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As technology has transformed business in nearly every industry over the last two decades, communications has also been significantly altered. From ordering groceries to scheduling a doctors appointment to meeting with a personal banker, it seems as though the majority of communications today takes place digitally and through mobile devices. Because of the massive increase in digital communication, theres also a stronger need to secure that information.

Although cybersecurity is often top of mind in a variety of ways, those outside of the call center industry might not immediately think of communications as a pillar of their security strategy. However, its a vital area of information security. The tactics for securing communications have evolved this year from encrypting communications traffic to shifting the cultural mindset around security.

Enhanced Encryption in Contact Center Solutions

With so much data existing in the cloud today, many businesses are implementing encryption solutions as part of their UC, collaboration, and contact center strategies to better secure sensitive employee communications, including between contact center agents, and customer data. Many modern UC and contact center solutions offer an enhanced level of encryption that traditional legacy phone systems simply cannot match.

As a result, encrypting all communication from emails and chats with customers to internal communications between representatives, as well as stored audio files is becoming the standard in the contact center industry.

Adopting a Security Culture

In the past, the general cultural mindset of most organizations has been one of convenience for employees, including contact center agents, to complete their work in the easiest and quickest way possible. However, to a certain extent, this cultural mindset lacked weight regarding the impact specific procedures and processes could have on security. As todays landscape becomes more consumed by digital channels, a major shift is beginning to occur in the cultural mindset of businesses as it relates to information security resulting in a corporate mindset that views the security of consumer data as the highest priority at all times.

Protect from the Inside Out

By arming their organizations internally, so to speak, with knowledge of best practices in information security, an organization can better protect itself, as well as its customers, from the threat of a cyberattack.

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Did You Hear That? Securing Communications in 2019 | Insight for the Connected Enterprise - No Jitter

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