operation Venetic and due to extensive and thorough investigations a number of EncroChat users have been found.

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Arrests and raids in Essex as police crackdown on encrypted criminal networks - Gazette

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