Move over Zoom, this encryption company just released the first fully end to end encrypted conferencing solution #105518 – New Kerala

This will protect businesses confidential information by providing end-to-end encryption, at a time where other video conferencing solutions have had massive security breaches and have sold sensitive user information with third parties. Tauria has the capability to support up to 50 people on video conference calls, while also allowing users to send messages, organize schedules, share files and much more, all fully encrypted. This makes Tauria the only end-to-end encrypted video conferencing solution for groups.

The timely launch of Tauria coincides with a dramatic increase in the number of companies resorting to online webinar formats, video conferencing tools and digital communication platforms to manage business operations in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. As use of these tools and platforms has skyrocketed, so too have the number of incidents regarding their lack of privacy and numerous security vulnerabilities.

It is incredibly important for us to create a product that is fully end-to-end, no knowledge encrypted to protect businesses. Encryption is the foundation of everything we do, said Tauria CEO Jesse The.

No-knowledge encryption ensures that not even Tauria staff have access to the information that is shared on the platform or through the video conferencing feature. This is a fundamental distinction between Tauria and companies like Zoom, Microsoft, Google and Slack, all of whom can access users' private information and whose substandard security features have been publicly exposed. Tauria's safe guarding against even its own employees guarantees the highest level of privacy and security in the market.

As public institutions and companies with proprietary or personal client information migrate to cloud-based solutions to facilitate communication during this pandemic, safeguarding private information has become increasingly challenging. Hospitals, law offices, municipalities, school boards and accounting firms require the level of protection offered with end-to-end, no knowledge user encryption as per corporate governance policies, but have struggled with finding a platform that offers this level of protection.

We are setting a new standard for both the private and public sector to secure private information while facilitating digital connectivity, said The. This communication tool has the power to transform service delivery for a multitude of industries.

During COVID-19 Tauria has discounted its services to ensure that secure and encrypted communications for businesses is more accessible.

With companies relying on business collaboration tools to facilitate remote work during the coronavirus outbreak, Tauria is offering its platform free for one month. By enhancing digital communication through Tauria's secure platform, companies will be able to execute day-to-day business operations while protecting sensitive information.

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Move over Zoom, this encryption company just released the first fully end to end encrypted conferencing solution #105518 - New Kerala

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