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With the ever-increasing amounts of information, it becomes imperative to keep back-ups of your devices and data in external cloud storage services in case of unwanted or inadvertent loss of data. To this end, Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the most popular cloud backup solutions. However, they may not be the best fit for everyone.

There are countless alternatives out there that offer unique features, better security, and more storage options. Here, we'll explore the best cloud storage alternatives to Google Drive and Dropbox to help keep your data safe and secure at all times.

MEGA is a top-notch choice for a cloud backup service that prioritizes security and privacy. The app is easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface and offers end-to-end encryption as well.

With a generous free plan that provides 20GB of storage space, it's an excellent choice for anyone who needs to back up their files without breaking the bank. Sign up for an account and start uploading your files and folders right away to MEGA's cloud drive. You can create shareable links and view your stored files in a timeline format.

You'll also get handy collaboration features in terms of chat/call functionality.It also comes with a range of paid plans with enhanced storage, making it a great option for businesses or individuals with large amounts of data to back up.

The Resilio Sync app is a powerful tool for securely sharing files, images, and media across multiple devices. With the Sync Home feature for desktops, you can store backups of your files locally on your phone or even in the cloud, such as photos, videos, documentseven entire folders.

The app uses BitTorrent peer-to-peer encryption to transfer files quickly and easily. With the Add Camera Backup feature, you can sync your image and video files to the gallery in real-time. You can back up all of your important files on your Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The app is completely free to use.

Box is yet another excellent choice with numerous useful features and great functionality. Create an account, and upload your files. These can be transferred via shareable links and adding collaborators to your dashboard.

You can also create your notes using the Box Note editor. Box has a clean user interface and is simple to use. It's easy to set up third-party productivity apps like Zoom or Google Workspace or Slack.

The free plan for individual users comes with 25 GB worth of storage space, though you can upgrade to its tiered plans for more. As far as security goes, all of your file transfers are encrypted using SSL protocols.

The NordLocker app excels in its design, functionality, and security. Its ease-of-use and synchronization and sharing capabilities allow you to share those files with other users and sync your data seamlessly across all of your devices. It also comes with integration for popular third-party apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The service offers 3GB of cloud storage to free users.

To get started, sign up for an account and remember your master password and recovery key. With zero-knowledge architecture, client-side encryption, advanced ciphers and other security standards, your files will be protected at all times.

Overall, this app is a great choice for corporations, agencies, and enterprises that require strong security protocols to protect their data.

Sync is a simple and user-friendly cloud storage solution that allows you to bring together all your files in one place. You can use helpful features like Shared folders and its built-in encryption capabilities to keep your data secure.

Sync is free and available on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Simply sign up for an account. Pick the folders you'd like to sync from your computer or mobile device. You can toggle on direct camera uploads to save your images and videos securely.

The Sync app makes collaborating easy by letting you transfer files and share folders with other team members in real-time using direct links. With Sync's web panel, you can easily create, share, and upload files seamlessly in multiple formats. The premium version comes with upgrades to storage space and document previews, among other features.

Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive have been popular options for many of us. However, there are several great alternatives available that offer unique features and benefits. From the security-focused NordLocker to the versatile Resilio Sync and the budget-friendly MEGA, there is a cloud backup solution out there to meet the needs of any user.

Depending on factors such as storage capacity, pricing, and security features, you can make an informed decision about which cloud backup provider is right for you, according to your needs and preferences. Make sure that you consider security when selecting a platform for cloud backups.

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