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The Future of Industrial Security

Power, efficiency raise the security stakes ever higher

In the new world of modern industrialnetworking solutions, the securitymeasures to protect a network mustmatch the pace of innovation acrossmany industries, including mining,oil and gas, agriculture, transportation,heavy construction, military, municipalities,and government.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), theIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT), androbotics, integrated and intelligent systemshave been devised that offer novelways of incorporating new assets into anetwork. With more systems becomingintegrated, the line between digital andphysical infrastructure has become increasinglyblurred. As the power and effi-ciency of connectivity solutions improve,the security stakes are raised ever higher.

It is for these reasons that, in realterms, a compromised network representsa significant threat to mission-critical systemsthat keep people safe from harm, aswell as jeopardizing sensitive data. Datadeserves protection from malicious actorsseeking to steal from, subvert orotherwise interfere with vital industrialoperations. Given the significance ofthe problem, the industry is increasinglyturning to networks with encryption optionsand unwavering reliability to solveto this very problem. To stand up to theescalation of the cyber war CSOs andCISOs are searching for secure networkingsolutions to provide the kind of protectionthey now require, which must oftensupport mobility and autonomy.

The Rajant ES1 also earned SecurityTodays Govies award for platinum-levelIntelligent Communications. As a result,Rajant Kinetic Mesh is well-establishedas being a best-in-class offering forCSOs and CISOs in their arsenal of toolsto reduce the risk from external threats,all while managing security effectively ata degree of efficiency that was previouslyinaccessible.


Rajants Kinetic Mesh networks are builtto provide multi-level, robust security toprotect network traffic, even as network topologiesevolve. As a result, Rajant can offerresilient, intelligent, and secure wirelessbroadband connectivity, and the KineticMesh solution shines in environments nottypically suited to traditional connectivity,such as mobility-driven locations, includingports, mines, energy plants and railyards.

This article originally appeared in the July / August 2021 issue of Security Today.

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