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The headline should probably read, Got data? And money? Storage device-maker Apricorn released on Thursday what it bills as the largest-ever portable encrypted solid state drive. It holds 20TB of data and costs $12,999.

But dont worry, you can get a much smaller one for as little as $239.

The Apricorn Fortress L3 SSD drives, including the monster 20TB model, feature hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encryption and come encased in rugged enclosures.

The lineup of seven sizes ranges upward in capacity from 512GB. The companys six HDD versions range from 500GB to 5TB.

The new 20TB drive is meant to ferry large amounts of sensitive data securely. Its designed for businesses, but its OS-agnostic, so itll work for anyone.

Anyone, that is, working on any operating system with vast amounts of information they want to store, protect and potentially move around. Say, a person who creates 3D renderings, soundtracks or other large projects, for example.

The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3s mass storage capabilities enable fast response, restoration and recovery in the event of a disaster, reducing downtime and minimizing financial and reputational damage, said Apricorn Managing Director EMEA Jon Fielding.This is critical for businesses looking to build resilience at a time when ransomwareattacks, in particular, are becoming an almost daily occurrence.

The Fortress L3 SSDs bristle with security features. They include physical tamper protection, a wear-resistant keypad, software-free operation and the real-time 256-bit AES XTS hardware encryption mentioned above.

That much security in a portable drive can mean unremarkable data-transfer speeds. But most users should find it an acceptable trade-off with Apricorns advertised SSD transfer speeds maxing out at 370MB per second.

The drives ship with USB-A and USB-C connector cables.

Price: $239 to $12,999

Buy from: Apricorn

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Got data? The biggest-ever portable encrypted SSD just came out - Cult of Mac

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